Picsart Offers Content Creators an AI-Powered Companion for Editing and Creative Design

Picsart Provides An Ai Powered Companion For Editing And Design

TL; DR: Picsart helps creators and businesses edit and design content with its creative studio. Picsart offers the capabilities of more than 20 generative AI tools to transform and simplify creative workflows. Users can generate images, edit backgrounds, and leverage a catalog of ready-to-use design templates to create professional and eye-catching content for their brands. Picsart also has a community called Spaces, where users can share ideas and find inspiration. We spoke with Caitlin Chou, Community Lead at Picsart, about the platform and its mission.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at graphic design. After years of tinkering with user-friendly design tools, such as Canva and Shutterstock, I would still say I’m an amateur. So I’m always willing to take any help I can get. And I’m sure there are many other people in the same boat, including entrepreneurs who already have enough on their plate.

Effective content creation can take businesses to new heights. And understanding design and editing can make a world of difference in their content strategy. But it also adds another task to the dozens of other tasks that entrepreneurs have on their to-do lists.

But what if small business owners could produce more content in less time and with less effort? Enter Picsart. Picsart offers an AI-powered creative companion to help users design, edit, and generate posts or images for their online storefronts and social media.

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Picsart provides an AI-powered companion for creative design.

“Our AI is uniquely trained to understand the needs of the Etsy or Depop seller, the bakery shop owner, the content creator, and the budding entrepreneur — and can quickly transform their ideas into great social posts, ads, product listings, and so much more,” said Caitlin Chou, Community Lead at Picsart.

Picsart allows entrepreneurs and content creators to instantly design and produce visually stunning content. Its AI-powered tool can generate images according to your needs, remove and replace backgrounds, and edit photos to your liking. With Picsart, users can elevate their content campaigns without doing the legwork.

A World-Class Creative Studio at Your Fingertips

Hovhannes Avoyan founded Picsart in 2011 as a consumer editing app. A former AI scientist, Hovhannes included AI in the platform from the very start of its creation. That means Picsart always had AI in its DNA, even before it was popular to do so.

“Even before the generative AI boom two years ago, we were building AI-powered tools to help our users do pro-level editing with no skill required. Additionally, we’ve heavily invested in AI and have an entire AI Research team, PAIR, especially dedicated to exploring new frontiers in creative communication,” said Caitlin.

Picsart has used AI to empower users along their creative journey for over a decade. The team understands how important content is to its users. Content creation helps drive engagement, so it’s crucial for small businesses to do it well. And Picsart enables teams to do so with its suite of creative tools and content library.

“At Picsart, everything we build is to empower our creators to make content that is uniquely theirs – and our AI is no different. We aim to help anyone create content at the level of a world-class marketing studio,” said Caitlin.

Picsart’s generative AI tools and prompts allow users to bring their unique visions to life without doing the work themselves. Its AI companion generates designs based on the information the user gives it, simplifying the creative process and transforming workflow for users.

“Our tools help these busy entrepreneurs and creators do more, much faster, with no difficult training required,” said Caitlin. With Picsart, users can supercharge their creativity and develop world-class designs.

The Democratization of Content Creation

Picsart allows users to accelerate and enhance their creative projects and processes with minimal skill. Its easy-to-use tools make all of this possible. As it happens, democratizing content creation is a mission the Picsart team holds dear.

“Opportunity and inclusion are at the beating heart of our mission. We’re making it possible for anyone with passion and an idea to achieve studio-quality results,” said Caitlin.

Picsart makes developing professional designs easy. Its tools are so intuitive that they basically work by themselves, making life much easier for busy content creators or entrepreneurs. Picsart’s capabilities and user experience enable anyone to design and create professional and aesthetically pleasing content to grow their brands.

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Picsart makes design easy and accessible for everyone.

“We believe that when barriers are removed and access becomes universal, that innovation flourishes and more brilliant voices can be heard,” said Caitlin.

Users can choose from a collection of ready-to-use templates or start from scratch. Picsart’s customizable templates and AI generation can fit any purpose, from fashion and wellness to restaurants and real estate. Picsart democratizes the creative process for every industry. The team also seeks customer feedback to improve its experience.

“We consider our community members an extension of our team. They play a central role in shaping the product and experience and keep us continuously improving. We stay aligned with evolving needs and values because we listen to and incorporate our community’s feedback,” said Caitlin.

Fostering a Community of Creators

More than 150 million global creators and businesses trust Picsart for their design and editing processes. About 1 billion edits are done on the Picsart platform monthly, and more than 1 million AI images are generated daily. Picsart’s community is vibrant and active, and the company has done a lot to keep its creators engaged, including creating a networking feature for them.

“Spaces is a community made by creators for creators. In Spaces, anyone can join an existing community or create their own focused on niche interests, which means anyone can find belonging and inspiration that resonates with them,” said Caitlin.

Caitlin said Picsart’s unique culture of people distinguishes the platform from other solutions. Picsart encourages and supports the power of community and collaboration. Spaces enables users to unlock creative avenues, explore AI creation, share ideas, and connect with others.

As Picsart’s user base has grown, its platform has also evolved to meet user needs. It recently launched a new feature called Smart Background, its first tool dedicated to product photography. Smart Background allows online sellers to quickly and easily create content for their products at scale.

“We’re also working on bringing more group and team collaboration tools into our platform and continuing to solve challenges for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators. We’ll make sure to share more as soon as we can,” said Caitlin.