Optimize Your Website for Conversions, Boost Engagement, and Maximize Operational Success with Leadpages

Leadpages Makes Website Building Simple By Design

TL; DR: Leadpages specializes in helping businesses grow their operations with its conversion-optimized website and landing page builder. The company’s lead-generation platform allows users to quickly build well-designed websites without coding or plugin overload and track performance to boost engagement on a specialized dashboard. The company’s focus on simplicity offers users peace of mind and removes the guesswork for quicker web deployment. With Leadpages, small businesses can efficiently transform clicks into customers.

Building a website involves many steps that can take users through a host of emotions. There is the creative step where you can display your personal touch and branding, the feature set and widget inclusion step, and the dreaded technical and complex backend steps. If you have little software expertise, handling the technicalities of website building can feel like a nightmare of endless tasks and plugin updates.

When I created my first WordPress-supported website, I spent hours learning about various plugins and coding inputs that I had to include to make my website look presentable. I ended up spending hours of my days trying to complete all the necessary tasks and checklist features to publish my blog, pushing my publishing date by weeks.

Instead of surfing the web or watching a thousand YouTube tutorials as I did, business owners can turn to specialized website builders to quickly get their online presence up and running. Leadpages, a website and landing page software company, focuses on making website building simple for all users, no matter their skill set. It does this by narrowing its framework to the most significant application details.

The Leadpages logo
Leadpages simplifies publishing and online engagement for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

“One of the things that we’ve been able to do since we started about a decade ago is continuously make it easier for new users to publish faster. We don’t have an overly complicated builder by design. We don’t make it so you can do everything under the sun because that’s not the kind of software that we want to be,” said Bob Sparkins, Sales Marketing Manager at Leadpages.

Leadpages supplies users with the software tools to create code-free websites and landing pages built to engage audiences and attract conversions. Users can choose from various template styles and customize their websites with a drag and drop builder to showcase their branding. Businesses can also follow their website performance and receive real-time guidance on the platform’s dashboard.

“One of the most important things for us is showing users their stats and making it easy to see that their conversion rates are higher with us than with non-specialized landing page builders,” said Bob.

Based in Minneapolis, Leadpages launched in 2012 and has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Bob told us Redbrick, a software portfolio company, acquired Leadpages in 2020, and their partnership has been going strong ever since.

Leadpages Simplifies Website Building for Quicker Deployment

Leadpages takes the complexity out of website development by offering a code-free builder that any team can leverage. The drag-and-drop builder allows companies to reduce the time and money spent retrieving and learning robust backend applications to publish their website on their own measured timeline.

“One of the internal metrics that we look at most is much time it takes from when you start your account to when you publish your first page and capture your first lead. And if that time can be compressed down as fast as possible, people will see the value in there and stick around,” said Bob.

One of Leadpages’ main selling points is its role in supporting businesses in their journey toward growth. It does so by providing software that can establish a web presence and transform traffic into leads and customers. The Leadpages drag-and-drop interface allows users to create appealing websites for a great end user experience.

Users building a landing page with Leadpages can access built-in conversion guidance via the Leadmeter that predicts page performance before publishing. Leadpages also helps customers align their pop-ups and alert bars in the right timing and format to drive the best engagement.

All Leadpages templates are professionally designed to look good, load fast, and convert, and the company ensures security with automatic SSL encryption on its included free hosting. Leadpages continues to focus its development on solving customer pain points and streamlining website deployment on all fronts.

“One of the things that we’re concentrating on is how we can get more of our first-time users to be excited about using the product. So we’ve been revamping and accelerating our onboarding team and providing more services for our customers to get up to speed quickly with personal feedback on their pages and website,” said Bob.

Promoting Conversion Rates Without Breaking the Budget

More and more email providers have added landing page builders and templates to their service portfolios in recent years. Bob told us that, although this trend may seem convenient, business owners won’t be able to attract conversions as easily with a non-specialized builder. Leadpages’ specialized landing page builder adds value that other generic builders don’t deliver. It does this by sharing detailed information on lead generation that many small teams may not find accessible.

“If you want to turn more of your paid and organic traffic into leads and customers, it’s better to stick with the software built around conversion. And if you change your mind and switch to a different email provider, you’ll still be able to have all of your important marketing assets with Leadpages,” said Bob.

Screenshot of Leadpages template gallery
Leadpages provides templates so business owners don’t need to invest additional time or money on development.

Leadpages specializes in helping users distinguish areas for conversion improvement and create content designs that will engage an audience, including pop-up placements. Its performance-tracking dashboard lets business owners see insights on marketing campaigns and analytics and discover real-time conversion tips. The Leadpages dashboard is one of many reasons why its software is beneficial for small businesses.

“A lot of agencies use us for their customers that need a simpler website and don’t need a robust build-out of finely tuned WordPress with 45 plugins. If an agency has a customer tier that’s slightly on the lower budget side and still wants to be profitable, using Leadpages can benefit them,” said Bob.

Companies with small teams (or teams of one) can leverage Leadpages software to build websites that garner more traffic without paying a hefty price on developers or spending a lot of time learning complex design applications. Businesses can also integrate their marketing software with Leadpages to automatically add leads to their email lists and streamline workflows.

Ensuring Customer Retention by Valuing Feedback

Leadpages has helped thousands of users successfully capture leads and convert them into customers. Its team focuses on providing businesses that have fewer resources with a solution to drive their operations forward.

“Our bread and butter is the person running a business, who may not have any team members, or it’s just a couple of virtual assistants or a small team. But typically, they are transforming the lives of their clients through their services and programs. So they have a more direct relationship with their clientele,” said Bob.

Leadpages listens to the needs of its customer base and provides clients with the features to grow their online presence. Its clients are very much a part of the development process. Leadpages internal employees show how much they value customer feedback through the company’s road map methodology.

“Our Director of Product and product managers actively solicit customer interviews frequently. We also have a customer advisory board of about seven of our long-term clients that we get feedback from them on what they’d like to see. They are very familiar with complementary and competitive marketing tools. So we get a sense of where they might see opportunities or gaps that we can fill,” said Bob.

Leadpages also encourages users to give feedback during its coaching sessions. Bob said he runs a coaching call every Wednesday during which he receives input from customers on updates or additional requests that he relays to the product teams. Leadpages continues to elevate its product to deliver what business clients need most to thrive in this digital landscape — effective conversion rates.

“We are excited about being able to take that small entrepreneur and eliminate a lot of the marketing tech headaches that they may have. And do so at a fair price point with compassion for the struggle they’re going through in the first year or two, trying to make sure they become successful,” said Bob.