Sharktech Opens a New Data Center in Las Vegas to Extend Cloud Network and Performance for Users

Sharktech Opens A New Data Center Location In Las Vegas

TL; DR: SharkTech recently announced the launch of its newest data center in Las Vegas. This facility joins its fleet of centers across Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam. The team opened the new location to address low latency issues in the area and keep local internet traffic local instead of looping through Los Angeles.

Edge computing isn’t a new concept. Actually, its origins can be traced back to the 1990s when Akamai Technologies launched the first-ever content delivery network (CDN). Akamai introduced the idea of placing nodes geographically closer to the end user for swift content delivery.

Although edge computing isn’t some newfound technological savior, its resurgence has been critical in the last few years. With AI on the rise and tech developments moving at the speed of light, developers and companies will need edge computing to provide low latency with its solutions and enhance end-user experience.

Combining the cloud and the edge has never been more important. The cloud allows companies to power and execute resource-intensive applications and processes. And the edge enables teams to deliver their results with efficiency and efficacy. This is why Sharktech, a cloud hosting provider, has announced the opening of its newest data center facility.

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Sharktech announces the opening of its newest data center in Las Vegas.

Determined to lower latency, the Sharktech team launched a new data center facility in Las Vegas, adding to its list of locations. This new location will bring its cloud hosting services closer to users in Las Vegas and solve latency issues in the region.

Fulfilling a Need for Las Vegas Hosting

Tim Timrawi founded Sharktech in 2003. While the web host is headquartered in Las Vegas, the team only had data center locations in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam prior to its launch. So it’s only fitting that the team opened a data center facility near its home base.

But that isn’t the primary reason Sharktech opened its Las Vegas location. Tim said he had examined internet connectivity in Las Vegas and noticed a major issue — virtually all traffic going to data centers in Las Vegas has to loop through Los Angeles.

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Sharktech meets enterprise-level demands with its data center solutions.

“This meant that if you are a Las Vegas resident and are connecting with servers in a Las Vegas data center, you are essentially forced to travel to Los Angeles to communicate with your servers in Las Vegas,” said Tim.

Sharktech helps solve this problem by setting up new cloud services in Las Vegas. The team made sure to connect its data center facility to local providers and run its own direct 100GE circuits to Los Angeles. This way, it can keep local Las Vegas internet traffic local. No more traffic traveling to Los Angeles and back.

Its data center, Flexential LAS0, is one of the best facilities in Las Vegas. Here is a list of features it includes:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Net Neutral Connectivity
  • Redundant Power with Battery and Generator Backup
  • Redundant Cooling

Sharktech partnered with Flexential, Zayo, Cox, Virtuozzo, and Acronis to launch this new data center and provide higher-performing cloud services to the Las Vegas audience. Now, users in the general area can experience better hosting.

Taking Users to the Edge With Expansive Cloud Network

Edge computing is in higher demand. Tech developments, such as AI and multiplayer advancements in gaming, have made lower latency crucial for user experience. Since the edge helps bring computing closer to the user and data sources, it will play a massive role in accelerating the processing of data and reducing latency.

“Right now, the internet’s most important term is edge computing. It brings cloud solutions as close as possible to users. This decreases the time delay between the customer and the service and increases performance significantly,” said Tim.

Sharktech’s new Las Vegas data center will move cloud services closer to users in the region. The Sharktech team made a conscious effort to offer direct access to all regional connectivity providers. This way, internet traffic won’t have to loop through Los Angeles, lowering latency by about 50%.

By expanding its cloud network, Sharktech is responding to the needs of many customers in the Las Vegas area. From a latency perspective, users were better off hosting in Los Angeles because internet traffic had to travel there anyway before Sharktech’s data center location. But with Sharktech, users can keep their traffic and data processing local, which improves the user experience.

“Our unique new service solution and our ability to provide Cloud services close to our customers will provide our customers an edge over their competitors by cutting down the costs of their operations while receiving a better quality solution,” said Tim.

Sharktech’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure is affordable, performant, and now closer to Las Vegas users than ever. Users can leverage Sharktech to enhance their website performance, gaming experience, and other projects with reliability, performance, and scalability.

Why Colocation Services Matter

Sharktech offers a full gamut of hosting services. Its platform includes dedicated servers, VPSes, cloud hosting, object storage, CDN, and DDoS protection. These features and services are all essential to meet the various needs of Sharktech’s customer base, which includes small businesses and developers.

Its solutions can help anyone set up a hosting environment with its outstanding scalability and affordability. But it also allows businesses to migrate their hosting infrastructure outside of the house with its colocation services.

“Colocation services are relocating your compute hardware, servers, or cloud resources to a location outside your office. It has tremendous benefits to businesses, including decreasing power cost and management overhead,” said Tim.

Colocation allows businesses to offload system hardware management and its associated costs. Sharktech handles everything, ensuring systems have a redundant power source, cooling systems, and network connectivity with 24/7 technical support.

With Sharktech’s colocation services, teams can save money and time on tedious hardware duties. “Generally, data centers have a significantly lower cost per KwH. Our colocation services also connect to commercial-level internet providers at far lower cost than on-prem,” said Tim.