10 Best CSS Development Blogs in 2024

10 Best Css Development Blogs

Finding direction for your software development career can be challenging. With so many languages, many budding developers can feel stuck when deciding which language to use to jump-start their careers.

Luckily, most frontend web developers have an easy way out. The web has already picked their languages out for them. Since the dawn of the internet, developers have built websites with three pillars: JavaScript, HTML, and, you guessed it, CSS.

CSS is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. In fact, about 97% of websites use CSS for frontend development, according to HostingAdvice. CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, helps style HTML tags and is integral to webpage display.

Below, we discuss the top CSS development blogs covering this foundational language.

Michael Gearon

Headshot of Michael Gearon

Michael Gearon offers a go-to resource for CSS and web development. With an entire column dedicated to CSS, Micheal goes into depth about the basics, CSS grids, and techniques. His guides include visual examples and detailed tutorials to help readers learn more about CSS.

Developers can find articles on z-index, system fonts, and user preferences, to name a few. Michael has also written a book on CSS called “Tiny CSS Projects.” His book provides another resource for users to learn more about CSS, giving readers access to 12 CSS projects.

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Harry Roberts

Headshot of Harry Roberts

If you need a blogger who is a wizard at their craft, look no further. Harry Roberts’ blog, CSS Wizardry, is a visual and audio hub for improving CSS performance. He offers lengthy guides and a collection of interviews for visitors to browse and explore.

Harry isn’t just standing on a soapbox. He helps clients improve their CSS architecture skills in real time with his consultancy and workshop products, so he knows his stuff. Jackie Balzer, who used to work for Adobe, said this about Harry’s workshops. “Harry’s workshop was excellent; we left with tons of new ideas and techniques to improve both the CSS architecture and overall performance of Behance and Adobe Portfolio.”

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Zoran Jambor

Headshot of Zoran Jambor

Zoran Jambor is the editor of CSS Weekly, a hotspot for CSS knowledge and experimentation. His blog offers readers a weekly dose of CSS tips, tricks, news, and tutorials, whether through YouTube or newsletter updates.

Readers can browse detailed guides on various CSS topics and head over to Zoran’s YouTube page for more visual learning content. His curated roundups provide followers with only the top articles from the CSS news cycle. Zoran currently has more than 37,000 subscribers.

Rachel Nabors, Founder of Tin Magpie, had this to say about CSS Weekly. “CSS Weekly is my favorite way to stay up to date with current methodologies and breakthroughs in CSS.”

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Ahmad Shadeed

Headshot of Ahmad Shadeed

Ahmad Shadeed is an independent product designer and frontend developer from Palestine. His regularly updated blog covers all things CSS in an easy and understandable manner. Since 2012, Ahmad has provided detailed guides and articles on CSS, which include topics on debugging, future-proofing, and styling CSS.

Every article offers practical advice and tips. Ahmad’s guides are also highly interactive, allowing readers to learn through visual and written content. Readers can head over to Ahmad’s dedicated website for defensive CSS and additional information on how to future-proof their web projects and user interfaces.

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Stephanie Eckles

Headshot of Stephanie Eckles

Stephanie Eckles’ Modern CSS Solutions is an engaging and interactive series on modern CSS. Stephanie uniquely designs her blog to take on an episodic nature that takes readers on an educational journey. Her blog offers modern CSS solutions for old CSS problems, including modern CSS upgrades to advanced CSS selectors.

So far, Stephanie’s series has 37 episodes. Readers can find tutorials and guides that feature practical code, demo buttons, and screenshots. Stephanie also offers video tutorials for frontend development and a newsletter. Look out for her guided practice for CSS, which is coming out soon.

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Michelle Barker

Headshot of Michelle Barker

Michelle Barker offers real-life assessments and advice on her blog CSS {In Real Life}. Although Michelle covers a variety of web development topics, a lot of her articles focus on CSS, CSS grids, and layouts. Readers can discover tips and tricks on how to solve common CSS obstacles and tinker with the programming language.

CSS {In Real Life} is an excellent resource for overall frontend development. Michelle’s conversational tone and content help give readers firsthand insight into frontend development and its processes. Readers can search Michelle’s blog by topic and find informative content that fits their needs.

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Eric A. Meyer

Headshot of Eric A. Meyer

Eric A. Meyer has led his blog, meyerweb, for more than two decades. During that time, he crafted a valuable collection of CSS resources, including tools, books, and articles. Readers can head over to his CSS Work and Toolbox webpages for unique tools and modules to help them along their CSS journey.

Eric is an expert at CSS, and browsing his site could never be easier. Readers can discover nuggets of knowledge wherever they choose to navigate. Be sure to check out Eric’s Color Blender, URL Encoder/Decoder, and other tools while you’re there.

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Rachel Andrew

Headshot of Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is a web developer, technical writer, and editor. She currently works at Google as a staff technical writer and content lead for web.dev and developer.chrome.com. Primed with technical knowledge, Rachel shares valuable advice on CSS, frontend, and backend development.

A lot of Rachel’s speaking and written content focus on CSS. On her blog, you can find articles, links to conferences and interviews, and published books, which all feature in-depth information on CSS. Rachel also offers readers access to a CSS layout newsletter with tutorials and news and a separate CSS Grid project.

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Sara Soueidan

Headshot of Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is all about inclusivity. So much so that she helps companies and agencies around the world build and implement responsive design and accessibility into their digital products. Her blog also focuses on accessibility and design.

CSS is one of the main topics Sara covers in her blog. Readers can browse articles about CSS variables, container queries, color schemes, and so on. Sara does a great job melding design, programming basics, and strategy to help developers build projects the right way.

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Kitty Giraudel

Headshot of Kitty Giraudel

Since 2012, Kitty Giraudel has written articles about frontend development and accessibility. Currently focused on accessibility and inclusion, Kitty has used the projects section of her blog to show readers how to implement accessibility practices into their web projects.

Kitty also has tons of information on CSS. In her snippets and article pages, she provides small code snippets and in-depth content on how to use CSS. Readers can choose from a wide selection of resources and content to step up their CSS game.

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Learn CSS With Resourceful Content

Software blogs offer a versatile outlet for readers to learn and follow. Not only do bloggers provide in-depth and informative articles, but they also have excellent resource options. Readers can find weekly newsletters, free tools, guided practices, and other helpful sources of information on the blogs we listed above. Whether you want a CSS blog with a side of accessibility or want it neat, you’ll find what you need in our top 10.