10 Best Software Bloggers in 2023

10 Best Software Bloggers In 2023

Digital citizens have so many ways to learn and stay up to date in today’s world. Education sits at our fingertips, free for us to take advantage of thanks to our smartphones. Of course, we can’t forget the internet’s role either. Technological advancements allow us to watch YouTube videos, sign up for online webinars, or do a quick web search for thousands of blog articles to refresh our skills on almost any subject matter.

Blogging made a huge impact on online learning in the early aughts and helped take the internet to new heights. Many blogs contain incredible kernels of wisdom from people who have firsthand knowledge and experience in almost every area of life. So it’s no surprise that programmers often turn to software blog platforms to brush up on their coding information banks.

Below, we list the top 10 best software bloggers in 2023. Whether you’re looking to increase your skills or test the coding waters, these bloggers will help you reach your goals and maybe learn something new along the way.

Best for Dev Resources: Ahmad Awais

To say Ahmad Awais has experience is an understatement. Ahmad is a master of development and has a storied career to show for it. He is an award-winning developer who has written various open-source dev tools, and as a TEDx speaker he has given more than 100 international speeches. Ahmad has collaborated with multiple industry giants, including Microsoft, NASA, and DigitalOcean. So I think it’s safe to say you’ll definitely learn a thing or two from him.

A screenshot of Ahmad Awais's homepage
Ahmad Awais is our top blog pick for developer resources.

Teaching comes naturally to Ahmad because he hails from a family of teachers. His blog includes professional development coursework that cover Next.js, Deno, Node.js, and VSCode.pro, among other topics. He also has a page dedicated to his TEDx talks, so readers can access the total collection. Visitors can subscribe to Ahmad’s newsletter to get exclusive expert insights on open-source, developer relations, dev tools, and side hustles.

More About Ahmad Awais:

  • Has a software recommendation list
  • Offers free developer courses: DenoBeginner and NodejsBeginner
  • Over 47,000 social media followers

Best for How-To Guides: Robin Wieruch

Robin’s blog is the hot spot for how-to guides on software development. Gaining most of his experience from the startup world, he became a pro at Javascript and then began his own business ventures. Now as a self-employed software and web engineer, Robin helps other programmers learn development while doing onsite consulting for companies on the side.

A screenshot of Robin Wieruch's blog
Robin Wieruch is our top pick for how-to guides.

His blog primarily focuses on React.js, Node.js, and GraphQL. His posts keep things simple and teach readers how to get started on their software development journey with basic tools and tips. Robin’s website also has longer comprehensive guides for readers looking for more in-depth information. In addition to the blog posts and guides, developers can access online courses to get a full understanding of their desired subject matter.

More About Robin Wieruch:

  • Offers a variety of tutorials covering React, Node, and TypeScript
  • Has several online courses for users of all experience levels
  • Over 21,400 social media followers

Best for Developer Insights: Erik Bernhardsson

Erik Bernhardsson boasts more than 25 years of coding experience. He leverages this experience to fill his blog with advice for aspiring and professional coders. In recent years, Erik has shifted his focus to machine learning, data engineering, and backend development, but he still offers a lot of practical insight on coding. Readers can find posts on business management, cloud computing, and software infrastructure.

A screenshot of Erik Bernhardsson's homepage
Erik Bernhardsson is our top pick for developer insights.

Erik has made a huge career move by launching machine-learning software for users to run code in the cloud. Erik’s blog isn’t updated frequently these days, but it still holds a wide collection of evergreen topics for readers to explore.

More About Erik Bernhardsson:

  • The creator of Modal software
  • Gives insight on business management based on firsthand experience
  • Over 35,000 social media followers

Best for Core Software Education: Khalil Stemmler

Khalil Stemmler teaches software developers how to master the 80/20 rule in programming. This line of thinking helps developers become more productive and accelerate testing, design, and architecture development. His bread and butter is TypeScript and Node.js, but he doesn’t stop there. His articles, courses, and books cover a range of advanced backend and frontend topics.

A screenshot of Khalil Stemmler's homepage
Khalil Stemmler is our top pick for core software education and developer productivity tips.

Khalil’s website features blog posts on the homepage for easy access. Some of his most recent works include guides on how to find abstractions and how to set up a TypeScript and Node.js project. Khalil has a web section called Edited Wikis, which provides in-depth definitions of software development terms.

More About Khalil Stemmler:

  • Hosts a Discord community for followers
  • Has a dedicated website for courses called Essentialist
  • Over 7,600 social media followers

Best for Software Discussions: Lea Verou

Lea Verou’s blog has tons of personality and is easily one of the most interesting to read on the list. Her posts are informative but don’t shy away from conversational elements to engage the reader. Every article takes you on the journey to understand design while Lea shares her firsthand experience on the subject matter.

A screenshot of Lea Verou's homepage
Lea Verou is our top pick for reading interesting and informative software discussions.

As for her background, Lea has created more than 30 tools for developers, most of which are open-source. She was a startup founder and currently researches how to make web programming easier at MIT CSAIL. If you’re more of an auditory learner, Lea has given more than 100 invited talks, which share a lot of useful information through interactive storytelling.

More About Lea Verou:

  • A library of 118 speaking sessions with interactive teachings
  • The creator of Prism, Dabblet, and 29 other applications and libraries
  • Over 120,000 social media followers

Best for Practical Advice: DaedTech

As a former programmer, architect, and IT management consultant, DaedTech founder Erik Dietrich has many stories to tell. He’s the CEO and founder of an SEO agency, so it’s safe to say he knows his way around the web. Erik’s background has helped him build a personal knowledge base that he generously shares with his readers.

A screenshot of DaedTeach homepage
DaedTech is our top pick for practical coding advice.

Most of his blog posts are long-form articles that provide practical advice for technology buffs. Erik’s software blog covers a variety of hot topics in the tech industry. His most recent posts address SEO topics and offer freelancing developer advice. Readers can dive into his older posts for more software development information and enjoy Erik’s unique voice and quirky doodles along the way.

More About DaedTech:

  • The CEO and Founder of Hit Subscribe
  • Provides access to past interviews and podcast appearances
  • Over 5,000 social media followers

Best for Coding Tips: ploeh blog

Readers can depend on the ploeh blog as a great resource for weekly updates on tech news. Mark Seemann oversees this professional blog and writes about everything from programming and software development to software architecture. The blog owner lives in Denmark and is a self-employed programmer and software architect.

A screenshot of ploeh blog's homepage
ploeh blog is our top pick for coding tips.

ploeh blog provides consistent and detailed information on software development. Every post includes tables to help readers visualize code and teach them how to improve their coding skills. Mark’s ploeh blog can help individuals learn about coding methods, brush up on software terminology, and solve common development problems.

More About ploeh blog:

  • Provides weekly blog posts with in-depth coding information
  • Visualize coding with input tables
  • Over 17,000 social media followers

Best for Emerging Security Topics: Bleeping Computer

Bleeping Computer not only has a clever name but also boasts a multitude of engaging and valuable information pieces. As an online news publication, Bleeping Computer is less of a blog and more of an online hub for in-demand and relevant information on security and technology. Lawrence Abrams launched the website in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since.

A screenshot of Bleeping Computer's homepage
Bleeping Computer is our pick for the best cybersecurity blog.

Bleeping Computer provides the latest news on cybersecurity threats and keeps developers in the know for their own software security. The blog has virus removal guides and tutorials on how to use computers more efficiently. Bleeping Computer is an excellent go-to resource for those looking to delve into the security side of development.

More About Bleeping Computer:

  • Has ongoing forums for OS support, security, and hardware
  • Delivers newsy articles on the current state of cybersecurity
  • Over 198,800 social media followers

Best for Business Software: Fingent

Fingent is a leading software development company that specializes in custom enterprise software solutions. Fingent’s expertise in software development is not only useful to its clients, it can be invaluable to blog readers. The software company offers an IT solutions blog to help motivate business growth and industry knowledge. Anyone can sign up for Fingent’s email newsletter and stay up to date with the latest news.

A screenshot of Fingent's blog page
Fingent is our pick for the best business software blog.

Fingent keeps a tight handle on its posting schedule. The website regularly updates its blog with new articles so followers won’t ever miss a beat. Followers can read up on business management, security solutions, and application development all in one place, with new articles coming out every week.

More About Fingent:

  • A leading software development company for enterprise solutions
  • Detailed guides on application and software development
  • Over 2,500 social media followers

Best for Design: Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun is a software design guru – and I don’t use that word flippantly. Having written eight books on software design and other tech topics, Scott knows his source material and has covered design for more than 20 years. His blog can be your go-to resource for all things web design.

A screenshot of Scott Berkun's blog page
Scott Berkun is our pick for the best design blog.

Readers can access more than 1,500 posts and find content in both audio and written forms. Scott covers everything from remote work and management to good product design and UX methods. If you want practical advice and occasional thought pieces, Scott Berkun’s blog is the one for you.

More About Scott Berkun:

  • Author of “How Design Makes the World”
  • Offers lessons on good design practices
  • Over 30,000 social media followers

Software blogs have a wealth of information up for grabs. Readers can get valuable advice and insider information about software, coding, and tech developments from successful people who have the experience to back their knowledge.

Blogs can offer an accessible way to learn more about your craft. Developers can sign up for free newsletters or opt to follow industry leaders on social media. The blogs we listed above will certainly help you along your software development journey.