Insight Helps Businesses Undergo Digital Transformation with Solutions Enabled by Data and AI

Insight Helps Businesses Establish Digital Transformation

TL; DR: Insight serves as a solutions integrator to companies undergoing digital transformation without the resources to drive innovation. The IT solutions company consults its clients on digital strategies and helps them build modern applications to streamline operations. By leveraging data and AI, Insight allows businesses to remain competitive and focus on creating value for their customers striving for more with end-to-end IT solutions that maximize the value of technology today and accelerate innovation for tomorrow.

For businesses to thrive in the modern era, they must evolve with the technological landscape. Adoption of novel technologies, such as AI and cloud computing, has become a crucial component of success. Without it, businesses run the risk of losing market share to more agile competitors.

Automation drives critical processes in IT infrastructure, and many companies are are modernizing and replacing their legacy systems to remain competitive. But undergoing a digital transformation alone can be challenging, especially without the right resources or the skill set backing those operations.

“We help companies with that transformation, not only the technology side but what it means to build out the skills and methodologies to allow them to build modern software,” said Stan Lequin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Solutions at Insight.

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Insight helps businesses implement digital strategies with a focus on AI and data analytics.

According to a report by Insight, 95% of companies rely on external partners to shape their business transformation strategy. And that is exactly what Insight does for its clients. Considering the crucial rise of AI and data, Insight leverages these features to build applications to improve company operations, drive innovation, and increase a company’s competitive advantage.

“Where in the past it was seen as innovative to weave AI into solutions, it is now kind of becoming more table stakes. And so everyone realized the speed at which we had to respond to unforeseen elements that can impact a business,” said Stan.

Companies can operate with agility and be better positioned when adversity strikes by employing AI and data-backed solutions.

Insight helps businesses optimize areas vital to digital transformation, including modernizing the workplace, applications and multi-cloud infrastructure, and working smarter through the intelligent edge, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. In fact, 65% of IT decision makers reported they are already executing transformation initiatives in those areas, according to Insight’s new Path to Digital Transformation study with IDG.

“We help them transform their company around the ability to leverage digital assets and the data and applications and devices in a new way to create the best possible experience for their knowledge workers or their customers,” said Stan.

Enabling Businesses to Achieve Technology Goals

In recent years, the global market has seen emerging trends in three main areas: cybersecurity, data and AI, and speed and agility. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how many companies operate and has forced them to adapt and onboard more technological facilities.

Insight partners with businesses to support and reduce complexities of digital transformation and create actionable technological strategies for the future. Companies with limited IT capabilities can leverage Insight’s consulting services and managed solutions to enhance their digital platforms and ROI.

“Our core competency is in IT and IT management. Our client’s core competencies are usually in other areas. So a lot of times, it also has to do with the managed services associated with it so that they can focus on their core competency,” said Stan.

Stan also said attacks have spiked in the last two years because hackers have found more ground or surface area to attack because of vulnerable remote working set-ups. That is why Insight implements secure-by-design infrastructure into its solutions to help its clients focus on producing at speed and scale.

“Our ability to manage the devices and to take that burden off of our clients, I think, probably, is my favorite thing. And our portfolio helps drive the transformation and its management,” said Stan.

Insight guides companies in gathering industry knowledge and creating strategies backed by data and AI that will optimize and drive their operations. Insight enables companies to securely leverage telemetry at the edge to build modern applications based on data insights, whether from end-user devices or predictive maintenance platforms.

Stan said that, by leveraging the hybrid cloud and modern application development techniques, such as DevOps and automation, companies can quickly deliver solutions with on-demand release cycles, low defect rates, and automatic self-healing.

“And big investments are going into fortifying those modern platforms and creating a strong connection into the development teams that sit within the organization so they can roll out applications quicker to internal and external stakeholders,” said Stan.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

It’s no secret that innovation plays a massive role in digital transformation. Without it, businesses would have difficulty future-proofing their operations and finding new ways to maintain their competitive advantage. That is why Insight employs several methods to foster a culture of innovation within its organization and its clients.

Stan said understanding that innovation can happen anywhere is one of Insight’s guiding principles. Insight enlists a team of thought leaders it calls distinguished engineers to run communities in areas including intelligent edge, AI, and cybersecurity that boost innovation. These engineers also engage with clients to learn about what’s happening in the industry concerning transformation.

Insight Managed Services
Insight’s managed services allow companies to focus on production while its team handles digital transformation.

“And so those distinguished engineers are responsible for pulling all that innovation together and looking at what we’re doing around trends and how we want to continue to enhance our solutions to be current and answer future client demands,” said Stan.

Insight has other ways of staying on top of technology trends. The IT company routinely surveys the market to discover what digital investments companies make. Its latest Path to Digital Transformation Report examines how IT priorities and budgets are shifting and which technologies are driving transformation.

“And then we stay very connected to all the largest industry analysts as well. And we have helped inform them, and they help inform us. And so it’s about collaboration and talking about what we’re seeing today and where things can go in the future,” said Stan.

How Insight Helped a Client Develop a COVID-19 Portal

Stan said Insight is also committed to partnering with companies that seek to solve issues by driving innovation and transformation in their respective industries.

“What we try to do is find a visionary, someone that has incredible knowledge around a subject. They want to create a transformation or create a different outcome. And they’re looking for someone to be that technology partner,” said Stan.

In April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Insight collaborated with Vivli, a nonprofit data-sharing analytics platform for clinical research, to produce a COVID-19 data-sharing portal. Stan said Insight joined the initiative from the very beginning, even assisting Vivli in building grant requests.

The team at Vivli had highlighted how clinical trial data was not being maximized to its fullest potential. Many pharmaceutical companies would collect data, only leverage it for a specific trial, and then let it go out of commission. The Vivli portal allows companies to share anonymized data and enhance how people use and advance clinical trial research.

“We helped them as their technology provider to build out a cloud-based portal with advanced data analytics around it that all the pharmaceutical companies are connected into because those companies also want to leverage that data and be altruistic about that data as well,” said Stan.

Stan also said COVID brought a different range of challenges because the world was working at a different pace. Clinical researchers had to juggle various workloads and numerous types of analytics because of the complex COVID landscape. So Insight developed enhancements specifically around COVID to streamline workflows around fast access and therapeutics to optimize outcomes.

But Insight didn’t stop there. The IT solutions company also factored in data sights and metrics from the portal to improve its processes and workflows for future usage. Insight continues to leverage data and enable applications to boost experiences for clients and their customers for today and tomorrow.