10 Best Hardware Blogs of 2024

10 Best Hardware Blogs Of 2024

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to purchasing a new product, reviews are my go-to reference. Whether it’s a new boba tea spot or a tablet, checking reviews can help me gauge a product’s reliability and quality in record speed. Of course, some reviews are more balanced and need thorough research. But most of the time, they are the key to making sound buying decisions.

This case couldn’t be truer for hardware selections. Purchasing PC components and other tech products can be a hefty financial investment. But following hardware blogs can be a helpful solution to your worries. Hardware blogs have lengthy product reviews, tutorials, and news written by professionals to help inform you about the latest products.

Below, we list the top 10 hardware blogs of 2024. These blogs feature relevant and engaging content for tech enthusiasts or visitors looking for the best reviews on this side of the digital universe.

Hot Hardware

Hot Hardware Logo

Hot Hardware has a review for everything. Well, almost everything. Hot Hardware’s reviews cover a range of hardware components, from processors and SSDs to workstations and graphic cards. Its reviews also branch out to mobile products, including smartphones and tablets. It is basically the hub for tech reviews. But its content doesn’t stop there.

Hot Hardware also delivers the latest news on IT infrastructure, offers DIY how-to guides, and has dedicated web sections for gaming and entertainment. Hot Hardware is an all-in-one guide for tech geeks to explore and get up to date with tech information.

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The SSD Review

The SSD Review Logo

As its name suggests, The SSD Review is your one-stop spot for SSD reviews. It covers almost every SSD you could imagine across brands and SSD types. The SSD Review dives deep into the mechanics and capabilities of solid-state drives and determines their usability and quality so you don’t have to.

If there were an encyclopedia for SSDs, The SSD Review would be it. Its owner Les Tokar makes The SSD Review a go-to resource for reference, unpacking everything you need to know about these powerful storage drives. For those looking for a dedicated SSD blog, checking out The SSD Review will be worth your while.

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TweakTown Logo

TweakTown is your news outlet for all things tech. TweakTown covers worldwide tech news and reviews a variety of digital products, including video games, CPUs, audio speakers, and routers. Its hardware reviews are extensive and don’t skimp on details.

TweakTown’s reviews are also concise and well-organized. You can use its table of contents to skim through articles, find tables summarizing the pros and cons, and discover the writer’s final recommendation verdict. It also has thorough DIY build guides. Make hardware tweaks and good buying decisions with TweakTown.

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Silent PC Review

Silent PC Review Logo

Since 2002, Silent PC Review has led the internet for silent, state-of-the-art computer news. Its expert advice and detailed reviews provide users with vital information on the latest releases and the best deals. Silent PC Review’s technical advice has been featured in Popular Mechanics, The New York Times, and PCMag.

Silent PC Review shares its top picks for PC components, discusses network peripherals, and provides rundowns on the best custom gaming PC builds. Readers can also head over to its forum to learn more about its community and other topics.

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  • Website: https://silentpcreview.com/


Fudzilla Logo

Fudzilla covers a wide range of topics and technology news with a tongue-in-cheek commentary. You can find anything from a feature on Elon Musk’s latest moves to a news report about IBM’s remote work ultimatum. Fudzilla isn’t only a great place to get the latest scoop in the IT world, but it also offers excellent hardware reviews.

Readers can head to its dedicated reviews webpage and find detailed rundowns on various products, including home security kits, Intel processors, smartphones, and even PC chargers. Whether you want breaking news or top-notch hardware reviews, Fudzilla is the spot for tech insights.

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GamersNexus Logo

GamersNexus offers the latest on PC gaming setups and their components. Its content provides a detailed understanding of features, such as RAM and CPU coolers, and gaming optimizations. GamersNexus regularly benchmarks new PC games to test performance on GPUs and CPUs. By testing the game’s settings, GamersNexus can determine which features impact visual quality and performance cost the most.

GamersNexus’ hardware reviews dive deep into PC components, including PC cases, coolers, CPUs, and GPUs, to help readers make good purchasing decisions. Readers can also check out its YouTube, which has more than 2 million subscribers, for more in-depth and visual content.

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This Smart House

This Smart House Logo

This Smart House is home to detailed DIY and IoT device tutorials and projects. Its content caters to DIY enthusiasts looking to tackle everything from home automation to 3D printing.

Although This Smart House doesn’t post as much anymore, it still offers a wealth of knowledge on hardware and how to implement it yourself. Readers can even check out its special DIY RV project that covers the transformation of a 2000 Gulfstream RV into a smart IOT-based vehicle.

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The Tech Revolutionist

The Tech Revolutionist Logo

Established in 2012, The Tech Revolutionist is run by tech enthusiasts who created the platform to bring tech news to a Singapore-based audience. Its content examines the PC DIY scene and delivers the latest insights on a range of products, from lifestyle-consumer to enterprise-brand.

The Tech Revolutionist digs deep into product mechanics and informs readers on how they work or fit into the current tech landscape. Browse its Hot off the Press column, read through its product reviews, or take home some tips and tricks. You won’t walk away without learning something new.

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ThePCEnthusiast Logo

ThePCEnthusiast gathers must-have information on the latest hardware pieces to hit the market. Its blog covers a variety of product releases, including graphic cards, gaming monitors, and storage drives, and provides in-depth rundowns on their features and specifications.

Whether you’re a professional or a consumer, ThePCEnthusiast offers everything you need to know about a product with its reviews. Don’t forget to check out its tech roundups for its top hardware picks.

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MacRumors Logo

MacRumors helps Apple users get the best out of their digital devices. Its content follows the latest Apple updates and releases and focuses on purchasing decisions and technical components of various Apple devices. You can find a roundup of every Apple product out there.

MacRumors’s guides, on the other hand, offer more practical advice while answering relevant questions. With MacRumors, Apple users can learn how to use their devices better and browse reviews to make the right buying decisions.

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Get Up to Date With The Latest Hardware

Finding a useful and relevant hardware blog can help you leave your buying mistakes behind. Their in-depth guides and reviews allow readers to compare products, determine reliability, and inform their purchasing choices. Users can also unlock new ways to use their devices. Whether you need a blog that caters to SSDs or Apple devices, just know there’s a hardware blog out there for you.