Weebly Pricing & Plans 2018 — Web Hosting, eCommerce, and Domains

“Quinoa Getta What What?” “I’m All That and Dim Sum.” Food puns — they’re funny. Cindy and John certainly thought so when they began printing the quirky lines on T-shirts. To grow their hobby into a business, Cindy and John knew they needed a web presence and found an effective way to build Bad Pickle Tees with Weebly.

“Within a few days, I had a website up and running that was completely professional,” Cindy said. “This isn’t a hobby anymore, so I started calling it my ‘jobby.’”

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, like Cindy and John, or are simply looking to share your passion with the world, Weebly offers an inexpensive means to broadcast your message to the masses. Here, we’ll take a look at the different price points of Weebly’s plans and compare them with other top web builders.

Weebly.com Pricing – Overall Rating

When it comes to cost, Weebly ranks near the top of our list for marrying intuitive usability with a wide array of features and templates offered at low price points. Both novice and professional web builders alike consistently rate Weebly highly when it comes to cost, number of features, eCommerce options, and overall value.

Weebly plans, starting at $8 per month, accommodate basic website creation to comprehensive eCommerce storefronts.

Offering plans from basic website creation to comprehensive eCommerce storefronts, Weebly’s pricing ranges from free to $38 per month. Whichever plan you choose, it’s easy to get up and running. All site owners have to do is choose one of the numerous pre-designed themes and start personalizing pages in the easy-to-use drag-and-drop environment.

Another bonus — many hosting providers offer the Weebly software for free with their hosting plans. This is the ideal way to go, as it will save you the most money long-term. If you’re not quite ready for full-fledged web hosting, Weebly’s $8 monthly fee for the entry-level plan will give you everything you need to design a beautiful site.

If you’re looking for a large return on a minimal investment, Weebly could be right for you. Be sure to check out our comprehensive review of the site builder. We outline pricing, ease of use, features, and reliability, among other factors, below.

  • Direct access to the popular site builder offered by most shared hosts
  • Fully hosted, drag-and-drop site-building and marketing platform
  • Choose from 100s of customizable, professional-looking themes
Starting Price/Mo. $8.00
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Disk Space 500 MB - Unlimited
Domain Name FREE (w/ paid plans)
Website Builder Hosting Plans www.weebly.com/site-builder

Our Expert's Weebly Review

Weebly is in the elite clique of drag-and-drop website builders that includes WordPress and Wix.com. The platform is known for its feature-rich functionality that can be easily controlled by novices and seasoned site owners. Our... read more +

Weebly is in the elite clique of drag-and-drop website builders that includes WordPress and Wix.com. The platform is known for its feature-rich functionality that can be easily controlled by novices and seasoned site owners. Our favorite part is that many of the top-recommended site builder hosts have actually opted to offer the Weebly software as their "free website builder included" offering. Nevertheless, you can sign up for a Weebly account and have your site hosted directly through Weebly.com.

If you're just getting started or simply dabbling with the idea of creating your own website from scratch, Weebly does offer a free plan; however, this is not conducive to professional site building as it includes ads and a Weebly.com subdomain. Alternatively, premium plan subscribers get a free custom domain and an ad-free website that they can customize with themes and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. If you're looking to display and sell products, you have the option to showcase 10, 25, or an unlimited number of items, depending on your chosen plan. Weebly does charge a 3% transaction fee, but that requirement goes away when you upgrade to the Pro or Business plans.

Let the record show, we highly recommend the Weebly software. It's easy to get started and the drag-and-drop editor is about as beginner-friendly as it gets. Those who are on a time crunch and budget-minded, however, might consider using a Weebly-enabled hosting provider instead. Either way, Weebly is an excellent choice for getting a beautiful web presence up and running.

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Weebly Website Pricing

Weebly offers four plans to build websites for personal use, blogs, organizations, and businesses. As the prices increase, so do the add-ons. But even Weebly’s starter plan is feature-rich and will allow you to build a stunning site.

With an entry-level free plan, Weebly provides a drag-and-drop builder, 500MB of storage, and a Weebly.com subdomain. Sites set up through this plan also enjoy free SEO, lead capture, and online support. Because the plan is offered at no cost, site pages will include Weebly display ads.

A jump to Weebly’s Starter plan at just $8 per month when paid annually almost exponentially boosts the number of features of the free offering. The Starter plan allows site owners to connect their own domains, includes unlimited storage, and provides advanced site stats. If you’re selling merchandise online, Weebly allows the display of up to 10 products, with checkout done through Weebly.com, and only charges a 3% transaction fee.

Weebly Website Plan Pricing Breakdown
Weebly “Free” Pricing Cost Implied
Weebly “Starter” Pricing $8/month
Weebly “Pro” Pricing $12/month
Weebly “Business” Pricing $25/month

For organizations and groups, Weebly offers a Pro plan at $12 per month if paid annually. This plan includes everything offered in the Starter plan with the addition of site search functionalities, password protection, video backgrounds, and the ability to add up to 25 products to merchandise pages. Pro users also enjoy the perk of enhanced technical support from Weebly team members.

Small businesses can take advantage of Weebly’s Business plan for just $25 per month when paid annually. The Business plan comes complete with expanded eCommerce tools, including checkouts on the domain, digital goods, inventory management, tax and shipping calculators, coupons, and SSL security, among others.

Weebly eCommerce Pricing

For just $8 per month, users can sign up for Weebly’s Starter eCommerce plan and start selling products online. This package includes the same intuitive site-building functionality as all Weebly’s offerings. The plan also gives site owners unlimited storage, the ability to connect domain names, site analytics, and a 10-product display limit. Customer checkouts are facilitated through Weebly.com with a 3% transaction fee.

The Pro eCommerce plan is the next in Weebly’s tiered offerings. This plan runs $12 per month when paid annually, and includes everything in the Starter package with the addition of site search, video backgrounds, and HD audio and video capabilities, among other features. With the Pro plan, site owners can list up to 25 products on their sites and are able to conference with Weebly’s support team at no cost.

Weebly Website Plan Pricing Breakdown
Online Store “Starter” Pricing $8/month
Online Store “Pro” Pricing $12/month
Online Store “Business” Pricing $25/month
Online Store “Performance” Pricing $38/month

Businesses looking to build brands and sell merchandise online can enroll in Weebly’s Business eCommerce plan for $25 per month. Merchants enrolled in this plan enjoy 0% transaction fees on purchases, unlimited product displays, in-domain checkouts, inventory management tools, and SSL security. The ability to generate coupons for deals on products is also included, which helps promote customer loyalty.

Weebly’s eCommerce sites give merchants the ability to showcase and market products to their customers online.

The Cadillac of Weebly’s offerings, the Performance plan gives online businesses a comprehensive eCommerce platform to showcase, market, and sell their products. For $38 per month, merchants benefit from real-time shipping rates, auto-generated abandoned cart emails, and gift cards. The Performance plan’s marketing suite includes the ability to create up to five email campaigns per month that send messages to 500 contacts per email.

Weebly Domain Pricing

Weebly provides domain purchase and registration for its users with plan options ranging from one to 10 years. Site owners registering domains through Weebly may experience a bit of sticker shock, as registration prices are a bit high, ranging from $39.95 per year for a one-year commitment to $24.99 per year for a 10-year plan.

Weebly Domain Pricing
1 Year $39.95/year
2 Years $33.95/year
5 Years $29.95/year
10 Years $24.99/year

Though the prices seem a bit above the average, site owners have found it beneficial to use Weebly as a one-stop shop for the entire web-building experience, from domain registration to site design and marketing. WebNots provides a pretty good breakdown of Weebly’s domain registration process and its advantages and drawbacks.

WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly Price Comparison

Arguably, the biggest players in the web-building game are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. All four come with various pros and cons, but, for our purposes, we’ll look at how they shake down in relation to cost.

Prices for the plans from the big web builders are similar, but the cheapest may be to use Weebly through your host.

WordPress is probably the most well-known of the big four web builders, powering a whopping 27% of sites on the web. It’s an effective platform to quickly get up and running online at seemingly low price points.

WordPress offers a free plan, a Personal plan at $2.99 per month, a Premium plan at $8.25 per month, and a Business plan for $24.92 per month all billed annually. These look pretty good on paper; however, if you’re looking to add certain functionalities, such as eCommerce, you’ll have to search for plugins. A cheaper alternative would be to build a site with the free open-source WordPress software and purchase hosting separately.

WordPress Starter Plan Wix Starter Plan Squarespace Starter Plan Weebly Starter Plan
$2.99/month $5/month $12/month $8/month

Another popular “W” in the industry, Wix offers a free plan with a Wix domain and branded ads. The builder’s premium plans start at $5 per month for a basic domain connection and run up to $25 per month for its VIP plan. Wix sites paid at monthly premiums of $17 or more also include online stores.

Squarespace is the most expensive of all the site builders with an entry plan at a $12 per month price point when billed annually. On the next tier, Squarespace’s Business plan runs $18 per month, followed by its plans for eCommerce sites, which run between $26 and $40 per month billed annually. While Squarespace is pricey, even its basic plans are feature-heavy.

When stacked up against Weebly, the other site builders all come pretty close in regard to the cost of the basic starter plans offered. What’s difficult to beat, however, is the free Weebly service offered by so many hosting providers.

Weebly Web Hosting Prices Present the Best Deal

Whether you’re looking to start a personal blog or an online store, Weebly has a plan for you. Cindy and John’s site, Bad Pickle Tees, is a nice example of a well-put-together eCommerce site built at a relatively low premium.

Though the $8 cost of Weebly’s beginning plan doesn’t seem like much, the price of admission to the site builder goes way down when going through a host that offers the service as part of a hosting package. Expert-recommended iPage is a great place to start. The hosting provider gives the option of using Weebly for your website creation at no cost, your domain name registration is included, and the low hosting price point will save you a bundle long-term.

  • Choice of Weebly or WebsiteBuilder by iPage
  • #1 Pick for WYSIWYG site building with FREE domain
  • 100s of professionally designed, customizable themes
Starting Price/Mo. $1.99
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Disk Space 100 GB - Unlimited
Domain Name FREE (1 year)
Website Builder Hosting Plans www.ipage.com/site-builder

Our Expert's iPage Review

Do you want your website built today? If you answered "yes," you should look no further than iPage. In fact, it's possible for you to be online before you even finish reading this article. Thanks... read more +

Do you want your website built today? If you answered "yes," you should look no further than iPage. In fact, it's possible for you to be online before you even finish reading this article. Thanks to iPage's user-friendly interface, instant provisioning, and free domain name, you can have a live, attractive website in mere minutes.

For those that have been around the Web for a while, you may remember when it took a day to get your server online; thankfully those days are gone. Your site is live the second you complete your order with iPage. A domain name is also included, so the ordeal of purchasing a domain name, setting name servers, and waiting for them to propagate is also extinct. Once that's completed, you are taken to the incredibly user-friendly interface, where you can begin your site creation process.

Powered by their own proprietary builder, iPage's WebsiteBuilder makes it easy to have a professional-looking site created in minutes. It all starts with your choice of template — with hundreds of options available. From there, you can customize color schemes, fonts, and sizes, and add your own pictures and videos. Adding forms for comments, RSVPs, or business contacts is just as simple. Before you know it, you have an attractive, functional website.

From the ease of use to the speed at which you are able to get a site live, iPage leaves us with little doubt as to why we've ranked them #1 on our list of web hosts with site builder functionality. An already incredible value, their 30-day money-back guarantee means that you can feel at ease knowing that iPage stands behind its product, and they're confident that you will be happy with their service.

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