Inturact Empowers SaaS Companies to Strategize Scalable Growth with a Data-Driven and Product-Led Approach

Inturact Partners With Saas Companies For Scalable Growth

TL; DR: Inturact has more than 16 years of experience helping B2B SaaS companies form scalable growth strategies for long-term success. The marketing/consulting agency builds strategic plans based on client data and product overview to increase metrical growth in five main areas: acquisition, activation, revenue, referral, and retention. Using its Growth Framework and technological solutions, companies can expand their reach, increase their revenue, and retain more customers.

For centuries, people have used calculators to track and understand business metrics. One of the earliest tools to aid arithmetic calculations dates back to ancient Rome when merchants would tabulate their sales through a distant relative — the abacus. Since the calculator’s invention and reinvention, people from all walks of life — whether an undergrad student majoring in mathematics or a small business owner calculating inventory — have leveraged the valuable tool to keep accurate figures.

Today, calculators have evolved to fit various use cases, from scientific calculators to interfaces that calculate credit scores. After all these years, the calculator’s significance in the world of business has remained the same. Inturact, a SaaS marketing and consulting agency, has developed its own calculating solutions to help its clients understand and pinpoint growth areas, including customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and annual churn rate. The Inturact team also has another calculating solution coming down the pipeline.

Inturact Founder, Trevor Hatfield, and Logo
Trevor Hatfield, Inturact Founder, spoke with us about how the agency enables B2B companies to achieve growth.

“We’ve created a calculator that ultimately takes an input of multiple different metrics and where your business is at and extracts how you’re going to reach your 12-month MRR goal, and if it’s achievable or not,” said Trevor Hatfield, Inturact Founder.

Although not yet released, its Growth Audit calculator will allow users to indicate success and where there is room for improvement. But Inturact’s calculating tools are only one piece of the grander marketing scheme the company has to offer. The company partners with B2B SaaS companies to build scalable growth tailored to their needs, with a primary focus on improving their sales and revenue objectives through better digital marketing strategies.

Assisting Companies in Their SaaS Journey with Growth Framework

The Inturact team embarks on the strategic growth journey by leading with a data-driven and product-led approach and serving as a comprehensive source of brainstorming and strategy for its clients. Using its extensive SaaS expertise, Inturact helps companies better understand their businesses and customers for stronger outreach and operational tactics that lead to an improved buyer journey. Inturact does this by employing methodologies that cover various specialties, including inbound marketing, growth hacking, web design and development, and data analysis, among others.

Inturact developed the SaaS Growth Framework, which encompasses the overarching mission that the company provides, to communicate and organize its efforts into a single, centralized strategy. The framework has many components and aligns diverse client developmental goals into one workflow, simplifying the journey for clients and their teams.

Clients can use this framework to understand the vital steps needed to increase their chance of success. These steps are based on the full spectrum approach that outlines Inturact’s five growth pillars. Its growth pillars symbolize the essential stages businesses must go through to succeed. One of its staples, the SaaS Marketing Journey, only relays one piece of the puzzle that works to achieve Inturact’s five growth pillars.

SaaS Growth Campaign
Inturact’s five SaaS growth pillars serve as a foundation to its overall strategy.

“The SaaS Growth Framework revolves around what we call the five SaaS growth pillars: acquisition, activation, revenue, referral, and retention,” said Trevor. “The framework has a lot of different layers but focuses on growing those five SaaS growth pillars. And the SaaS marketing journey is the marketing component of that.”

By focusing on these five growth areas, companies can build fact-based plans that can help them increase metrics and scale growth in every area essential to overall business health. This full-scope approach allows Inturact to ensure its clients meet goals without skipping vital steps.

For example, one of Inturact’s clients, Hellopeter, implemented a new user onboarding process after working with the agency. This addition resulted in a 79% increase in successful activation and steady growth in paid upgrades to premium subscriptions.

“We’ve seen leveraging a central organic growth strategy, and layering on top of that paid and cold outreach and other sorts of strategies have been very effective for us. That also helps align teams. So a lot of success at that high level revolves around a simple core strategy,” said Trevor.

Improving Marketing Tactics With HubSpot Partnership

Experience is a key part of Inturact’s mapping and growth. Trevor told us experience is the foundation behind Inturact’s framework and success. Without the knowledge he and his team members gained from past failures and success in the SaaS industry, the Inturact team wouldn’t have the foundation and extensive understanding to build the SaaS frameworks it has today.

But Inturact had to undergo its own transformation before reaching this point. Trevor began his journey in Flash learning applications, then entered the web development and SEO fields before reaching the SaaS industry.

“All of these industry progressions moved into seeing the SaaS space taking off from when the software went from licensing to the subscription model. So that progression started to mold into finding pattern recognition on what was working and what wasn’t in that space,” said Trevor.

After years of working with hundreds of companies, the Inturact team has learned the ins and outs of successful SaaS business practices. These experiences allowed the team to create its own blueprint, the SaaS Growth Framework. By leveraging that data and expertise, Inturact identifies repetitive areas and organizes them into a single approach to reduce the risk of failure and increase scalability.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Graphic
The Inturact team credits HubSpot’s inbound marketing strategy for helping it develop its SaaS marketing journey.

Trevor also highlighted Inturact’s partnership with HubSpot as a defining turning point for the company’s operational shift and success. As Inturact grew, the company began to take on new arenas and had to juggle many responsibilities at once. HubSpot was able to alleviate some of that burden for them.

“We moved toward HubSpot to centralize everything and simplify a lot of the things that we were doing because we were spread out,” said Trevor.

The team also grew more knowledgeable in the inbound marketing space through HubSpot. Trevor said, “We took a lot of our learnings from HubSpot and modified that into the SaaS marketing journey based on, particularly, the SaaS model and the SaaS industry.”

Establishing the Gold Standard With A Soon-to-Launch Growth Audit

For more than 16 years, Inturact has helped companies align their goals, determine data-based growth opportunities, and execute scalable services through actionable metrics. Its Growth Framework has been the cornerstone of that 16-year success, and Inturact continues to modify its tactics to meet those standards.

“We’ve taken a portion of our framework and extracted it out into what we’re calling a growth audit,” said Trevor. “Ultimately, it will give you an understanding of where you’re at with the five growth pillars we discussed earlier and how you’re doing in those areas compared to what we’re considering the gold standard.”

Clients will be able to use this tool as the starting point for a plan in a simpler form. The growth audit will allow companies to track their 12-month MRR goals and correlate them with a road map. This way, they can understand what steps they need to take to reach their MRR goal and form those steps into a plan. Inturact plans to release this new growth audit soon.

As for the gold standard clients should seek to achieve, Inturact has established this unit of success using a number of ways.

“It’s a large combination of things. Some of it is variables within metrics in the space, and others are based on what we’ve seen work and not work. I think some aspects people will be surprised they don’t have, and some of them people will be excited to understand more,” said Trevor.