Higher-End Hosting Solutions With Hands-on Cost and Server Management? Yes, please.

This Host Offers Higher End Hosting Hands On Management

TL; DR: xByte Cloud helps enterprises build and manage their hosting infrastructure with managed services, support, and security. It allows users to create solutions to fit their workloads by offering various hosting services, including on-prem, private/public cloud, and multicloud environments. Their decades of expertise make the xByte Cloud team prime candidates to support and guide users along their hosting journeys.

A hosting journey can often resemble the flow of a business trajectory. Business owners may choose VPS hosting during their humble beginnings to jump-start their projects. But as the business grows, they will need to scale and upgrade to a different hosting type, maybe dedicated or cloud.

But an owner can also choose to go in the opposite direction because of different variables. Enterprises often face this issue. They may adopt the cloud for its many features but then find that the costs are too high and switch to on-premises infrastructure. Or they may go the hybrid route.

Anything can happen during a business journey. This is why having the power to pivot is crucial. Here is where xByte Cloud steps in. The hosting platform allows users to customize their setups to their needs, from cloud and on-prem to multicloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions.

xByte Cloud logo
xByte Cloud helps enterprises build and manage their hosting environments.

“On our side of things, we’re VPS and above. So we’re VPS, dedicated, and higher. And the reason for that is because of the hands-on management that we do. Our customers come to us; they want to pass that off,” said Ryan Brown, CMO of xByte Cloud.

xByte Cloud is a part of the xByte family of products. Alongside its sister company, xByte Technologies, it offers users a range of hosting services and hardware backed by decades of expertise. Whether you’re looking for fully managed hosting or bare metal servers, xByte Cloud has a solution for you.

Any Way You Want It: On-Prem, Cloud, Multicloud

Ryan told us that xByte Technologies and xByte Cloud can help companies find and create any setup they need. xByte Cloud has its own private cloud infrastructure and offers managed public cloud options, including Azure and AWS.

“We recognize that public cloud need and have expertise in helping people manage and control their costs. So they can still have that type of world, but they have somebody who’s done it before and can say, let’s structure this way to best utilize your money,” said Ryan.

xByte Cloud also handles security by updating equipment and software to secure servers. As for features, xByte has plenty of highlights throughout its different solution packages. One is its geo-failover, which is a part of its enterprise solutions.

xByte Cloud offerings
xByte Cloud offers various hosting solutions and services, inducing on-prem and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“If that primary location encounters a natural disaster or some kind of power issue, that instantaneous failover to another region that’s hundreds of miles away allows you to achieve that optimal uptime and kind of that reliance,” said Dakota Clum, CTO of xByte Cloud.

xByte Cloud offers reliable and geo-redundant infrastructure to ensure applications are always online. Secondary infrastructure also protects companies against attacks and helps facilitate disaster recovery with backups.

“And beyond the geo-failover piece, having your application in multiple data centers with load balancing in the middle allows you to have people served closer to that secondary or third facility have lower latency,” said Ryan.

An Expert Hosting Team That Does Everything

xByte Cloud covers everything from server management, support, security, and installation. It can do all these things because of its incredible team.

“At xByte, what we focus on is the customer. Everyone on the team is passionate about customers. We’ve invested heavily in our team and capabilities. That knowledge has allowed us to provide excellent services, excel in our offerings, and achieve uptime,” said Dakota.

Dakota said xByte has distinguished itself from competitors by investing in its team. The team primarily consists of Level 3 and 4 engineers and leads with this above-industry-average knowledge to provide support and agility to customers. Beyond your typical server knowledge, their team are experts in specialized hosting for languages like Microsoft .Net and Adobe ColdFusion.

“As customers allow us to take on more of that VCTO-type role in looking at their infrastructure, we can then give them the best practices. That gives them natural uptime, not necessarily because of any technology we have, but because of the reliance they have on our expertise and management side of things,” said Ryan.

xByte Cloud acts as a safety net for users. Its team helps guide them along their journeys and allows them to avoid any significant issues with an ever-present, steady hand.

Partnership Program Helps Enterprises Offload Management

xByte takes its supportive, customer-centric approach a step further with its partnership program. It helps software companies with dedicated workloads and applications manage their hardware and resources.

“If they’re looking for a partner with dedicated resources who can take on that hardware piece, we’ll take on that role with them,” said Ryan.

The partnership program can help enterprises offload costs and improve their existing processes with greater efficiency. xByte Cloud can take a company’s installation process and apply it so they can follow and track their implementation when needed.

“When you or any of your partners need to come in for the implementation, it’s already set up to a certain standard for you. And we’ll integrate with that to make their process smoother,” said Ryan.

Leveraging this program allows enterprises to offload workloads, leaving them in capable hands. This way, their teams can focus on higher-value tasks and achieve more, helping their business grow.

Is The Cloud Moving Deeper Into the Hybrid Space?

Dakota and Ryan also shared their thoughts on the future of cloud hosting. Dakota said many businesses today don’t have the capital or risk tolerance to invest heavily in an engineering team to scale their cloud footprint.

“So I think organizations, being mindful of the rising cloud, partnering with a company like xByte to manage that footprint and scale them from small to large to enterprise, is going to be pivotal for the future,” said Dakota.

Partnering with a cloud provider can help companies with staff augmentation and establishing VCTO within their operations. Ryan also sees the cloud industry shifting into a more hybrid space. He said users should choose a partner who can handle both sides and assess where specific workloads should lie.

“Having someone who can guide you on that and will not oversell you on cloud just because they’re a cloud partner is key. We’re going to give you an honest answer that is the right thing for your business,” said Ryan.