The 10 Best Workplaces in Tech of 2024

Best Workplaces In Tech

A phenomenon is going on right now in the workforce. While some may shrug it off as “nobody wants to work,” Gen Z and millennials would say otherwise. As both generations grow frustrated with their current situations, they seek workplaces prioritizing a healthy work-life balance.

One study shows that more than half of all Gen Z workers demand flexibility, recognition, competitive benefits, and clear goals and expectations. And yet, only 38% of the tech workforce comprises millennials and Gen Zers, suggesting that many employers aren’t meeting the standards and expectations of this demographic.

But these statistics don’t represent every company, especially those in technology. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best workplaces in tech that don’t treat their employees as just another cog in the machine but with respect, competitive benefits, and perks that you won’t find just anywhere.


PagerDuty logo

PagerDuty is a cloud computing company focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology, and big data analytics. Its SaaS incident response platform for IT departments utilizes AI-powered operations to alert clients to disruptions and outages. PagerDuty is trusted by more than 2,500 companies, including Cloudflare, Netflix, NVIDIA, and Salesforce.

PagerDuty’s workplace culture prioritizes inclusion, career advancement with job training and conferences, and social impact to support mission-driven organizations with technology, funding, and volunteer support. It supports flexible work schedules, up to 22 weeks of paid parental leave, tons of benefits, floating holidays, happy hours, and plenty of in-office perks, such as free lunch, for those who choose to commute.

More About PagerDuty

  • Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Automation
  • Employees: ~700
  • Location: San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, and remote options
  • Founded: 2009
  • Job Openings: Careers


Acquia logo

Acquia is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company that provides a digital experience platform (DXP) based on Drupal, a prominent open-source platform for web development for brand, customer data, and content management. Acquia has worked with well-known companies, including Birdi, Novavax, Zscaler, and T-Mobile. It supports its employees’ continuing education, providing mentorship programs, online courses, paid industry certifications, and a virtual coaching service.

But Acquia also prioritizes work/life balance, offering up to 13 weeks of paid parental leave at a 100% pay rate. In-office workers get access to the on-site gym and free snacks, while at-home employees get a stipend and fitness stipend. Acquia also offers comprehensive health insurance, mental health benefits, child care benefits, adoption assistance, a “take it when you need it” PTO policy and company-sponsored outings.

More About Acquia

  • Industry: Adtech, Analytics
  • Employees: ~1,100
  • Location: Boston and remote options
  • Founded: 2007
  • Job Openings: Careers


Sysdig logo

Sysdig is a cloud and container security platform that assesses risk across your cloud deployments, offering real-time visibility, risk prioritization, and the ability to uncover attack paths. Sysdig proudly collaborates with projects, including Falco and Prometheus, to maintain an open-source infrastructure. It’s also been recognized as a leader in the GigaOm Radar for cloud workload security.

Sysdig offers flexible working hours, recharge days, and a monthly wellness stipend. Child care and parental leave benefits are generous, with adoption assistance and fertility benefits. But there are also plenty of office perks: It’s pet-friendly, has an on-site gym, free daily meals, and a home office stipend for remote employees. Sysdig also supports its employees’ professional development with certifications, training, and programs.

More About Sysdig

  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Employees: ~800
  • Location: Raleigh, NC and San Francisco, CA with remote options
  • Founded: 2013
  • Job Openings: Careers

Premier International

Premier International logo

Premier International is a database technology company specializing in data migration, risk management, and value realization solutions. Premier International’s groundbreaking services and software tool, Applaud®, empower customers to mitigate risks tied to intricate data challenges while unleashing the complete potential of their data. It recently acquired Information Asset, a data governance company, to expand its services. It’s also been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies on the Inc. 5000 list.

Premier International prides itself on being a culture-first and employee-centered organization with a comprehensive benefits package, parental leaves, stipends, and flexible work schedules. Employees can also access a free snack wall, daily meals, company-sponsored outings, and floating holidays. You can also attend school on their dime with a continuing education stipend and customized development tracks, programs, and certifications.

More About Premier International

  • Industry: Consulting, Database Technology
  • Employees: ~120
  • Location: Chicago
  • Founded: 1985
  • Job Openings: Careers


Madhive logo

Madhive is the innovative force behind numerous widely recognized TV commercials, operating as a technology company designed explicitly for modernized TV advertising. It has worked with FOX, Google Cloud, and TEGNA, delivering targeted ads to its audiences. Madhive also secured a $300 million investment from Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2023. It currently operates more than 20,000 campaigns and processes more than 200 TB of data each day.

Madhive prioritizes its employees’ well-being, offering family benefits (adoption, fertility, and parental leave), a flexible work schedule with remote work options, performance-based bonuses, and wellness programs and initiatives, including pet insurance. In-office workers can participate in team workouts, commuter benefits, happy hours, a pet-friendly office, and company-sponsored outings with free daily meals or a home-office stipend for those who work from home.

More About Madhive

  • Industry: Adtech, Cloud Technology
  • Employees: ~200
  • Location: New York and remote options
  • Founded: 2017
  • Job Openings: Careers


RocketReach logo

RocketReach is a versatile tool that more than 18 million professionals use in sales and recruiting, seamlessly integrating with platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot. Renowned for its extensive database of emails and phone numbers, RocketReach is trusted by industry giants, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. It also offers AI-powered recommendations to streamline research and prospect identification, with users conducting more than 160 million searches annually.

RocketReach is a family-forward company that offers plenty of parental resources and events for everyone. Employees get flexible work schedules with a hybrid work model, wellness programs, company-sponsored outings, a pet-friendly office, and a fully stocked kitchen with snacks, coffee, and free lunch every week. They also get a generous PTO policy with a mandatory minimum of 10 days per year and unlimited vacation time.

More About RocketReach

  • Industry: Database Technology, HR Technology
  • Employees: ~100
  • Location: New York and remote options
  • Founded: 2016
  • Job Openings: Careers

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow logo

Stack Overflow is a trusted hub for programmers seeking and sharing high-quality knowledge about computer programming. With an average time of just 14 seconds between new questions and a staggering total of 58 million questions and answers, Stack Overflow has been reused an astounding 51 billion times, serving companies such as Instacart, Microsoft, BarkBox, and Philips.

Stack Overflow’s mission, to quote, is to be the “best place anyone has ever worked.” It offers extensive benefits, including family support such as financial assistance in the adoption of a child and employee participation in a Dependent Care Account where parents can put up to $5,000 a year pre-taxed toward child care. More than 90% of employees work remotely with flexible schedules. They enjoy wellness programs, fitness stipends, company-sponsored outings, daily meals, and snacks. Remote workers also receive a home-office stipend, and all employees have unlimited sick days, with a sabbatical option after five years.

More About Stack Overflow

  • Industry: Adtech, Artificial Intelligence
  • Employees: ~500
  • Location: Phoenix, New York, San Mateo, California, and remote options
  • Founded: 2008
  • Jobs Openings: Careers


Laudio logo

Laudio is an intelligent platform designed to assist frontline health systems leaders in enhancing employee engagement, retention, productivity, and performance. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Laudio automates and prioritizes leader workflows, including rounding, audits, feedback, and recognition. Leading health systems, including Carle, Kaleida Health, and Tufts Medical Center, trust Laudio with their data.

Laudio offers unlimited PTO, a flexible work schedule, and generous parental leave. It’s a highly diverse company proud of its employee-led culture committees. Employees receive comprehensive health insurance, commuter benefits, access to wellness programs, company-sponsored outings, a pet-friendly office, and free meals. Those who aren’t in-office get home-office stipends as well.

More About Laudio

  • Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology
  • Employees: ~35
  • Location: Boston and remote options
  • Founded: 2017
  • Job Openings: Careers


Jellyfish logo

Jellyfish is a platform for engineering leaders to track and improve their team’s impact on business goals. It helps leaders understand where their team’s time is spent, streamline operations, and integrate with tools like Jira and GitHub for better productivity. Prominent brands like Priceline, PagerDuty, and Hootsuite rely on Jellyfish solutions.

Jellyfish offers flexible work schedules, family leave, commuter benefits, pet insurance, and the option for a hybrid work model. Employees also enjoy company-sponsored outings, fitness stipends, access to meditation spaces in the office or through a work-from-home stipend, and an unlimited vacation policy. Jellyfish also emphasizes its culture of internal advancement, offering career development opportunities such as conferences and programs.

More About Jellyfish

  • Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Analytics
  • Employees: ~200
  • Location: Boston and remote options
  • Founded: 2017
  • Job Openings: Careers


Zscaler logo

Zscaler is a cloud-based security company with an integrated platform called Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. It is passionate about being the best global security company for mobile and enterprise businesses through a cloud-built secure platform. In 2023, Zscaler was named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology.

Zscaler fosters passion within its workplace by offering interactive training sessions led by experts and live entertainment to keep employees up to date on the latest trends in cloud security. The company provides comprehensive medical coverage, including family benefits, and promotes flexible work schedules and an open environment. If you’re still unsure, it boasts more than 160,000 positive reviews from current and former employees.

More About Zscaler

  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Employees: 7k+
  • Location: Boston, Raleigh, San Jose, California, other undisclosed locations, and remote options
  • Founded: 2007
  • Job Openings: Careers

Finding the Right Workplace in Tech

In today’s tough job market and inflated economy, it’s no wonder why people want companies that care about work-life balance, fair pay, and good benefits. If you’re interested in tech in any capacity — from cloud security to AI and marketing — we can guarantee that any of the companies on our list of the 10 best workplaces in tech is a great place to start.