Internxt Provides a Cutting-Edge Suite of Cloud Storage and Collaboration Solutions

Internxt Provide Cutting Edge Cloud Storage Solutions

TL; DR: Privacy has become scarce in today’s digital age. But that doesn’t mean privacy-first tools don’t exist. Internxt is a cloud storage solution company that lets this principle guide its every decision: Privacy is a fundamental human right. Its products allow users to store, share, and access their data with the utmost privacy and protection, putting the control in users’ hands. We spoke with Andrius Kavaliunas, Head of Product at Internxt, about the platform, its privacy features, and the evolution of cloud products.

We place some of our most treasured belongings in storage. Often these belongings are things we can’t part with because of their sentimental value or capability for later use. That is why choosing a suitable storage facility is so important.

My first storage unit was scary, to say the least. It was dark, drab, and drafty. But hey, I was on a college budget. If I were searching for a new unit today, it would be much different. I would want one that offered cleanliness, security, and affordability.

These traits are also must-haves for online data storage solutions, and the very ones the team at Internxt strives to deliver daily to its users. Internxt is a private and secure cloud storage platform that allows users to store and access their files with privacy at the top of mind.

Internxt is at the forefront of championing privacy-first tools. The team believes privacy is a fundamental human right, and people should have that right while on the internet. This is why it has positioned itself as the ethical alternative to privacy-light, mainstream cloud services.

Internxt Logo
Internxt offers private and secure cloud storage solutions for users.

“Our team stays agile by constantly learning about new technologies, regularly updating our services, and adapting to the changing needs of our users. We are always learning new ways to help people manage and store their data, collaborate with others, and control how they privately store files,” said Andrius Kavaliunas, Head of Product at Internxt.

Internxt puts you in control of your data. That means you can rest assured that your data is not falling into the wrong hands. Internxt is affordable, secure, and private, giving you the peace of mind to store and access your data wherever you are.

Meeting the Demand for Cloud-Based Products

Founded by Fran Villalba Segarra in 2020, Internxt came on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and the major digital transformation that followed. Demand for cloud adoption was skyrocketing, and users were becoming more aware of privacy-related issues, giving Internxt a perfect launching pad.

“Cloud products have become more versatile and secure in recent years, with privacy and security being key factors. Since the pandemic, the demand for such products has only grown,” said Andrius.

The cloud gives users more flexibility than ever before, which explains its high demand. Internxt’s cloud products fit right into the mold, meeting the demand head on. Its three products include Internxt Drive, Internxt Photos, and Internxt Send. This suite of cloud solutions allows users to store, share, back up, and access their files and photos with total privacy from anywhere.

Internxt employs military-grade encryption to protect data from external and unauthorized parties. Another highlight is its user-friendliness. People can easily use its apps across their devices, share via link or email, and organize their files and photos how they want. Cloud doesn’t have to be complicated.

“We focus on innovation and flexibility to ensure our cloud storage solution remains cutting-edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape, especially considering recent progress in generative AI and post-quantum encryption algorithms,” said Andrius.

The Internxt team continues to evolve the platform and has followed industry trends to ensure the solutions remain secure amid emerging technologies.

Diving Deeper With Data Protection and Privacy

In 2023, Internxt underwent exponential growth. Its development team doubled in size, allowing the company to ramp up its road map and delivery. The product that saw the most improvements was the Internxt Drive app.

“Now, our platform has advanced sharing, improved password recovery, and updated Virtual Drive app on MacOS and Windows platforms. Also, we have launched some privacy-related and handy free tools,” said Andrius.

Its advanced sharing feature helps bolster security and privacy by enabling users to control who can access their files with granular permissions. The team also decided to add new password recovery mechanisms to give users more peace of mind in case of forgotten credentials. Users can also change their account’s email addresses when needed.

A screenshot of Internxt in use
People can use Internxt for secure file sharing and storage across their devices.

“Additionally, we’ve updated our Virtual Drive app on MacOS and Windows with enhanced data management, ensuring data remains protected both locally and in transit,” said Andrius.

This update especially helped amplify its data protection, as it secures data wherever it is. Andrius said all the new features helped alleviate privacy concerns for their customers by providing greater control, accessibility, and robust security measures.

We can’t forget to mention the new free tools that have been added to the platform. These tools include a password checker, temporary email, file virus scanner, and password generator. Users can find all these solutions on Internxt’s website.

Open-Source Promotes Collaboration and Transparency

Internxt is an open-source platform, meaning the open-source community plays a huge role in its development. Andrius said open-source solutions are crucial today because they promote collaboration and transparency. They allow a global developer community to contribute and improve software collectively.

“Having an engaged community means more eyes on the code, leading to quicker bug fixes, enhanced security, and innovative features. This collaborative approach ultimately results in better products, as diverse perspectives and expertise contribute to their development and refinement,” said Andrius.

Internxt works with its users and the open-source community to improve its products. The team is currently working on several updates, including an updated Virtual Drive app on the Linux platform. It will also add support for WebDAV protocol, which Internxt users have frequently requested.

“In addition, we have plans to improve controls for users uploading their data and bring back improved backup features on our desktop applications. Last but not least, we have started the discovery of Internxt Drive for businesses to foster secure and private collaboration,” said Andrius.

Users can try Internxt risk-free and choose from five plans, including a free-forever plan. Its platform supports MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.