Wix Unveils Wix Proposals, A Comprehensive Solution to Manage Financial Engagements and Proposal Creation

Wix Proposals Helps Users Create And Manage Business Proposals

TL; DR: Wix recently launched Wix Proposals in partnership with Prospero, a leading proposal creation platform. Prospero has helped more than 2,000 businesses in 57 countries create strong proposals to impress leads and deliver results. Wix has integrated Prospero’s conversion-ready templates and financial tools with its Wix Proposals platform. The result is a complete solution for creating professional proposals and managing long-term contractual engagements. Now users can streamline their proposal tasks and win over clients with less legwork.

Creating a business proposal can be a daunting task, especially when you understand its weight and value. So much depends on its success. An effective proposal can help businesses convert leads and win over more clients.

Making a proposal is one thing, but making it attractive is another. It’s like an elevator pitch. You only have so many pages to make your business or services shine. So companies must use their pages wisely and prioritize critical details during the proposal creation process.

Wix recently announced a partnership with Prospero, a leading proposal creation platform, to help business owners create strong proposal documents for their brands. Its new solution Wix Proposals will allow users to outline their value propositions and persuade new customers with confidence.

Wix partners with Prospero to launch a business proposal solution.

“Wix Proposals offers business owners the tools needed to create, manage, and finalize proposals with ease,” said Asaf Remler, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wix.

Wix launched Wix Proposals as a powerful business addition to its website builder experience. Businesses receive yet another essential tool in Wix’s business management toolbox to further consolidate and simplify their processes. Users can find Prospero’s leading proposal templates and manage their invoices and contracts all in one place.

Wix Proposals is available to users with Selected Wix Premium Packages.

Powered by Prospero, A Leading Proposal Creation Platform

For years, Prospero has helped businesses impress potential clients and win more projects with its proposal creation platform. Now, it has partnered with Wix to bring its solutions to a wider audience through Wix Proposals.

“At Prospero, we believe proposals are more than just documents – they’re the first handshake, the elevator pitch, the decisive turning point in a crucial business negotiation. Wix Proposals helps businesses to tell their stories with captivating proposals built for conversion,” said Tomer Aharon, Prospero Co-Founder and CEO.

Wix has seamlessly integrated Prospero’s leading proposal templates into its business management tools. Prospero’s templates are built for conversion and achieving top results. Prospero has designed its solution to solicit that wow moment from qualified leads and close deals. And its templates are easy to use.

Prospero proposal template webpage
Wix users can leverage Prospero’s customizable templates to create attractive business proposals.

“Through the seamless integration of Wix’s innovative platform and Prospero’s industry-leading expertise, businesses in any industry can unlock a potent competitive advantage, ensuring their proposals not only stand out but win the deal,” said Tomer.

With Wix Proposals, users get a powerful and versatile proposal creation experience. Its extensive design capabilities enable users to build a proposal from scratch or use ready-made templates as a base to customize. This way, users can have the flexibility to support diverse business requirements.

Prospero has tailored templates for various industries and needs, including photography, marketing, event management, and catering. Users can add logos, images, videos, tables, and more to any proposal. And no need to worry about finishing your proposals in one go. Templates and content can be saved for future use, ensuring efficiency and consistency in proposal creation.

Streamlining Financial Activities and Workflows

Wix Proposals not only covers the proposal creation process but also the financial side of the process. Users can streamline the management of their long-term financial engagements on the platform.

“By empowering businesses to take control of their long-term financial engagements, and with a focus on user-friendly design and powerful features, we believe it will redefine the way professionals across various industries approach proposal creation and management,” said Asaf Remler, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wix.

Wix Proposals’ robust set of features includes a payment scheduler and support for digital signatures. Its payment scheduler enables businesses to automate their invoices and contracts for better efficiency. It ensures invoices are issued and emailed to clients on dates defined by the user. Users can also choose to charge a one-time payment or split the total across multiple payments for each project.

wix proposals interface
Users can send their proposals via email or URL link.

“We’re enabling users to manage long-term financial engagements with several payments milestones, ultimately helping Wix to capture new GPV that was usually being processed offline,” said Asaf.

Wix Proposals also provides security through its seamless digital signing experience. Its hassle-free eSignature feature ensures signatures are authenticated. Clients can sign proposals from any device or browser with multiple signing options, including draw, type, or upload. Once they sign it, the business will receive the signature’s timestamp and IP as another layer of proof.

How Wix and Prospero Provide an All-in-One Experience

Wix Proposals allows users to create a seamless proposal workflow with its platform. By combining Wix and Prospero’s capabilities, Wix Proposals enables businesses to manage everything for their proposal processes in one place, making life easier.

Business owners already have so much on their plates. And the process of winning over clients can be stressful and intimidating. Wix Proposals empowers businesses to take on proposal creation and management with no worries.

Wix and Prospero joining forces will help many businesses find the tools and resources they need to enhance their processes. The two companies have accomplished a lot in their own arenas, but this partnership will allow more customers to discover capabilities they never thought they had before.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and proud that our platform is included in Wix’s offering, empowering users with cutting-edge tools to elevate their proposal game,” said Tomer Aharon, Prospero Co-Founder and CEO.

Wix Proposals is available now to users with Selected Wix Premium Packages.