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A2 Hosting review

Monthly Starting Price $4.90

  • Windows shared hosting fine-tuned for performance
  • Hosted atop SwiftServer platform for ultimate speed
  • Opt for Turbo Servers for up to 20x faster page loads
  • Support for all major Windows-friendly software
  • Get help from the Guru Crew 24/7/365
  • Get started on A2 Hosting now.



A2 Hosting: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Alexandra Leslie ( A2 Hosting is all about eking out added performance, and the provider’s Windows shared servers are no exception. Windows-specific accounts are hosted on A2’s in-house-built SwiftServer platform, and the company’s proprietary Turbo Servers can... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Windows Hosting Plans
Anytime Unlimited RAID-10 $14.99


GoDaddy review

Monthly Starting Price $1.00

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 with 24/7 security monitoring
  • Recommended for ASP.NET, ASP, and SQL users
  • 10 to unlimited MySQL databases
  • 1-click installs for 50+ FREE apps
  • FREE domain from the #1 registrar with annual plans
  • Get started on GoDaddy now.



GoDaddy: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Ryan Frankel ( The web’s leading domain registrar also tops the charts when it comes to Windows shared hosting. These GoDaddy plans come equipped with a state-of-the-art Windows server, 200MB of MSSQL database storage, and easy installations for popular... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Windows Hosting Plans
30 days 100 GB - Unlimited FREE (w/ annual plans)


HostGator review

Monthly Starting Price $2.64

  • Powerful Windows hosting to launch your ASP.NET site
  • Install apps with a single click via Plesk
  • FREE domain and unlimited bandwidth included
  • Award-winning support from the HostGator team
  • Support for multiple ASP versions, PHP, Python, and MVC
  • Get started on HostGator now.



HostGator: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
Ryan Frankel ( HostGator is a legacy host in just about every niche of the shared hosting space. The company’s powerhouse Windows hosting solutions bring everything you need to quickly launch a Windows application or ASP.NET website…Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Windows Hosting Plans
45 days Unlimited New or Transfer

Review Breakdown

Do you want to get a Windows app or ASP.NET site set up today? The year's top Windows web hosts are up to the challenge. To make your vetting process easy, we've compiled the following summary table. Be sure to note supported Windows-compatible software, performance stats, uptime, and price, in addition to our expert ratings.

Here are the best Windows web hosting services:

2018's Best Windows Hosting
Rank Web Host Price Disk Space Expert Rating
1 A2 Hosting $4.90 Unlimited RAID-10 ★★★★★ 4.8
2 GoDaddy $1.00 100 GB - Unlimited ★★★★★ 4.8
3 HostGator $2.64 Unlimited ★★★★★ 4.7

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Linux vs. Windows Hosting: Dedicated, VPS, Reseller, and WordPress Windows Hosts

Alexandra Leslie

Peer into the Windows web hosting world with us for a minute. Yes, pun intended.

By: Alexandra Leslie, Tech Expert


It’s 2018, and the number of niches within the web hosting industry is nothing short of mind-boggling. As you browse the top hosts, you can filter your search by server type, control panel preference, and, yes, even your choice of operating system. Web hosting reviews have become the à la carte, create-your-own menu of the tech vertical. As someone who likes having total customization control, I don’t mind it, but it can be daunting to many.

Let’s discuss the best plans for Windows lovers a bit more in depth—delving into not only why we chose the shared hosts above, but also which providers are up to snuff to deliver made-to-order VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and even reseller Windows hosting needs.

First, What is the Difference Between Windows and Linux Web Hosting?

The difference between Linux and Windows web hosting boils down to the choice of operating system installed on the server. It’s that simple. Whether you choose to use Windows or Linux typically depends on what you’re hosting and what technologies you need supported.

Windows hosting is pretty much exclusive to those who need to run Windows-specific software such as ASP, ASP.NET, Access, and Visual Basic. Linux hosting is a much broader audience. Our educated guesstimate: 96.2% of the time, you’re fine with Linux hosting. Only sign up for a Windows hosting service if you have a specific reason for doing so!

Features We Look For In 2018’s Best Windows Hosting Providers

So, how did we come to our top plans listed above? As you know, we thoroughly assess uptime rates, storage specs, supported software, and support in general. Below are some of the features we find most appealing in a Windows web host:

  • Windows operating system (Bonus: complimentary OS monitoring and patches)
  • Easy installs for popular software
  • Tons of storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases
  • 24/7 network monitoring, expert support, and virtually no downtime (99.99% or better)

When looking at this list and our reviews, it’s important to weigh quantity (cost) against quality (features) of the service. You can’t go wrong with any of the providers we’ve recommended, but, I will say, some are better served for certain customers than others.

Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting: Liquid Web

While we didn’t discuss virtual or dedicated server options for Windows users here today. Liquid Web excels at all things dedicated hosting. You’ll get access to top-of-the-line Windows servers, leading-edge security, and, of course, the always-on-call assistance of the Heroic Support® squad. One of the many reasons we love Liquid Web is the balance of quality performance and stomachable pricing. If you’re looking for a robust dedicated server on which to run Windows, Liquid Web is your best bet. Period.

Best Windows VPS Hosting: 1&1

Most known for domain and email hosting, 1&1 has really ramped up its cloud server selection in recent years. We find this highly recognizable and well-reputed hosting brand to be a consistent deliverer of fresh innovation and sought-after services. Windows VPS hosting is no exception. Choose one of many affordable cloud servers equipped with a Windows operating system, and enjoy the many economical and infrastructural benefits of cloud-based Windows hosting from 1&1.

Best WordPress Windows Hosting: GoDaddy

If you’re looking for a Windows- and WordPress-specific hosting plan, I’m intrigued to know what project you’re embarking on! They’re both very niche software but popular ones nonetheless. Our recommendation for this particular combo is GoDaddy. GoDaddy servers boast 99.9% uptime, plans come with easy installs for all your favorite scripts, and the support is second to none since GoDaddy was acquired by Media Temple.

Cheap Windows Web Hosting

The fact that Windows hosting is the rarer of the two OS-specific hosting types (Windows and Linux hosting) doesn’t mean it has to be a financial burden to have. We found a few of the web’s leading low-cost hosting providers also offer Windows plans. Let’s cover our favorite offerings for dedicated and virtual server needs.

Our Top Pick for Cheap Windows Server Hosting (Dedicated)

The free amenities that come standard with Liquid Web make the host a leading choice among dedicated hosting options. Starting with your choice of Linux or Windows operating system, Liquid Web brings a value package in dedicated hosting. You’ll notice the host touts free DDoS protection, industry-leading security solutions for your server, and a variety of storage, backup, and recovery options.

Our Top Pick for Cheap Windows Server Hosting (Cloud)

If you’re looking for VPS hosting, you recognize the scalability and cost flexibility the cloud offers. Select a Windows OS for your 1&1 cloud server, and enjoy the competitive pricing for which the leading web host is known. You’ll receive plenty of RAM, full root access, and unlimited site traffic allowances. More power to you!

Best Reseller Windows Hosting (In India, the US, the UK, and Beyond)

Now, reselling your Windows hosting services is an interesting choice. Generally speaking, reseller hosting is a great way to make some extra cash off your superfluous server resources. Below, we’ve highlighted the top companies with which to host if you’d like to resell your Windows hosting:

  • North America: HostGator
  • Europe: A2 Hosting
  • Asia: GoDaddy

While all three of the hosting providers above have datacenter locations scattered throughout the US, GoDaddy and A2 also have facilities based in Amsterdam and Singapore.

Verdict: Is Windows or Linux Web Hosting for You?

Have you made your selection? Like sitting down to the table at your favorite restaurant and getting hit with a bill of fare that more closely resembles a chapter book than a menu, deciphering niche hosting reviews can be a tad overwhelming. We get that. That’s why we’re here to help! Whatever your hosting need, we’re here for you at

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Alexandra Leslie’s interest in website administration was sparked in her teens, priming her for a fast-paced career in managing, building, and contributing to online brands, including HostingAdvice, Forbes, and the blogs of prominent hosting providers. She brings to the table firsthand experience in reviewing web hosts, perfecting website design, optimizing content, and walking site owners through the steps that add up to a successful online presence. Today, she combines her extensive writing experience with technical understanding to unpack some of the most complex topics that daunt novice website owners, as well as the subjects that excite veteran technologists within the HostingAdvice readership.
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