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TL; DR: Despite being one of the least digitally connected regions, with internet penetration rates varying widely between 24% and 66%, Sub-Saharan Africa’s trajectory is far from bleak. In fact, the continent as a whole is experiencing exponential growth and is projected to contribute 5.2% to the total global GDP. With an increasing number of internet users gaining online access, the eCommerce landscape is growing. This is where HOSTAFRICA steps in, serving as a comprehensive solution for all hosting needs in Africa, from domains to web and email hosting. Viona Wairimu, HOSTAFRICA’s Digital Marketer, shares insights into how the provider aims to deliver tailored solutions to every corner of the continent.

Africa is experiencing something of a renaissance: The continent is home to the youngest and second-largest population in the world, with a median age of 18.8 years old. By 2035, more young Africans will enter the workforce than the rest of the world combined.

A new generation is rapidly entering the continent’s workforce, economy, and social fabric.

As Africa’s online presence expands — whether driven by activities like shopping or establishing eCommerce shops — the demand for web hosting services is surging. More than 25,000 online business owners trust HOSTAFRICA, the continent’s go-to solution with services finely tuned to meet the unique needs of Africa’s evolving economic landscape. To ensure the best possible performance and security, HOSTAFRICA leverages Tier 3 ISO-accredited data centers located in South Africa, from where they strategically serve the entire continent.

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HOSTAFRICA is the continent’s leading web host provider with the goal of getting more Africans online.

“Our intention is to ensure any business trying to go online in Africa is catered for,” said Viona Wairimu, Digital Marketer of HOSTAFRICA. “One of the things that we are fiercely committed to is providing excellent customer support so we can offer various options to the countries we serve.”

The more you learn about HOSTAFRICA, the more you’ll see that its focus on African businesses is exactly what makes it stand out in web hosting.

Bringing Cloud Services to the Rainbow Nation

Africa has more entrepreneurs than any other continent. Eager to make their mark, experts say these young generations are primed to drive transformative growth through digital innovation, counter the trend of jobless growth, and fundamentally reshape African economies.

That’s why HOSTAFRICA is proud to be one of the first web hosting providers to offer cloud hosting in Africa.

It began when HOSTAFRICA’s founder, Michael Osterloh, visited Cape Town and was captivated by its beauty. In 2015, he brought his web development expertise from Germany to help Africans get online.

“The thing about HOSTAFRICA is that we envision ourselves as not just a partner in hosting but also as a supporter of businesses across Africa,” Viona says.

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Starting at $6.15/mo, you can’t go wrong with a free TDL and SSL and round-the-clock customer support.

HOSTAFRICA provides a comprehensive suite of website creation tools, catering to users of all levels. These tools range from domain purchasing and site-building to eCommerce capabilities and marketing tools.

Most importantly, the HOSTAFRICA team prioritizes instilling confidence in customers, regardless of their experience level.

“We’re ensuring our packages are feature-intensive, especially for eCommerce stores. We want to meet the diverse needs of our clientele,” Viona adds.

A Complete Solution for Hosting in Africa

Whether you’re looking to build a website, purchase a domain, or dabble in reseller hosting, HOSTAFRICA offers everything you need to host successfully in Africa. Its complete list of services includes:

HOSTAFRICA also offers resources and tutorials to help you get started on whatever product you’re interested in.

Its website builder is one of the star features, especially with the incorporation of AI. Deploying websites is more accessible and faster, whether you’re hosting in-house or with WordPress.

In fact, HOSTAFRICA’s AI site builder is perfect for WordPress users since it comes with every WordPress hosting package. WordPress is already the world’s #1 content management system, so why not make your experience even better?

“It’s not only helpful for those without technical expertise but also for web designers who have to juggle multiple projects and need to move as quickly as possible,” Viona says. “It makes it so seamless that even if you don’t have the know-how to design a website, you can use this tool without any issues.”

But HOSTAFRICA isn’t just about how great it looks; it delivers on its promises. It’s dedicated to offering tailored solutions for diverse countries while prioritizing exceptional customer support.

As part of its expansion efforts, HOSTAFRICA is extending its services to encompass regions in East Africa.

“We’re excited about our upcoming acquisitions — but it’s not just about increasing our numbers,” Viona stresses. “Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for our customers. So, if we’re serving a region like South Africa, we want to ensure that service is also felt in East and West Africa.”

Unifying African Brands in the Digital Space

One of the most exciting trends within the web hosting space is TLDs. Domains such as .com and .net have traditionally dominated the scene, but in recent years, alternative TLDs have gained popularity.

Initially, this was driven by necessity: As .com domains became increasingly scarce, users sought alternatives.

Say you run a skincare products business named Skincare For All and want the domain But surprise, surprise: It’s already taken. This is where alternative, more specific, and distinctive TLDs come into play. So, instead, you may consider the domain instead.

Some popular TLDs in Africa include .biz, .xyz, .dev, and .io. But right now, one is reigning supreme: .africa, at just $5.80 a year.

Screenshot of HostAfrica TLD purchase page
Africa’s fastest-growing TLD, .africa, is available for only $5.80/yr.

“Automatically, people want the .com domain when they’re thinking about going online,” Viona notes. “But in recent years, we’ve seen a significant increase in people’s interest in more regional TLDs. And now, it’s become a cool thing to do.”

In a way, the .africa TLD provides a sense of diversity amid a borderless digital space.

“Everyone’s talking about .africa right now,” Viona adds. “What’s exciting is that its diversity — the countries, languages, and cultures — makes it feel like the one thing bringing Africa together in the tech scene.”

It seems that the rise of the .africa TLD is a game changer for the continent, pushing regional brands to jump on board, using it to share their stories and grow their presence.

Whether you’re eyeing a unique TLD like .africa or you’re ready to start your own eCommerce shop, HOSTAFRICA is your go-to for staking your claim in the African online realm and tapping into the local market. Web hosting, domains, and servers start around $6 per month, so get started today.