ForexVPS Offers VPS Hosting Built to Fix Trader Pain Points

Power Your Algorithmic Trading Bot With Forexvps

TL; DR: Trading has become a more accessible investment outlet for many worldwide due to increased global wireless connectivity. The COVID-19 pandemic also brought on a new wave of traders, with many people learning to trade during that time. ForexVPS offers a hosting platform dedicated to traders and their investment platforms. Its hosting plans allow users to power algorithmic trading and other channels with excellent uptime and near-instant execution. We spoke with Kim Shearer, Chief Marketing Officer of ForexVPS, about the platform, its benefits, and the rise of algorithmic trading.

I tried my hand at retail stock trading in 2020. It probably wasn’t my wisest decision since I failed spectacularly at it. Like most things, it started off great, but I soon learned about the unforgiving swings of the market. Listening to the hype wasn’t the best idea. But it was during the pandemic, so I’ll chalk it up to cabin fever.

I might not be a part of the club that understands the stock market. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people took the time to learn more about trading and fared much better than me, becoming full-time stock traders. And in many cases, that success is thanks to algorithmic trading.

Although algorithmic trading has existed for some time, it has become increasingly popular in the last five years thanks to the internet, global connectivity and online marketing. It allows traders to execute orders using automation based on predetermined rules that account for time, price, and volume. To power algorithmic trading, the best route to go is with a hosting solution.

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ForexVPS provides top-tier hosting tailored to trader needs.

“One of the big issues algorithmic traders have is that they can’t keep their trades up and running smoothly. That’s where we come in. We sell millions of VPS every year because there’s a growth and demand for VPS in the algo market,” said Kim Shearer, Chief Marketing Officer of ForexVPS.

For more than 10 years, ForexVPS has delivered reliable hosting solutions dedicated to retail traders and their needs. Its platform offers Windows VPS and dedicated server plans to power various trading environments worldwide. Whether you’re an algorithmic trader or brokerage owner, ForexVPS has a solution to meet your requirements.

Work Smart, Not Hard With Algorithmic Trading

More people around the world have access to trading than ever before. Recently, India overtook Hong Kong to take fourth place in the global equity market rankings by market capitalization. In December 2023 alone, India’s Nifty Index jumped by 7.9%, beating other emerging markets. But economies in Africa and South America are also gaining steam. South Africa registered a 1.8% increase, while Brazil had a 5.4% increase in December 2023.

“There’s been a shift in the market and demographic in the last 5 years or so. People have more access to trading all over the world. Some places in Africa and India are now booming markets for traders because they’ve got better access to wifi and access to platforms that they can trade with via brokers,” said Kim.

As more people learn about trading, many have turned to algorithmic trading. Kim said the market may be moving toward an algorithmic future completely because of AI and its capabilities. That makes sense since traders don’t have to be glued to their desks anymore because of it.

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ForexVPS offers high-performance hosting and top education for trading.

“If you use an algorithm, it can trade for you 24/7. And that’s where a VPS comes in because it allows that trader to step away from the desk and reassured that their trading bot continues to run smoothly,” said Kim.

Fully automated algorithms take on the task of trading for you around the clock, so you can execute orders even while you sleep. But users need a powerful VPS provider to power these trading robots. ForexVPS gives customers the latest Windows technology, uptime, and low latency to run smooth trading processes, no matter where they are.

“Countries like South Africa and India sometimes struggle with power. So we’ve started to see an increase in people not only buying VPS to keep their software up but also for reliability of all of their trading operations. So that even as wifi drops or power outages occur, their trading robot doesn’t cut out or become uncontrollable,” said Kim.

Solving Problems of Downtime and Latency

ForexVPS is in the business of solving trader problems. Kim said this is how ForexVPS distinguishes itself from other VPS competitors. Its platform is tailor-made to fit the needs of a retail trader. The top issues algorithmic traders face are downtime and latency.

“We very much carved our niche into the trading industry. We could sell VPS to people who just want to run websites. But we have hyper-focused our products to help traders as we understand the challenges they face,” said Kim.

The ForexVPS platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee with its VPS servers, giving users peace of mind about their trading algorithms. It can also provide backup servers for its dedicated server plans. The team also understands how crucial low latency is to executing orders.

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ForexVPS has data center locations across the globe.

“If you’re using a VPS hosted in the same location as your broker, you can shave down the delivery time. Some of the speeds we can get below one millisecond,” said Kim.

ForexVPS strategically places its 19 data center locations to suit traders and brokers around the world. Customers can choose from any of these data centers when buying a plan to get the lowest latency and to suit where their broker’s servers are. This feature is essential for higher-end traders.

“If you execute lots of trades, those cents and small dollars start to add up. That’s where a smart retail trader would start to care about latency and slippage. We built our business to ensure we’re in locations worldwide, so we can help traders regardless of their location or broker,” said Kim.

Much More Than a VPS Provider

ForexVPS is much more than a VPS provider. It sells custom and standard dedicated servers. After purchasing a plan, customers can get a server provisioned in less than 72 hours. The ForexVPS team handles the setup, management, and updates, making ForexVPS an excellent option for business owners such as brokers.

“We try to help traders by more than just giving them a VPS. So unlike any competitors, we also offer our customers a package of free analytics software with any of our VPS plans,” said Kim.

ForexVPS provides an alternative to MyFxBook. Users can plug in its trading analytics tool and track their performance over time. Kim said it’s a tool users can trust — it’s transparent and delivers verified results. But ForexVPS doesn’t stop there. It also has educational resources.

“The education comes from one of our other businesses called HowToTrade. We teach people how to understand what they’re seeing on the charts that their trading robots are executing on. We also provide live streams of technical and fundamental analysis to understand why their trading robot might be moving the way it is,” said Kim.

Besides these resources, ForexVPS will be opening a new data center location in Sao Paulo, Brazil soon. Overall, ForexVPS offers an all-around platform for learning, tracking, and powering trading for investors.