BitLaunch is the Gateway to Secure and Accessible VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

Bitlaunch Pay Cryptocurrency Vps Hosting

TL; DR: Internet access has different privacy regulations based on your country and service provider. (It’s why I can’t watch “The Office” on Netflix because I’m in the US.) The good news is hosting providers like BitLaunch are on a mission to provide more than typical accessibility and security measures. Ryan Maskell, Head of Public Relations at BitLaunch, shared insights into BitLaunch’s mission, future goals, and, most importantly, its commitment to keeping services anonymous and secure by allowing users to pay with cryptocurrency.

Remember in 2020 when cryptocurrency was the thing everybody was talking about? Whether it was the ever-so-popular Bitcoin or the meme Dogecoin, the popularity of cryptocurrency was a trend that took over the digital world when we arguably needed the distraction most.

Since then, the hype around cryptocurrency has quieted down, but the community itself is still alive and well. Because of blockchain’s underlying technology, cryptocurrency is a more secure, inexpensive, and universal way to pay for services and products online than using your debit or credit card. Since a network of computers verifies each transaction, it’s harder for hackers to manipulate the data.

This is exactly why hosting provider BitLaunch allows its users to pay with cryptocurrency for its virtual private server (VPS) hosting services.

BitLaunch homepage
BitLaunch is a unique hosting service that lets you pay for VPS hosting with Bitcoin.

“We strongly believe that privacy is a human right and that everyone in the world should have access to modern development and computing infrastructure,” Ryan Maskell, Head of Public Relations at BitLaunch, told us.

VPS hosting is already one of the most secure hosting methods, so combined with crypto, BitLaunch is clearly among the most dependable providers.

Meet BitLaunch, the Crypto VPS Host

Established in 2017, BitLaunch has held onto its mission as a hosting platform that prioritizes accessibility, security, and ethical practices on the web.

Some of its services include:

  • VPS options in Linux and Windows are available globally, featuring top-notch hardware
  • Instantly deploy VPNs, LEMP, LAMP, WordPress, Ghost, Docker, ownCloud, and more with one-click apps
  • Robust DDoS protection is included at no extra charge
  • Developer hub equipped with CLI tools, an API, and comprehensive documentation
  • Browser-based console for efficient out-of-band management
  • Complimentary DNS service provided for users
  • Access a knowledge base and help center for support and guidance
  • Service status page for a transparent display of its full uptime history
  • Live chat support is available with expert agents
  • A blog filled with numerous guides and tutorials

“Our mission is to allow users to maintain their privacy when using VPS hosting and beyond while enabling those in unbanked and developing communities to start websites and businesses, host game servers, and develop applications,” said Ryan.

Number of internet users in Africa from 2013 to 2028
Between 2024 and 2028, the number of internet users in Africa is expected to grow by +45.81%. (Photo and statistic source: Statista)

This is particularly important to underserved communities. Research by BitLaunch suggests that the Southern Asia and Middle Africa regions are seeing rapid growth in internet users but without matching growth in banking availability.

Cryptocurrency can be a solution to creating a more inclusive digital environment, though.

“It allows customers to pay without entering personal information such as their name and address and does not require a bank account or identification to purchase,” Ryan explained.

Thanks to blockchain, cryptocurrency is more accessible even to those without traditional banking accounts, and there’s always proof that funds are sent and received by the right person.

Why VPS and Why Bitcoin?

There is much more to the story behind VPS hosting and using cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin, to guarantee secure and private ownership. BitLaunch chose to provide VPS servers because of its robust security measures.

“One major way we have adapted to meet the changing hosting landscape is by catering to those who no longer trust big providers,” Ryan noted. “For example, we have worked hard to deliver a suite of one-click VPN apps to allow customers to easily self-host VPNs using a variety of protocols.”

Protocols like country-wide internet restrictions or lockdowns have been the biggest motivator for proxy services. Cryptocurrency is another layer of anonymity and security, allowing users to pay securely without sharing personal information — like your location.

“Major cryptocurrencies are also pushing to become more secure, user-friendly, and decentralized than ever. This has a knock-on effect on hosting since it makes it easier and less intimidating for users to get started,” said Ryan.

BitLaunch homepage
No contracts, commitments, or personal info are needed. With BitLaunch, just pay hourly.

BitLaunch hopes the goal for all cryptocurrency hosting providers over the next decade will be to focus on enabling users to create businesses and develop technological skills. The potential problem, BitLaunch believes, will be how countries legislate regarding cryptocurrency.

In addition to BitLaunch’s commitment to privacy is its commitment to sustainability.

It’s aware that although data servers are a necessary part of society, they still have their climate impact. So, what’s the long-term goal? To become carbon neutral by purchasing refurbished hardware, planting trees, and funding CO2 reduction projects. It could also start with Ethereum, a cryptocurrency pushing toward improving its environmental sustainability.

Ryan finally noted: “We hope to see a future where this is the norm, and utilizing cryptocurrency for hosting becomes environmentally insignificant.”

Keeping Services User-Centric

BitLaunch remembers its roots and is thankful for its partnerships with some of the biggest industry names, including Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode.

“Creating our own infrastructure has allowed us to more quickly adapt to what our customers need and gain more control over the quality of our service,” said Ryan.

With that said, BitLaunch recently introduced GPU servers powered by NVIDIA A40, opening possibilities for gaming, editing, rendering, and generative AI projects like image generation.

Security is also at the forefront. A few years ago, BitLaunch switched to an in-house payment system to enable fast, private, and secure crypto transactions without running trackers or asking for your banking information.

BitLaunch homepage
With one-click privacy and advanced DDoS protection, security is at the forefront of BitLaunch.

Once users finish signing up, BitLaunch offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their accounts. And if they’re ever in doubt or want a clean slate, users can quickly delete their account and server data from the control panel.

BitLaunch also recently launched a new Outline VPN app.

“We’re always looking for and working on new ways to innovate regarding our privacy-focused offerings,” Ryan added.

As for what’s next? BitLaunch is eager to add new server locations, so its next plan is to launch another location in the US sometime during Q1 2024.

In the meantime, sign up for BitLaunch’s VPS hosting services and experience the ease of paying for hourly services using cryptocurrency. All you need is your email and a password — nothing more.