Shopify Pricing: 5 Plans, Plus POS Platform & Shopify Stock Prices

Shopify Pricing: 5 Plans, Plus POS Platform & Shopify Stock Prices

If you’re a craftsman or a hobbyist, or even a consultant or a freelancer, and you’ve decided it’s time to establish a physical home for your business apart from your garage or couch, the first step is venue shopping. There are many factors to consider: location, size, proximity to competitors, the choice between a shopping center suite or stand-alone building, and, of course, the monthly cost of rent. All of these questions must be addressed before you even consider interior design or plan out your inventory.

Shopping for a virtual home for your online business is no different. There are dozens of platforms for building, launching, and hosting an online store. They range in scale from a few bucks a month for a handful of store pages displaying fewer than 20 products to enterprise-grade web hosting fit for a massive-scale retail chain with mega menus chock-full of products and promotions.
Shopify LogoShopify is no doubt one of the most heard-of options for managing an online store — a popular and a controversial pick when it comes to cost. Let’s cover all things pricing:

Tiered Shopify Prices (Sort By Price, Lowest to Highest)

Shopify pricing can be broken down into three generic eCommerce plans, plus two lesser-known plans for individual and enterprise clients. We’ve itemized the costs of Shopify’s plans, including the associated transaction fees, below.

  1. Lite: $9 per month, plus (2.9% + $0.30) per transaction
  2. Basic: $29 per month, plus (2.6% + $0.03) per transaction
  3. Standard: $79 per month, plus (2.4% + $0.03) per transaction
  4. Advanced: $299 per month
  5. Plus: Custom

The biggest dig against Shopify: those pesky transaction fees, which are, unfortunately, pretty commonplace among eCommerce platforms. If you see that 2% as a worthy investment in the robust, feature-rich platform you’re getting in Shopify, then why not get rolling with a free trial?

Shopify review

Monthly Starting Price $0.00

  • Sell via social media or fully hosted commerce platform
  • FREE website builder and hundreds of elegant themes
  • Showcase unlimited products on unlimited bandwidth
  • Integrate PayPal or Shopify point-of-sale systems
  • Advanced reporting and real-time shipping available
  • Try Shopify FREE for 14 days.



Shopify: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
Toby Sembower ( Shopify is easily one of the more well-known eCommerce web builder platforms in the hosting industry. Plans are fully hosted, include a free site builder tool, and allow you to showcase an unlimited number of products with unlimited file storage as well.... Go to full review »
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14-Day FREE Trial Unlimited FREE subdomain

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Shopify POS Pricing

In today’s mobile retail landscape, the Shopify POS app for iOS and Android is wonderfully useful. Get the app for free on your phone or tablet by submitting your email address (no credit card required), and you’ll get a complimentary card reader device as well.

Additional hardware is available for purchase, including a cash register drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and an $89 advanced EMV card reader. And the software allows you to easily accept payments via credit, debit, or gift cards wherever you are.

Screenshot of Shopify plans

Shopify POS app is free for any Shopify paid plan subscriber.

Shopify POS integrates seamlessly with your online store (or physical storefront, for that matter!), and you can process transactions on multiple devices at no additional cost. All Shopify online store management features, such as analytics and product reports, can be found in a central dashboard, too.

Shopify Stock Price

The Canadian-based eCommerce company has experienced tremendous growth since 2014, outpacing competitors the likes of Square. Shopify is a popular contender for folks seeking new investment opportunities. With Shopify’s mission being “to make commerce better for everyone,” investing in the company’s stock could be the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m no stocks and bonds brokering savant, but last time I checked, the going rate for SHOP stock was just north of $89, according to NASDAQ. Again, I’m not an investment guru, so do with that information what you will.

Start Selling With Shopify Sale Price of $0!

Sold on selling with Shopify? Sign up today and test out the varied features we’ve discussed here today at no cost for two weeks. It doesn’t happen quite like that when it comes to testing out a physical venue for your brick-and-mortar, so enjoy the perks of virtual real estate!

While we try to keep the content on accurate and up to date, things are always changing on the wonderful worldwide web! If you’ve noticed a discrepancy in the pricing rates we’ve outlined in this guide, please let us know by dropping us a line!

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