4shared Offers Free File Storage Services and Public Streaming for Millions of Users

4shared Offers Free File Storage And Public Streaming

TL; DR: Since 2005, 4shared has been a go-to resource for file storage and sharing for millions of users. Its file service provides free and premium storage options with ample storage, an intuitive search engine, and top data security. Users, whether they’re registered or not, can also access thousands of files and digital content for public streaming, including music, books, and videos. We spoke with Andrey Melnyk, CTO of 4shared, about the platform, its benefits, and the future of file storage.

About two-thirds of the world’s population has access to the World Wide Web. Thanks to this access, we as a world have become more connected than ever. We no longer need a radio to hear news from the opposite side of the globe or wait weeks for correspondence to get a message to a loved one. The internet has given us the gift of instant connection, and it has changed how we do everything.

Let’s take photos, for example. I remember the days when my family would use Kodak and digital cameras to take pictures. We would go to Walmart or Walgreens to print them out and then carefully place them behind the transparent film in our individual photo albums. Yes, each of my three siblings had a dedicated photo album.

Now, a myriad of personal online storage solutions exist to keep and share our pictures. We can easily share photos with loved ones without printing and sending out physical copies. 4shared is a storage platform that has helped users remain connected through file sharing since the early days of online storage solutions.

4shared Logo
4shared provides free file storage with security and public streaming.

“We at 4shared are long-standing believers in the power of community, hence striving to provide our users with as many options to store and share their data with their loved ones as possible. In a way, we contribute to keeping their social connections strong despite the distance,” said Andrey Melnyk, CTO of 4shared.

4shared allows users to securely share and store files and digital media through its platform. Its free and intuitive service includes public streaming, security, and instant file sharing. Users who sign up receive 15GB for free and can start downloading files in no time.

File Storage With an Intuitive Search Engine Design

Since 2005, 4shared has helped users connect through digital media. Its free file storage makes it accessible to everyone and gives users another option to store their files. File storage can fill up quickly on standard hardware, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Using 4shared can help people keep their files while making new ones.

“4shared has been founded to enable our users across the globe to store and share their files with their family, colleagues, and friends in a fast and secure way, without the need to pay extra fees,” said Andrey.

4shared allows users to store and share music, videos, apps, images, and books, among others. Its unique search engine makes finding these files simple, no matter where they are. Andrey told us the team designed 4shared intuitively for this purpose.

A screenshot of 4shared homepage
Users can easily search, upload, and share their files.

“A person doesn’t have to take extra steps to find the file they’re looking for, upload or download their own data, or share a file or folder with others. The download flow is absolutely straightforward, with comprehensive prompts for users acting as visual highlights on download pages,” said Andrey.

Security is also a significant pillar of the 4shared platform. Its maximum data protection includes SSL data encryption and cloud backups. 4shared’s premium plans allow users to recover deleted files, download faster, and share via direct download links.

“In the modern world, the importance of keeping one’s data safe and accessible, not just from the laptop, but primarily from a smartphone, has already become vital. And providing such services to people in all parts of the world is a huge responsibility and honor for us,” said Andrey.

A Spotlight for Creative Industries

4shared has a strong dedication to its community and has the user base to show for it.

“Much due to our offering of a free & secure service, the community of 4shared users has grown to tens of millions of people in various parts of the world rather fast, with many of our users staying with us for over a decade now,” said Andrey.

The 4shared team does the work to remain connected to its users through social media updates and customer support, among other means. Andrey said the team has always focused on communication and uses a spectrum of digital channels, including a blog, featured newsletters, push messages, and communities in social media, to speak to users.

4shared offers a premium version of its platform with more features.

“More importantly, our customer care specialists are always willing to assist our users in resolving whatever issues they might encounter while using the service,” said Andrey.

4shared also spotlights its users’ original digital content, including music, apps, and videos. Creators make up a large portion of the 4shared community. And the 4shared team takes pride in making their work visible to its online visitors with its Search Service, which allows anyone to easily browse through files shared by 4shared members.

“An interesting case, for instance, is our collaboration with music DJs, who choose 4shared to broadcast their live music sets. And of course, we can’t help but mention visual artists who store and publish their art pieces online via 4shared — through the use of our advanced media embed features,” said Andrey.

Keeping Up With the Digital Times

4shared has been active for almost two decades and remains a popular option for millions of users to this day. But its customer dedication isn’t the only driver of its success. The 4shared team has also prioritized agility.

“Our team is continuously improving and upgrading our services to make them even more comfortable to use anytime,” said Andrey.

Andrey told us the team is currently working on a revamp of its media players. But he couldn’t divulge too many secrets, telling users to stay tuned for the surprise. He also said following trends has helped 4shared stay up to date with the market and customer needs.

Data security continues to be a crucial element for file storage and sharing, which is why the 4shared team has done an excellent job at staying on top of security in its system. Besides safeguarding data, Andrey said he has high hopes for the file-storing and sharing market.

“As for our overall predictions for the future of file storing and sharing, we believe it’s much brighter than some skeptics may presume. Peculiarly enough, the further evolution of connectivity, e.g., the worldwide adoption of 5G and 5G Advanced, can only increase the volume of stored and shared data in the cloud,” said Andrey.