CacheFly Accelerates Content Delivery and Reduces Latency With Customizable CDN Services

Supercharge Your Content Delivery With Cachefly

TL; DR: Speed is king in today’s digital landscape. Even a decrease of a second in loading time can impact consumer opinion and cause businesses to lose leads. This is where CDN services come in handy. CacheFly’s global network of servers boosts content delivery and ensures content reaches customers without latency, no matter where they are. We spoke with Melissa Fisher, CMO of CacheFly, and Edward Fitzgerald, VP of Sales at CacheFly, about the platform’s unique offerings and how it helps companies across various industries achieve top-notch speed and performance.

You come home after a long workday, kick off your shoes, and heat up your leftovers from the day before. Heading over to the TV, you turn on your favorite streaming service, clicking on that show you’ve been watching for the last month. But your screen isn’t showing your regularly scheduled programming. It’s displaying something much more sinister — a black screen and the dreaded buffer wheel.

Buffering is no fun. But there’s someone who probably hates it more than you do – the people powering your content. Here’s why. According to a study by Bidnamic US, for every second a site loads faster, the conversion rate improves by 17%. Google Consumer Insights also reports that 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

CacheFly Logo
CacheFly provides top-performing CDN services to boost loading speed and performance.

Latency can have an overarching impact on businesses, affecting their overall bottom line. To keep customers, businesses need speed. As the web becomes more inundated with content, the promise of speed and stability can go a long way to maintain a loyal audience base. CDN services can be a great solution to fulfilling that promise.

“There has been a shift in how we consume games, entertainment, and learn. As a result, fast streaming becomes important. CacheFly powers websites so that they run glitch-free. It delivers those webpages and downloads of large files globally at record-breaking speed,” said Melissa Fisher, CMO of CacheFly.

Consumers want content faster without performance hiccups. CacheFly improves content delivery systems with its CDN services to help businesses and end users avoid latency. Because its solutions are customizable, CacheFly serves various industries and allows them to build distinctive online experiences.

How CacheFly Distinguishes Itself From Other CDN Providers

CacheFly launched over 20 years ago and has built an impressive reputation and extensive client list – including working with the NFL, IBM, and Roblox, to name a few. It was also a pioneer in the development and commercialization of Anycast. CacheFly has other achievements that also distinguish it from competitors.

“Our solution replicates the main server of your content across the world. CacheFly owns its network providing full control of content delivery. A lot of companies rent theirs which means they can be prone to more outages or service impacts,” said Melissa.

Owning its network allows CacheFly to control service from top to bottom. Its extensive network of global servers guarantees content is stored closer to end users, reducing low latency and providing ultra-fast delivery. Its advanced technology and proprietary content routing also work on any internet-connected device, from mobile devices to TVs and gaming consoles.

CachFly's Network Map
CacheFly has an extensive network of servers that spans six continents.

“The distinctive capability of CacheFly is its ability to meet the various needs of companies. We can do things that other CDNs can’t because we work directly with our customers to build out their use cases and needs,” said Edward Fitzgerald, VP of Sales at CacheFly.

CacheFly is a customer-centric company that collaborates with its customers to create solutions tailored to their specific needs and markets, whether streaming, gaming, or eCommerce. Its customizable and agile CDN services allow it to cater to its clients’ diverse and ever-changing requirements.

CacheFly also has a special offering for companies that share the entrepreneurial spirit it has always had. “We were one of the first in the CDN space and have this passion for entrepreneurs. So we have a free five-terabyte plan for average businesses or tech entrepreneurs who are starting out and want the benefits that larger companies get,” said Melissa.

Fast, Stable, and Secure Networks Are a Promise

The phrase “time is money” has never rung more true. The current digital landscape has prompted a surge in demand for ultra-fast content delivery and reduced latency. People are consuming more content that is also higher in quality. And users have come to expect instant loading time and seamless interaction.

CDN has become vital in helping companies keep visitors engaged and create effortless digital experiences that lead to conversions and retention. “Faster website and app performance can be a significant edge in the market. Speed improvements can boost engagement and sales and even improve search engine rankings,” said Melissa.

CacheFly’s services give users a competitive edge by boosting their content delivery speed on a mass scale. The CacheFly team works with a prominent set of customers who use a lot of content and require fast delivery for millions of concurrent viewers. So CacheFly understands the importance of delivering its promise of fast, stable, and secure networks.

A screenshot of CacheFly's homepage
CacheFly’s CDN solutions are packed with security, support, and performance features.

“Security is a critical aspect of CDN services. CacheFly incorporates advanced security features to protect content and prevent data breaches, including network-wide DDoS protection, secure token authentication, and SSL/TLS Encryption,” said Ed.

Security is built into the backbone of CacheFly, meaning customers don’t have to do anything on their end to secure their network services. Ed told us CacheFly also employs a real-time monitoring system that continuously monitors unusual activity. That way, it can quickly identify and mitigate potential threats. It also recently released a WAF offering.

CacheFly has designed its content delivery network to meet the needs of its customers, primarily low latency for end users. The team continues to update its technology to incorporate more sophisticated caching algorithms, data compression strategies, and effective content delivery protocols in response to the evolution of hosting requirements.

New Feature Gives Users More Control and Support

The CacheFly team is not one for standing idle in the face of an evolving tech landscape. As it happens, CacheFly has a couple of things coming down the pipeline soon. First up is its dedicated cache feature, which is at the end of the beta phase.

“We have a dedicated cache product that gives the customer total control of their cache that can keep long-tail content in the pipe all year if they want to,” said Ed.

Ed said this feature is completely unique to the CacheFly platform and will help users determine how long their content can live in cache. It will also ensure neighboring traffic won’t impact content performance. Besides the dedicated cache, CacheFly also has an advanced, tiered support system in the works. It will help with faster issue resolution and custom build requirements.

“We will have three levels that will give customers access to greater support. So any features or products that they need built, that support system will allow engineers to have visibility into that and start working on some of those products for our customers,” said Ed.

Throughout the years, CacheFly has remained an agile, focused, and customer-centric force. These three characteristics have helped it become a leading CDN provider. Anyone wanting to try out CacheFly’s services can check out its free five terabyte plan here.