Wix Unveils Wix Studio and Revenue Share Initiative to Help Agencies and Freelancers Build, Manage, and Scale

Wix Delivers End To End Platform For Agencies Enterprises Creators

TL; DR: Wix provides an end-to-end platform called Wix Studio to help agencies, enterprises, and freelancers create, manage, and scale their businesses. Its capabilities allow users to build projects with greater efficiency, streamline workflows, and expand monetization. We spoke with Michal Bignitz, VP of Partners at Wix, about the platform’s features, Wix Studio’s latest partner initiative, and how community plays a massive role in business growth.

Many businesses face the challenge of efficiency. And it can be a tricky one to tackle. You can pump out the most orders you ever had but still feel like the numbers aren’t adding up. But the culprit isn’t always one obvious issue glaring at you from across the computer screen. Instead, several small things may need improvement.

According to NetSuite, business efficiency ​​describes how effectively a company generates products and services related to the amount of time and money needed to produce them. That means anything impacting time and money can cause efficiency challenges, from poor time management to high energy use.

In the fall of 2023, Wix released Wix Studio, a web creation, development, and management platform to help agencies, enterprises, and freelancers deliver exceptional, high-end web projects efficiently. It offers users unique changes to their workflows to increase productivity and efficiency.

Wix Studio Logo
Wix Studio offers in-demand tools for building, managing, and scaling web projects.

“The vision was to create a fully intuitive platform combined with advanced capabilities that will empower creators, agencies, and freelancers to deliver groundbreaking sites while allowing them to create and manage in scale with efficiency to streamline their entire workflow,” said Michal Bignitz, VP of Partners at Wix.

Wix Studio offers a suite of solutions that provides complete design control, reduces skill gaps, and streamlines management at scale. Users can leverage Wix Studio to grow their client portfolio and build complex projects without running into efficiency mishaps. Wix Studio is the way to develop stable and sound business models for creators.

Customize Your Interaction With Intuitive Studio Tools

Wix Studio comes with a variety of design capabilities and client management features. These tools allow users to streamline their workflows and create websites with higher efficiency. Some of these features include responsive AI generation, no-code animations, and custom CSS. But the main highlight of the studio is that it’s intuitive.

“We offer out-of-the-box capabilities. But at the same time, for each one of these features, the user can decide how deeply they want to customize them and how advanced they want to get,” said Michal.

Users can leverage advanced features with a simplified and seamless experience. Its intuitive canvas allows professionals to focus on the design while the elements can resize proportionally to any screen size by default. Its platform also has layers of complexity, which developers can employ on demand.

“Wix Studio allows agencies, enterprises, and freelancers the flexibility to choose where they want to invest their time and where they want to go deeper on each project. By that, they can be flexible and super efficient with their resources,” said Michal.

Because Wix Studio is intuitive and customizable, professionals can choose how to leverage its tools on a project-to-project basis. This way, they customize their interactions and only increase their workload for the complex projects that require it.

Michal also highlighted AI’s role in the Wix Studio platform. “The idea is to give our users a jumpstart with their projects and let them customize as they wish. It allows them to be quick and invest their time and team resources where they need them,” said Michal.

A Place to Foster Community and Partnerships

Community and networking are often essential to business growth. Making connections allows business owners to put their business before new eyes, create lasting partnerships, and increase their knowledge gap.

“For agencies and creatives that are always looking to grow, enlarge their client portfolio, and enrich their skill, a strong community is a must,” said Michal.

Michal told us she has witnessed many cases where agencies that met in the Wix Studio community have gone on to collaborate and deliver projects they couldn’t have done so by themselves. Wix Studio’s solid community offers professionals a place to build in multiple ways.

Wix Revenue Share Program
Wix’s revenue share program allows partners to earn across multiple revenue streams.

“Wix Studio is a community-led product. That means the community shapes the product and gives us the feedback to build our road map. So it helps us to decide what we want to do next,” said Michal.

Wix Studio recently released a new revenue-sharing initiative to add to its Partner Program, another feature of its community offering. “We see agencies and freelancers as partners. And this gives our partners another way to earn revenue. With Wix Studio, starting from the first site they built with us, they can earn a revenue share. But they can also earn from client-selling and adding other things to their packages,” said Michal.

By joining the Wix Partner Program, users can access tools and resources tailored to agencies and professionals they can’t find anywhere else. “The partner program puts our partner first. They can know that we really see them and want to help them make more revenue for themselves,” said Michal.

Empowering Users to Stay Competitive in Their Industries

Wix Studio is a complete, end-to-end solution for agencies and freelancers to create, manage, and grow at scale. Its workspaces provide a dashboard for users to manage and track their projects simultaneously and offer a client-facing dashboard for easy collaboration.

“We have a new workspace with tools to build those reusable assets and to manage hundreds of domains for their clients, hundreds of subscriptions, and all their client relationships,” said Michal.

The Wix Studio team has designed its tools to help professionals stay competitive in their markets. Michal offered two ways for professionals to remain agile: expanding their offerings and building reusable assets. And Wix Studio helps with both.

“In Wix studio, they have the ability to build templates, UI libraries, or sections and use them inside their teams. So they will have a starting point and don’t need to start from scratch every time they are doing a project,” said Michal.

Users can also publish and sell their reusable assets in the app marketplace to expand their offerings and increase monetization. Overall, Wix Studio is an all-in-one solution for agencies, enterprises, and freelancers to stimulate growth.

“Wix Studio is an end-to-end platform and gives a full solution for agencies, enterprises, and freelancers to do everything, from the creation to the management and the growth, in a hyper-efficient way and at scale,” said Michal.