Tired of Paying Extra? OrangeHost Promises All the Essentials Without the Added Price Tag

This Web Host Promises All The Essentials Without Extra Fees

TL; DR: OrangeHost provides affordable, all-inclusive web hosting services. Its plans offer all the essentials users need to run a successful digital presence, including SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and email hosting, at no additional cost. We spoke with Haider Ali Khan, Founder and CEO of OrangeHost, about the hosting platform, its robust capabilities, and future plans.

No one likes hidden fees. Unfortunately, they seem to have taken over the service world. I’m sure we’ve all heard about Ticketmaster’s excessive hidden fees or how tipping culture is losing its rationality.

Paying extra for something that should be included with the original service is a frustrating experience. And it has the power to kill budgets. The White House estimates Americans spend more than $65 billion on fees every year.

Junk fees have become increasingly unavoidable. Consumers are growing tired of paying extra costs across several industries, including entertainment, food service, and travel. But dodging these fees isn’t entirely impossible, at least not in the web hosting industry.

“OrangeHost stands out in the web hosting industry by prioritizing affordability without compromising on the richness of features, which sets us distinctly apart from our competitors,” said Haider Ali Khan, Founder and CEO of OrangeHost.

OrangeHost logo
OrangeHost provides comprehensive web hosting solutions.

The OrangeHost team makes a conscious effort to include all web hosting essentials in its plans without additional costs. That means users get various features that would be deemed add-ons for other hosts, such as DDoS protection and email services, included in their packages.

“We maintain a policy against overselling our web hosting services. Once a server reaches full disk allocation capacity, we allocate a new server for new customers. This approach not only fosters a reliable hosting environment but also demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, rather than maximizing profits from a single server,” said Haider.

A Reliable Hosting Environment With Superior Value

Founded in 2014, OrangeHost provides reliable and efficient web hosting services to customers in the U.S. and beyond. Its solutions focus on delivering reliability and incredible value, so users won’t have to break the bank to get rich features.

“We use cutting-edge technology and hardware to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability for our hosting services. Our servers are equipped with the latest AMD EPYC CPUs and Samsung NVMe SSDs, which allow our customer websites and applications to run at blazing-fast speeds,” said Haider.

OrangeHost offers complete hosting packages built on LiteSpeed web servers and zero extra fees. Its hosting plans include DDoS protection, SSL certificates, email services, domain registration, and unlimited bandwidth. All of these features are complimentary.

OrangeHost homepage screenshot
Users can get started with web hosting without breaking the bank.

“Unlike many providers who impose a file (inode) limit under the guise of offering unlimited disk storage, we do not restrict our customers based on the number of files. This transparency and flexibility support businesses in scaling efficiently within their plans as they grow,” said Haider.

Users can also expect top-notch customer service. OrangeHost boasts a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot and helps its customers around the clock. Customer support is always just a moment away.

“We train our staff and team members to respond to customer inquiries within 20 minutes, and we aim to resolve any major issues within hours. This response time significantly undercuts the industry norm, where competitors often take 24 to 48 hours to respond to a single ticket or email,” said Haider.

Always-On Security and Robust Technology

OrangeHost distinguishes itself from competitors in multiple ways. It not only offers affordable hosting services, but also routinely updates its infrastructure to ensure a robust hosting environment for its customers.

“To ensure we provide top-tier hosting services, we proactively update all our new servers with the newest high-performance CPUs and NVMe SSD drives. We understand that maintaining agility in our services is key to providing the best experience for our customers, especially as technology evolves rapidly,” said Haider.

OrangeHost stays on top of the ever-changing digital landscape. High-performance hosting is in high demand, and OrangeHost seeks to meet that demand with its infrastructure. The team continuously invests in performant servers and prioritizes upgrades to respond to user needs.

Security is another priority on its list. “Our anti-DDoS infrastructure is particularly powerful, featuring over 20 Tbps of global attack filtering capacity and has the proven capacity to mitigate attacks up to 1.3 Tbps in size. This system ensures continuous detection and quick mitigation of malicious traffic, minimizing service disruption,” said Haider.

OrangeHost security features
OrangeHost offers top-notch security features to protect user websites.

OrangeHost’s DDoS protection and security features provide a robust and comprehensive safeguard against a broad spectrum of cyberthreats. Its specialized security measures include CloudLinux with CageFS and live malware and spam protections.

Security has never been more critical. As cyberattacks increase, users will need safeguards to limit economic impacts and potential damage to their companies’ reputations.

“By offering comprehensive, always-on, and cost-effective security solutions, we not only protect our customers but also make our services increasingly necessary in today’s digital landscape where cybersecurity is critical,” said Haider.

Expanding Its Network and Solution Capabilities

OrangeHost is a picture of consistency and agility. As the team continues to invest in its hardware, it also has plans for expansion — in its feature set and beyond.

“One of the major expansions involves extending our server network to include locations in Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. These servers will be equipped with the latest hardware technologies, enhancing our capability to deliver top-tier hosting services globally,” said Haider.

Besides this expansion, the web host is preparing to launch scalable cloud services. Its cloud hosting solution will allow OrangeHost customers to select servers from various countries to best fit their access and performance needs.

OrangeHost also has new email services on deck. It will soon introduce enterprise email hosting, which will address the challenges enterprises face with email management. This tailored solution will provide stress-free management, removing the limitations enterprises currently face with their existing setups.

“These developments are part of our ongoing commitment to innovate and provide our customers with advanced, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions that cater to their evolving needs in a rapidly changing world,” said Haider.