Jotform Helps Companies Streamline Workflows and Gather Data with Powerful Form Applications

Gather And Manage Your Data With Jotform

TL; DR: Jotform delivers robust form-building solutions that help companies gather and manage data in one place. Its products, including Jotform Tables and Mobile Forms, allow users to save time on database management and take data collection on the go. The company’s latest release, Jotform Apps, delivers a code-free solution that allows users to incorporate forms, widgets, and custom branding into a downloadable application. Jotform continues to add new integrations that combat disorganization and increase productivity.

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretched on, many organizations had to find quick solutions to maintain their business continuity. Essentially, businesses had to turn to some form of technology to stay afloat. Moving online allowed them to compete with agility and reach an audience that remained socially distanced.

Doctor’s offices are an excellent example of businesses that have taken this initiative. Healthcare teams were committed to prioritizing safety but still had to serve their patients and make appointments. So, they created telehealth meet-ups.

“All of these medical offices were switching from in-person care to online care. And more importantly for us, in-person paper, patient history forms or medical history forms, patient bill pay, and scheduling had to be put online,” said Chad Reid, Jotform VP of Marketing & Communications.

Jotform Logo
Jotform allows companies to automate data retrieval and transform their forms into useful data insights.

Jotform was fortunate enough to release HIPAA-related compliance forms a year before the start of the pandemic, making its services available to medical facilities. HIPAA compliance became a massive growth opportunity for the company. Organizations, including government agencies, could access its form-building platform to streamline their datasheet build-up and allow patients to efficiently receive care.

“We were happy that we were in a position to be able to help. It was like a morale boost for our company during a tricky time, knowing that you’re at least able to help out a lot of organizations,” said Chad.

Jotform serves as a replacement for the endless amounts of paperwork without effective management. Its Form Builder is easy-to-use and customizable to fit any industry needs. Jotform empowers businesses to gather information to boost their operational efficiency.

Simplifying Form Building for 10 million Users and Counting

Jotform has seen massive success throughout its runs. In 15 years, the company amassed 10 million users, and its customer base continues to grow. Its services support a broad range of industries and company sizes. Chad said it best, Jotform serves everyone.

Jotform’s form-building technology helps reduce the time needed to manage paperwork and makes online data and payment collection more seamless. Its drag-and-drop editor simplifies the form creation process and allows customers to customize its design to their liking and brand with tons of templates and themes. Jotform can also encrypt forms for data privacy.

Jotform has added and improved several features in the past three years. Some of these new features were solutions to issues stemming from the pandemic.

“One thing we invested in during the pandemic was significantly upgrading our payment features. There was always something great about our form, in terms of allowing users to accept payments through their form,” said Chad.

Jotform offers multiple payment integrations, including Square, PayPal, and Stripe. These payment processor options help small businesses and other entities facilitate payments online in a streamlined fashion. Chad said the Jotform team refined this offering and improved the way people could sell products on Jotform by using customer feedback to enhance navigation.

Jotform also launched a Zoom integration to help companies stay better connected with their employees and consumers. And it quickly became a hit for its users. Customers can use the Zoom integration to schedule events and add attendees to webinars through a Jotform registration form.

“You can also create an event, which was used for telehealth. So if someone could book an appointment using a Jotform form, that automatically creates a Zoom link that the doctor can use to see a patient,” said Chad.

An Expanding Product Line to Meet Demand

Jotform’s flexibility and versatility have remained pillars in its business operations. These characteristics are why its platform appeals to various client needs and can meet the demands of a changing market. And the company continues to prioritize inventive product development.

“Our product development is assertive. And we’re a product-focused company. And I’d say that’s accelerated, especially as we’ve had more resources the past few years, and we’ve been able to build stronger development teams,” said Chad.

Chad also said form companies are as strong as their integrations because no client only wants a form. Clients want the information, and what they do with that information is usually connected to third-party services. But Jotform’s focus has been on how clients can manage data in its platform instead of relying on external sources.

“That was the genesis of Jotform Tables, to be able to give people more options to do something with the information that they collected through a form without needing to disappear from Jotform,” said Chad.

Jotform Tables
Companies can use Jotform Tables to manage and streamline their data collection.

Jotfrom created its Tables and Mobile Forms products to help clients streamline their data management. Its Tables application allows users to collect, organize, and manage information in one workspace. Chad said it is a database and a spreadsheet hybrid with a clean look and works great for collaboration.

JotForm’s Mobile Forms app allowed it to reach new markets because of its accessibility. Clients who are always on the go, such as field and construction workers, can use the app to access forms and record data. Its kiosk mode helps event organizers with sign-ups as the form automatically restarts whenever someone fills out a form. The Mobile Forms app also has offline capabilities and sends notifications on changes made.

“Our most recent launch was Jotform Apps, which is a way for businesses to create a quick and dirty app that is analogous to Linktree where you have a number of links but also ways to contact and compile multiple forms,” said Chad.

The no-code Jotform Apps launched in November 2021 and reached number one on Product Hunt on its first day of release.

A Branding Revamp and Staying True to the Mission

Jotfom has seen growth in a myriad of ways. This past year, Jotform underwent a total redesign. Chad told us it was a long process that started about four years ago. The company had first outsourced its design project but deemed it was better to keep it in-house.

“Our CEO strongly felt that it was better suited to hire or commission our own internal designers to get the products right and the best aesthetic. So they had a number of sprint weeks, and there were pages and pages of throwaway concepts,” said Chad.

The Jotform team also gained new members. Its headcount has doubled in the last three years, probably due to its increasing customer base and product development.

As for what Jotform has planned for the future, the answer remains the same. It looks to separate itself from its competitors, expand its reach, and make the process of gathering data seamless for its clients. Chad said Jotform’s integrations are invaluable, and the team seeks to remove the hassle of switching between different data management software.

“The development is going to continue down that same path of making manual processes easier, more ways to replace paper workflows that are cumbersome and expensive at the end of the day,” said Chad.

Jotfrom will also embark on new partnership deals that will help improve the productivity of its offerings and its client’s workflows.

“We have more great partnerships coming up this year with a number of payment and other integrations on the road map that both our users have requested and these particular companies are excited to go to market with us. So I think that’s going to be exciting for our users as well,” said Chad.