Wix Harnesses the Power of AI to Help Users Build Their Digital Presence

Wix Unveils New Ai Website Builder

TL; DR: Wix’s highly anticipated website builder is finally here. This website builder is unlike its other AI-powered tools, handling the entire web creation process for users, from design to webpage content. All users need to do is have an in-depth dialogue with the website creator. Once the site builder gets enough information, it will generate a ready-to-publish website with all the bells and whistles. Users can also tweak design and layouts with the Wix Editor. Below, we dive deeper into the AI Website Builder’s capabilities and benefits.

AI has proved to be a trusty companion. Anyone can use it, from individuals, teams, and enterprises. In the last two years, its value has skyrocketed. About 87% of global organizations see AI technology as a vehicle for competitive advantage in their industries, according to Exploding Topics. The market for AI is already valued at $196.63 billion.

AI hasn’t yet shed its scales and taken over the entire world. But its use has been mostly practical, helping the everyday employee and user simplify their day. Mainstream use cases for AI include content creation, customer service, and automotive assistance, showing its disruption has been for good.

One day, AI will have an overarching reach into everything we do. And we can see that in web development. AI helps developers write code, debug, and accelerate testing, among other things. It can also enable ordinary users to create complete websites. Wix’s latest release, an AI website builder, does just that.

Wix Logo
Wix recently released a AI Website Builder to help users create outstanding sites.

The Wix team launched its long-awaited AI Website Builder on March 4, 2024. This new tool takes Wix’s web creation and chatbot experience to the next level. Users can create websites with little to no legwork in minutes.

“Throughout the past years, we have developed and embedded our own proprietary Generative AI algorithms and LLMs in our products to enhance the user experience, and our latest milestone – the release of the AI Website Builder — is completely revolutionizing how to build a website and bring a vision to life,” said Avishai Abrahami, CEO and Co-Founder of Wix.

An AI Website Builder for Everyone

Wix is one of the top website-building platforms out there. So it’s no surprise it would be one of the first hosting companies to release a complete AI-based website builder. It joins the likes of GoDaddy and Hostinger in offering an AI tool for website building.

After more than seven months of anticipation, the Wix AI Website Builder is ready for use. The web creation process starts with an in-depth conversation between the user and the website creator. Users receive several follow-up questions based on their previous answers. Once the website creator accumulates similar information, it creates a website to fit the user’s needs.

“The AI Website Builder represents the first time users can effortlessly harness such advanced AI capabilities to craft their digital presence,” said Avishai.

A screenshot of a Wix webpage
Create a website with Wix with little to no legwork.

This website builder further democratizes web creation for users. Now, anyone can have a website within minutes without having any design or coding knowledge. No need to research other websites, tips and tricks for sleek designs, or tutorial content. Wix’s AI Website Builder does it all. All you have to do is inform and delegate.

Wix also covers all the bases. Users from any background can use its website creator and expect a tailor-made product for their use case, whether for eCommerce or an artist portfolio. Every website reveals a finished digital presentation ready for immediate use. But users can also edit if they need to tweak specific details.

Based on their goals, users’ websites can come completely tooled with relevant pages and business solutions, including scheduling, eCommerce, and event management, among other features. Wix helps website owners create well-designed products for better digital experiences and increased efficiency.

Fully Optimized to Bring the User’s Vision to Life

Wix allows users to develop fully optimized sites with all the bells and whistles, all while adhering to individual brandability. Through a conversational AI chat experience, Wix captures a detailed description of intent and goals to create professional and uniquely designed websites personalized to the user.

Although Wix’s site creator makes ready-to-publish sites, users can tweak and edit design based on their needs and vision. Users can head to the Wix Editor to nail nuances and refine design elements. Wix also allows website owners to regenerate their site until it meets their vision.

Every AI-generated site includes layout, theme, text, images, and business solutions. Users can customize anything they see. They can reshuffle the layout, revamp content, and change site themes. The web creator can also complete those tasks for you. For example, you can ask it to give your website a trendier look, and it will regenerate your design.

Wix doesn’t forget the other essentials, such as security and SEO, either. Its AI-designed websites are fully optimized with reliable infrastructure, including security and performance. These sites are also equipped with built-in marketing, SEO, CRM, and analytic tools, ensuring website owners provide the best experience to their visitors.

“With a ready-to-publish website, integrated with relevant business applications, we already see reduced friction in the user experience and increased efficiencies, leading to higher conversions,” said Avishai.

Wix positions its customers for success. It equips them with every tool and feature they need to bring their vision to life and offer a presentable and valuable digital presence. With it, users can tick off every box on their checklist without overexerting themselves.

On a Mission to Maximize the Potential of AI

Wix provides users with more than just a website. It gives them time savings and simplicity for their workflows. It also gives users a complete digital presence to run their businesses. That’s what AI is all about — helping users along the journey.

Wix has a long-standing relationship with AI that dates back to its launch of Wix ADI in 2016. Since then, it has released various AI-based solutions, including a coding assistant for Wix Studio customers, AI image and text generation, and AI-powered SEO tools.

It is clear the Wix team is dedicated to maximizing the power of AI in its platform, and it plans to continue this run with new tools in the future. “With countless more advanced features in production, we’re rapidly ushering in a new era of website creation and user success,” said Avishai.
Wix’s AI website builder is available worldwide in English. For more information, check out its webpage here.