10 Best Freelance Web Developers

Best Freelance Web Developers

Have you ever come across a website that left you wondering, “How did they do that?” A few websites, such as the Ocean Health Index and the Sistine Chapel, come to mind. These websites are so thoughtfully designed that it’s clear an ordinary drag-and-drop web builder wouldn’t have sufficed.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own website, then you can probably relate. There may be instances when you or someone you know has a unique vision for a website or app, but you’re unsure where to begin. Enter the unsung heroes who are the backbone of beautiful products: web developers.

Whether you’re building a professional website, an eCommerce store, or maybe even a plugin, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 freelance web developers who can help you bring your vision to life.

Kegan Quimby

Kegan Quimby headshot

Kegan Quimby is a San Francisco and New York-based experienced WordPress developer designing websites since 2011. Although WordPress development is his specialty, he has experience with Shopify and Squarespace. Kegan also offers various services, including web design, UX design, branding, SEO, frontend and back-end development, and content management.

Kegan also offers WordPress hosting management and is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the country, such as Amazon and AAA. But if you’re curious about how exactly Kegan works, check out his portfolio, where he showcases each project’s tasks and goals. I like that Kegan’s approach is not overly flashy; it’s simple yet effective, getting your message across immediately without overwhelming design elements that may not fit your brand.

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Danny Glix

Danny Glix headshot

If you want a web developer who can help you bring your brand to life, look no further than Danny Glix. Hailing from Manhattan, Danny is a developer who specializes in branding, including logo design, visual design, and web development. He can assist with brand strategy with carefully planned sitemaps, user flows, and interaction design, and create a compelling user experience for your website visitors.

Danny’s areas of expertise include information architecture, user interface design, web design, user experience, GUI design, and app development. Danny has decades of professional experience in web development, and he knows what it takes to create a successful brand, having worked with Burger King, AT&T, TV Guide, and Wyndham.

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Alex Beige

Alex Beige headshot

Alex Beige is a New York City-based web designer who specializes in creating accessible Webflow websites designed to go beyond just impressing your customers and visitors. Take one glance at his portfolio, and you’ll see unique, interactive designs, plus one that received an honorable mention from Awwwards.

Alex takes a brand-first, interactive, custom-designed approach to his work, and the process is easy to follow. From identifying your target audience to building a UX that you’ll love, Alex will keep you involved every step of the way. He even uses Google Analytics to put the final touches on your site. Alex has a great sense of humor, too: He listed himself as the sole employee of his New York City team, where he wears many different hats as the president, lead web developer, and intern.

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May Fathallah

May Fathallah headshot

May Fathallah is a web developer and designer in the Greater Chicago area who creates clean and artful websites. May specializes in helping small businesses and nonprofits develop websites that are visually appealing, scalable, and inviting to visitors. More specifically, her expertise lies in building, designing, installing, customizing, and maintaining HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and Joomla! driven sites.

A bonus is that May also offers assistance with marketing, social media tools, and industry techniques beyond what drag-and-drop builders can provide. If you want to create a straightforward landing page or a complete website for your growing business or nonprofit, May Fathallah is definitely the dev to contact.

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Brett Widmann

Brett Widmann headshot

Brett Widmann is a WordPress developer in Chicago who specializes in designing, maintaining, auditing, and training all aspects of WordPress. Although Brett primarily works as a freelancer, he has also worked with agencies for a long time, including Wonderist Agency, where he helped to build more than 50 websites. He’s also worked with well-known names such as Camping World, YMCA, and IBM.

Brett’s expertise ranges from HTML and CSS to WordPress and SEO, so you could call him a jack of all trades. Brett’s clients consistently praise him for his work ethic, communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of their brand. To top it off, Brett’s also a WordPress consultant, so you can get expert advice on your site, whether you have questions about speed optimization or visual engagement.

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Seán Halpin

Sean Halpin headshot

Seán Halpin is a skilled web developer and designer from Dublin, with more than 12 years of experience in frontend development, email marketing, and app UI/UX. He’s not afraid of developing something quirky and fun but that still serves a purpose — take the Droplette app, an AI-powered color palette plugin for Figma, for example.

When he’s not freelancing for clients’ websites and apps, Seán leads design at the nonprofit organization GiveDirectly. In fact, it’s Seán’s exceptional dedication to sustainability, education, equality, and carbon neutrality that sets him apart from other web developers. He strives to create engaging, accessible, and user-centric websites, regardless of the industry or project, be it a plugin, an app, or AI tool.

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Chase Ohlson

Chase Ohlson headshot

Chase Ohlson is a software engineer and freelance web developer in Los Angeles. With his digital marketing and SEO roots, he specializes in creating WordPress and Shopify websites. What’s pretty neat is that his extensive portfolio highlights the development tools he used for each project, so if you see something you like, you can ask for it by name.

When he isn’t freelancing, Chase works with The Noun Project, a global marketplace for design assets, on the web application and plugin aspect. Chase also has an impressive client list, including Alice In Chains and FabOverFifty. But if you’re still unconvinced, take a few minutes to scroll through Chase’s testimonials: They all praise him for his friendliness, thoroughness, and reliability.

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David Ryan

David Ryan headshot

Are you looking for a custom WordPress theme or a website that can grow with your business? You’ll want to meet David Ryan. Settled in Santa Cruz, David is a skilled developer with a thorough background in design, having worked with major brands including Samsung, ShopPad, and SurePrep. Today, David specializes in designing responsive themes, creating impactful branding, and developing effective digital strategies.

Since David builds websites for agencies and small-to-medium businesses, he knows what these clients need. That’s also why he guarantees transparent billing and communication to establish a long-term client relationship. One look at his portfolio, which includes work he’s done for law firms to yoga studios, and everything in between, and you’ll see his projects are clean yet inviting.

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Ronen Hirsch

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Shopify is a popular eCommerce solution, and Ronen Hirsch can help create your website with it. Ronen is skilled in building Shopify websites with custom codes and responsive designs, but is also happy to work on WordPress sites with Shopify integration. He uses prebuilt sections for Shopify stores, making it easy for business owners to customize their sites even after the project is finished.

With nearly two decades under his belt, Ronen is also the founder of Studio Umbrella, a Shopify web design and development agency. Over the years, he’s designed tons of websites for businesses from different industries, like landscaping and law firms. You’ll quickly see consistent, clean, modern designs on his sites, with eye-catching hero images and carefully written copy that puts your brand front and center.

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Kristin Falkner

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Kristin Falkner’s comprehensive services make her your one-stop shop for all your eCommerce needs. She’s an expert in WordPress development, particularly in creating customized WordPress themes. No matter the industry, Kristin can develop a customized on-brand theme that is unique to your business idea.

With more than a decade of WordPress expertise under her belt, Kristin is your go-to for seamless migrations, site rebuilds, or creating a fresh start from scratch. For Shopify users, she offers expert assistance with themes for your primary website or seamless integration into your existing WordPress site. Plus, her impressive track record includes collaborations with renowned brands like NBC, Toms, and Urban Decay.

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What Will Your Website Look Like?

Your website is often the first impression people have of your business. (For example, how does your reaction change when you visit this product page and then this ad site?) With this in mind, you want to ensure you’re working with some of the best of the best — and luckily for you, all the web developers on this list are available for hire. All you have to do is send that first message.