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TL; DR: With hundreds of website builders and eCommerce tools, building your online store or website is now one of the easiest things you can do online. But…then what? Konigle has the answer. Konigle is a comprehensive platform that simplifies website creation, technical SEO optimization, customer data management, and marketing campaigns for websites and eCommerce stores. We spoke with co-founder and CEO Jatin Khosla about how Konigle streamlines growing your online presence and making a profit.

Although brick-and-mortar shops are less common today, that doesn’t mean the small business game is slowing down: More than 1.4 million small businesses opened their doors between 2021 and 2022, and today, there are between 12 and 24 million eCommerce stores online.

But the number one problem small businesses cite in their experiences is cash flow, often caused by starting with too little money, not reaching the right audience, or not developing a business plan.

As a result, small businesses have opted to advertise and sell just about anywhere they can, be it Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, or the half-dozen other options that can go into its Linktree.

Amazon has tried to showcase small businesses on its search results, and Instagram’s algorithm is one step away from reading its users’ minds. Still, staying agile in the rapidly changing landscape of website development and digital marketing is challenging. My sister runs an organic candle-making business, and I’ve seen firsthand how much work it takes just to stay in people’s algorithms.

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Konigle is an SEO-driven website builder platform designed to get your eCommerce store noticed.

This is an obvious pain point, and Konigle aims to make it easy for SMBs to capture search engine demand to grow customers and engage existing customers.

Konigle is a website builder platform that provides expert-level tools to bring visibility to your business and help you make money through your eCommerce shop.

“We realized that people just want a straightforward solution to build a technically correct website that attracts traffic and effectively manages customer data for email and SMS marketing without the hassle of learning multiple software platforms,” Jatin Khosla, co-founder and CEO of Konigle, says. “Our focus remains on simplifying the essential aspects needed for people to succeed in making money online.”

How Konigle Empowers Online Success

The odds are against most eCommerce merchants. Statistics show that nearly half of all visitors will leave a website after visiting just one pagedespite people visiting eCommerce sites more than any other type of website.

Jatin says that platforms like Substack struggle to achieve significant monetization without addressing search intent traffic and simplifying monetization processes. Konigle enables users to monetize content directly, making it easier to run ads and connect with ad networks like Adsense.

Jatin also emphasizes that the crux of effectively earning through the internet hinges on two main factors:

  1. Organic traffic: While paid traffic is effective, attracting organic visitors to your website is also important. This can be done through SEO optimization, which ensures your site appears on the front pages of search engines such as Google and Bing and reaches millions of potential visitors.
  2. Customer information access: Access to customer data (those who make purchases, like, follow, or subscribe to a newsletter) allows for targeted marketing through email campaigns, promotions, and regular content updates.

So Konigle was founded with one thing in mind: to help people make money online.

This realization came from Konigle’s experience promoting its product and successfully scaling its traffic to more than 70,000 visitors. “We saw these are the fundamental elements that truly matter,” says Jatin.

Now, the software is designed to build websites while prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO), and it also includes email marketing features to facilitate the implementation of tactics aimed at increasing organic traffic.

Navigating the Changing Landscape of eCommerce Can be Easier

The internet is indeed a global village — but because it is easy to build a website and start an eCommerce business, it’s a competitive landscape. This, unfortunately, means it’s harder to stand out and stay afloat without a profit.

But the internet changes fast: What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a shift in several trends, including the importance of a more significant social media presence and selling ethical and sustainable products.

So, while eCommerce continues to evolve, businesses must stay agile, prioritize sustainability, and embrace emerging trends to thrive in this ever-changing landscape. Otherwise, they risk falling behind.

“You need to be able to get organic traffic to your website, period,” Jatin reiterates. “And number two, you should have access to and email all those customers without using a third-party app.”

Some of Konigle’s features include:

  • No code website builder for websites such as blogs, eCommerce or any other website.
  • Complete control and automation to help optimize technical SEO
  • Customer data management with email and SMS marketing software
  • Quotation Management System with CRM
  • News topic writing, news simplification for articles, and page optimization for search engine crawlers
  • AI-powered content generation for blog posts, headlines, and tags
  • Automated image optimization for improving page speed
  • Automated Indexing and submission of URLs to IndexNow and Google Search Console in bulk

Jatin also told us Konigle believes a good website is built on five pillars of success: SEO optimization, content publishing, marketing automation, creative control, and performance analysis.

Let’s look at how Konigle analyzes Nike’s success, for example.

Konigle’s analysis highlights the importance of Nike’s consistent branding: the Helvetica font and “swish” logo, a clean, uniform color scheme, and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) on both desktop and mobile.

Konigle’s Vision for a Better UI and UX

Jatin says Konigle is always brainstorming fresh ideas and crafting new user features and tools. One key objective is democratizing AI capabilities, making website ranking and customer engagement more reachable.

Democratizing AI features means ensuring that artificial intelligence capabilities are accessible to everyone — regardless of their technical know-how or financial resources.

Screenshot inside of Konigle's dashboard
Sort your website’s files into handy folders, such as Blog, Glossary, Pages, Promotions, and Services.

This involves breaking down barriers so even those with limited technical expertise or financial means can benefit. It also means making AI accessible to diverse populations, including underserved communities or regions where technology adoption may be slower.

As for what’s next, Konigle has more AI at the forefront.

“Today, we often see interfaces where you can chat and request specific tasks, like asking ChatGPT to build a two- to five-page website. But our approach is different: We’re aiming for a more comprehensive integration,” Jatin explains. “In the future, everything that Konigle does will be accessible through their upcoming chat interface. You can simply chat and navigate through all its features seamlessly.”

It will involve a more comprehensive integration of functionality behind a chat interface. Users can interact with the system by speaking or typing commands and seamlessly navigating its features.

So, for example, you could use this feature to manage your website’s content, optimize SEO strategies, handle customer inquiries, track analytics, and even initiate email marketing campaigns — all without leaving the chat interface.

Discover all the potential of Konigle today. (If you already have an eCommerce store, don’t worry: You can effortlessly sync with your store built on platforms like Shopify!)