Make the Most of Your Videos with Adobe Premiere Elements 2019: Our Choice for Ease of Use, Flexibility, and Effective AI

Why We Love Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

TL; DR: Whether you want to craft lasting digital memories, highlight your business, or whip up a product demo, Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 puts professional video creation within reach. You don’t need a background in video production to organize, edit, compose, and share your creations — and that’s why the video-editing program has earned our Developers’ Choice™ endorsement. Some of our favorite features are automated through Adobe Sensei’s powerful AI technology, which makes it easy to put together engaging videos with ultramodern effects.

Whether it depicts family memories, product demos, tutorials, live streams, or ads, video is becoming an increasingly important tool for spreading messages online. According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index, the medium will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2021, an increase of 13% since 2016.

Despite this boost in popularity, Adobe Senior Product Manager Komal Desai said some people still don’t feel video editing is easily within reach. I can certainly relate. I’m a tech writer, I use Photoshop nearly every day, and I can build a website quickly and easily. But the family videos I take on my mobile phone stay put, never to see the light of Instagram Stories.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 logo

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 is the latest installment of the intuitive video editing suite.

After exploring Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 from the comfort of my room last week, I’ve changed my perspective on video editing. The easy-to-use, AI-assisted technology allowed me to create video-image montages with unexpected and entirely modern effects and overlays, making me appear considerably more skilled than I am.

“A lot of people are left wondering what to do with the videos they capture,” Kormal said. “And so we have focused on keeping the platform simple, making it more inspirational, helping users create that wow factor, and allowing them to achieve success early and quickly so that they have the confidence to keep coming back.”

Thanks to Adobe Sensei’s AI technology, you don’t have to have a degree in video production to organize, edit, compose, and share your creations — which is why the video-editing program has earned our Developers’ Choice™ endorsement. Whether you’re channeling your sentimentality into lasting digital memories or looking to highlight your products and services through video, Premiere Elements 2019 makes it easier than ever before to craft content you can be proud of.

Save Time with Automated Features Powered by Adobe Sensei

The Adobe team is always working to introduce faster and more natural methods for organizing, editing, and creating video products. Their latest weapon in that effort is Adobe Sensei, an AI-based technology that allows for automated video editing through features like Smart Trim, which automatically removes unwanted parts of videos and keeps the ones that shine. It also allows you to automatically extract pictures from video footage.

By bringing the power of AI and machine learning to Premiere Elements 2019, Adobe helps users unleash creative expression, slash time spent on video editing projects, and supercharge their existing skill sets. “We’re excited to leverage Adobe Sensei, which is essentially Adobe’s magic, to automatically create things like beautiful slideshows and collages that are presented through the launch experience,” Komal said.

Adobe Sensei's intelligent editing functionality

Adobe Sensei’s intelligent editing functionality makes it a breeze to bring family memories to life.

And, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with heaps of photo and video content on your laptop, Adobe Sensei helps with organization as well. The Elements Organizer, available through an orange icon on the home screen, groups media based on identifiable characteristics such as quality and facial recognition. In addition, smart tags help users organize photos based on subjects, such as events, locations or even animals.

Komal said you’ll find Adobe Sensei woven throughout Adobe’s Elements product line. Automation gives users a place to start, but the platform also leaves room to grow. The last thing anyone wants is to feel constrained by the same automation that’s intended to help us.

“You can easily access all the features that you need to edit automated content, whether you’re trimming a photo or building a movie with some photos in it,” she said. “All of these controls are contextually available — close to where your work is located.”

The 4 New Features We Can’t Live Without

The Premiere Elements 2019 release is centered on streamlining the user experience. That means getting users up and running as swiftly as possible, making it easier to discover inspiring enhancements, and improving overall performance.

“Adobe Premiere Elements is primarily targeted toward families, memory keepers, and hobbyists,” Komal said. “We are always working to improve usability and at the same time introduce new features that will help users to reach their end goal.”

The following Premiere Elements 2019 features stood out to us as clear winners:

1. Welcome Home: An All-New Launch Experience

They say you have just seven seconds to leave a good impression — and Premiere Elements 2019 succeeds on that front. The suite’s inviting Elements Home Screen served as a base camp that got us up and running quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

The home screen

Home, sweet home: The platform’s new launch experience provides a familiar base camp.

“The first thing you’ll see every time you launch the application is the welcoming home screen,” Komal said. “It offers a personalized experience where you can discover what’s new since the last version of Premiere Elements and get inspired.”

The home screen also provides easy access to recent files, tips on how to get started, and a handy search bar to lead you to the next stop on your video creation journey.

2. Highlight Memorable Moments with Auto Creations

If you want to get there incredibly quickly and easily, don’t overlook the Auto Creations feature within the home screen. Here, Adobe Sensei uses the power of AI to create breathtaking photo and video slideshows, collages, and even photos extracted from your videos clips.

It’s like receiving a customizable bonus gift every time you open the application.

“Machine learning enables the platform to automatically create slideshows and other creations behind the scenes that users can personalize,” Komal said. “You can change the background, add or remove photos, customize what you like, and then share the final product online.”

3. Polish Footage with a Redesigned Quick Edit Mode

Once you enter the Video Editor module from the home screen, Premiere Elements 2019 provides three editing options: Quick Edit, Guided Edit, and Expert Edit. Adobe released a revamped Quick Edit mode in 2019, which leads you through the steps involved in trimming a video or using a simplified Sceneline.

The goal behind the redesign, Komal said, was to transform raw videos into trimmed clips and polished productions with ease. “If you want to trim a video, nothing else, you click on that goal to enter the Smart Trim workflow, another Adobe Sensei-powered feature,” she said. “It analyzes your video content based on the camera movement and other optics, and based on that, it presents you with three options you can choose from.”

If you’re looking to create a unique combination of videos, photos, captions, transitions, and music, the Quick Edit mode will guide you through a thumbnail view that makes it easy to visualize all components in chronological order.

4. Guided Edits with Ultramodern Effects

The Guided Edit mode has always made it easy to learn new graphic design and video skills through step-by-step instructions. The platform’s 20 Guided Edit modules lead users through everything from basic edits, like adding titles; to fun effects, like freeze frames.

Premiere Elements 2019 is also helping users add unexpected touches to their video creations with new features such as the Luma Fade transition effect, which moves between scenes and photos by fading colors from darkest to lightest.

Adobe's newest Guided Effect options

The platform guides users through advanced transition and video effects like the Luma Fade and Glass Pane.

“The Luma Fade effect was inspired by one of the powerful effects we already have in elements library: the Gradient Wipe Foundation effect,” Komal said. “We put this within our Guided Edits to expose this transition to the user and demonstrate the power it has to make beautiful creations.”

Another new technique, the Glass Pane effect, adds a frosted overlay that makes it look like the action in your video is taking place behind glass.

Additional Enhancements: Faster Performance and Inspiring Tutorials

Because the last thing any moviemaker needs is a platform that performs at a sloth’s pace, Premiere Elements 2019 was designed to ensure faster installation plus improved performance on everyday video editing tasks.

The platform now supports variable frame rate (VFR), plus import and editing of both High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) images and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) videos on macOS.

If you’re looking to take the platform for a spin, secure your free 30-day trial of Premiere Elements 2019 right away. As a bonus, Adobe’s comprehensive set of Premiere Elements 2019 tutorials makes an already intuitive platform even more accessible.