Cloud Hosting Meets Global Hosting with Hyve, a Fully Managed Platform for SMBs and Enterprises

Hyve Global Cloud Managed Hosting Platform

TL; DR: The cloud market is growing because everybody wants a piece of the industry’s most scalable and cost-effective infrastructure. But sometimes, the basics just won’t cut it — especially for growing businesses and large enterprises. Enter Hyve Managed Hosting, which stands out in the cloud hosting landscape with a global presence, resilient infrastructure, and a customer-centric approach. We talked with Jake Madders, co-founder and Director of Hyve, and Charlotte Webb, Marketing and Operations Director, about how Hyve goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.

My grandfather first introduced me to the concept of the cloud. Despite being born in 1929, he was a doctor who prided himself on being more tech-savvy than most, including all 10 of his zillennial-era grandchildren.

From navigating the interface to sharing hidden tips and tricks, Grandpa also stressed the importance of backing up to the ever-so-ominous cloud.

At first, I struggled to understand the cloud: Where did the information go? Could I really avoid cluttering my storage with thousands of photos? If so, then why hadn’t anyone thought of this sooner?

Hyve logo
Hyve is a managed hosting provider that is truly passionate about the potential of the cloud.

Today, the cloud market is booming, but its growth can be traced back to 2006 when Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced its cloud infrastructure services.

This changed the game: Businesses could access resources online without physical hardware. Fast-forward some 20 years, and cloud computing will become the new gold standard.

There are plenty to choose from, but Hyve Managed Hosting is one of those few passionate providers that wants to make cloud hosting accessible and scalable to businesses from every corner of the world.

Two of its leaders, co-founder and Director Jake Madders and Marketing and Operations Director Charlotte Webb, walked us through how Hyve brings something much needed to the cloud hosting table.

The Value of Cloud Hosting

Anyone familiar with web hosting knows that much of it comes down to its data center locations: The closer your centers are to your customers, the quicker your ping time and the better your uptime.

As I mentioned, one of Hyve’s missions is to become one of the most accessible cloud hosting providers for users worldwide. It has 35+ data centers throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

These dozens of data centers also help with server stability. Clouds are virtually connected, so even if one server goes down due to a power outage or cybersecurity issue, it won’t affect your operations or user experiences.

Hyve data centers on map graphic
With Hyve, latency is the name of the game. That’s why they have 35+ data centers worldwide.

Jake explained it best: “Traditionally, companies use dedicated servers where one box does the job, but they also need a secondary box to duplicate the contents in case of disasters or hardware failures.”

He added that the cloud is much more reliable because “you can spread across multiple physical servers or hardware, and your virtual machine moves between them.” So if something fails, it will potentially spin up somewhere else automatically.

Cloud computing is also much more scalable and, therefore, cost-effective.

“Cloud-native people are building applications straight into cloud environments because they can start very small and scale up as they need,” Jake said. “Otherwise, you have to put bigger servers into the rack, which costs a lot more money.”

To put it in perspective, the average dedicated server rack costs about $1,000.

Beyond the Cloud Hivemind

There are hundreds of cloud hosting providers out there. So, why Hyve?

In addition to its 100% network uptime, 10 Tbit/s global network, 4.9 Trustpilot rating, and 35+ global data centers, Hyve offers managed services, dedicated servers, and cloud services.

More specifically, some of Hyve’s most popular services include:

  • Managed Private Cloud: Most businesses require a secure hosting solution that is easy to deploy and manage and scalable on demand. Hyve’s Managed Private Cloud enables enhanced performance, flexibility, and increased cost-savings in a controlled cloud environment, running on hardware dedicated to a single tenant and custom-built for an organization.
  • Managed Enterprise Cloud: This is a great entry point for cloud hosting services that businesses with a smaller infrastructure footprint require. This multitenant cloud environment is fully managed and cost-effective to get customers started while still providing the flexibility and resilience of the cloud.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers: This option is most effective when the customer requires more processing power or custom-spec hardware to meet a specific requirement. Dedicated servers can also be more suitable for compliance reasons.

Charlotte believes many of Hyve’s unique selling points are deeply tied to its team culture and small business ethos.

“We’re not an off-the-shelf provider, so we work to ensure we can provide specific, bespoke solutions to meet business needs,” Charlotte explained. “Our dynamic and collaborative approach differentiates us in the market: we uniquely build every customer platform and ensure we stick to our approach of consult, design, migrate, and manage, working closely with the customer to define their exact requirements, which often results in cost saving and enhanced performance for their business growth.”

For instance, Hyve was recently approached by a U.S.-based customer in the AI field who needed a server customized to their processing power and specifications.

In another case, a customer required robust cellphone network connectivity, leading Hyve to collaborate with one of the nation’s largest mobile telecom providers.

“The global reach element is an important element,” Jake said. “It’s why we collaborate with Equinix and Digital Realty: We’re able to rapidly deploy public and enterprise cloud solutions to accommodate multitenant environments and private cloud infrastructure, no matter where our customers and their customers are.”

Staying Competitive in a Harsh Landscape

Hyve prioritizes continuous training and certifications for its teams in emerging technologies like AWS and Google Cloud.

“We peer with multiple Tier 1 network providers, allowing routing through any of the world’s largest networks, resulting in zero downtime even if a single provider has an outage. This setup prioritizes high availability,” Jake explained. “It’s also a key reason for our ultra-low latency network. This is especially important for customers in the stock market or with niche networking requirements.”

Many of Hyve’s customers are based in New York City around NASDAQ. Hyve’s responsibilities for these customers involve incredible uptime and latency because, as Jake emphasized, even a millisecond of delay can mean losing out on a trade.

He also mentioned latency isn’t just for stock trades but also currency conversions and dealing with cryptocurrencies where timing is crucial. So latency will remain a top priority, particularly with the upcoming establishment of new data centers, including the most recent addition in Frankfurt.

Decorative graphic of a man with text
VMWare is one of the leading cloud computing and virtualization companies in the world.

Since its recent acquisition by Broadcom, Hyve has proudly been granted Premier partner status and will continue to offer VMware cloud infrastructure.

“However, a growing number of companies are eyeing a shift away from VMware. We want to keep that relationship going with VMware since we’ve been recognized as one of their top partners,” Jake said. “But sticking with VMware comes with a hefty price tag for some potential customers, so we’re delving into other hypervisors as possible options.”

“We’re not an off-the-shelf provider, so we work to ensure we can provide specific, bespoke solutions to meet business needs.”

Charlotte Webb, Marketing and Operations Director

Charlotte also noted enhancing channel partner relationships is a core strategic move next quarter for Hyve.

“The market has an abundance of great technology providers, each with their strengths. Hybrid or multicloud plays into this; different companies need differing cloud strategies and platforms for different tasks,” she continued. “Hyve specializes in tailored-made, secure, single-tenant environments with wrap-around management, which selected channel partners or tech providers cannot offer. If we all work together, it could be a great outcome to deliver the best offering to customers.”

It’s a recognizable need across Hyve’s customer base, where more people are looking for tailored, high-compute AI services.

“We already offer HPC solutions to meet this demand. I think that will be another key area of focus,” Charlotte added. “We are specifically looking at new cloud builds with NVIDIA A100 graphics processors, which we think may be an exciting new offering in the pipeline.”

If you need something a step above what typical cloud hosting providers offer — whether you need customized specs or want a trusted team to manage your servers — Hyve may be exactly what you’re looking for.