TemplateMonster Delivers a Design Hub of Creative Assets Built for Development Projects

Templatemonster Delivers Creative Assets And Services For Development Projects

TL; DR: TemplateMonster is a one-stop shop for website templates, plugins, and graphics. Over the last 20 years, its marketplace has helped more than 5 million clients launch fully responsive, creative websites for their brands. Users can find tons of templates tailored to WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify, among other software environments, for their online projects. Enlisting the work of more than 3,000 authors, TemplateMonster offers functional and unique digital products that fit every niche or style. Website owners can also use its custom services to offload design, marketing, and maintenance tasks.

Website design plays an essential role in brand success. It’s a visitor’s first impression and typically where customers decide between your product or that of a competitor. Visitors can determine their choice within seconds based on their judgment of your web design and layout.

Your website is the reflection of your business. It’s important not only for your conversions but also for your site’s reputation. Users are less likely to trust a poorly designed or dated site because it may look shady or not well-maintained. A website with a creative and modern design can help build your brand, customer trust, and consistency, setting you apart from your competition.

According to HubSpot, 73.1% of web designers believe a non-responsive design is a top reason visitors leave a website. Users want designs that can be eye-catching and functional at the same time. That is why having the right templates and plugins in place is crucial to keeping customers and making their user experience as smooth as possible. TemplateMonster offers website owners the assets and services they need to build a professional online space built on functionality and design.

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TemplateMonster offers a marketplace of creative assets and services for any business endeavor.

“Our digital products marketplace offers all the creative assets you need to create, promote, and maintain online and offline projects. There’s an asset for every niche and project, no matter what it is,” said Victor Gozhyi, COO of TemplateMonster.

Users can go to TemplateMonster to find all their design essentials. Founded 20 years ago, TemplateMonster first began its journey specializing in website templates but then augmented its services to meet a broader scope of customer needs.

“In recent years, we have transformed into a marketplace that accepts works created by third-party authors. Our inventory of premium assets now exceeds 200K assets that cater to the needs of web professionals across industries,” said Victor.

Rendering a Vast Selection of Web Templates for Every Niche and Style

Over the past 20 years, TemplateMonster has grown to become one of the top web development platforms in the world, ranking in the top 2000 list of websites. Its digital products have helped more than 5 million customers create responsive, well-designed websites. With TemplateMonster, users don’t have to go about developing on their own. Its resources simplify the design process for every type of user.

“Our website templates are stylish and will help you create the perfect website. We also have a myriad of graphic assets to choose from regardless of your niche or style,” Victor said.

TemplateMonster offers a range of templates built for eCommerce, small businesses, and personal websites. It supports and creates thousands of templates and themes tailored to WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and HTML5, among others.

The team told us that its business WordPress themes are the most popular among users. TemplateMonster keeps customer feedback in mind when developing its new additions. The team ensures client satisfaction by conducting regular customer surveys.

“Questions included in these surveys estimate both satisfaction with products and satisfaction with the platform. There is an open question at the bottom so they can express themselves freely,” said Victor.

But TemplateMonster doesn’t only deliver web templates. Customers can choose from tons of graphics and plugins to enhance their website navigation and appearance. The company also has plenty of video and audio assets to download, including stock videos and sound effects, for videographers and podcasters.

“All the products we sell are tested manually by a team of reviewers. Many other marketplaces don’t review products or have an automated system. Manually filtering products lets us publish only top-performing ones,” said Victor.

Showcasing the Work of 3,000 Authors and Counting

In the early 2000s, TemplateMonster began as a design studio targeting Western countries. The team later pivoted to the web template market, inspired by a move by one of its web designers. This team member had optimized design tasks and created a library of digital assets. The library had multiple design sections, including hero areas, calls to action, portfolios, and reviews. So the TemplateMonster team combined these sections into templates and offered them to their clients. And the rest is history.

Now TemplateMonster continues to produce standout templates with the help of its authors. More than 5 million websites were created with TemplateMonster products. Independent authors have played a massive role in the provision of these products.

“Today, TemplateMonster has over 3,000 authors selling website templates from all over the world. We’re always adding new products, responding to trends, and expanding the functionality of our WordPress and Shopify platforms,” said Victor.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program Benefits
Designers can apply to TemplateMonster’s affiliate program to join its community of authors and receive unique perks.

Authors can join TemplateMonster’s affiliate program to become a part of the community. The affiliate program has many perks, including a 30% commission on sales, tracking and promotion tools, and personal assistance. Even beginners are encouraged to apply.

“If you’re just starting out, the marketplace experts will give you everything you need to succeed. We have live broadcasts, educational articles, and useful videos for authors,” said Victor.

The TemplateMonster team has also simplified its pricing model to make it easier for authors to manage their accounts. The price formation process is now more transparent and goes as follows: author price + customer fee = retail price.

“Previously, authors had to take into account a bunch of additional commissions when calculating their earnings. We’ve also upgraded the author account, adding an income calculator that displays in real time the income an author receives when setting a price,” said Victor.

Providing Website Services Catered to Client Needs

Over the years, TemplateMonster has evolved to create a more well-rounded experience for its customers. But the company hasn’t failed to carry its primary expertise as a design studio to the platform.

“You can get website design, development, and maintenance services if you’re a website owner. We do everything from basic setup to heavy editing and content creation. Plus, we have a live chat customer service where you can ask questions about our products,” said Victor.

Users can count on TemplateMonster to steer them toward website success. Its website services consist of multiple custom design and upkeep tasks that touch almost every base. The TemplateMonster team starts by assisting users in setting up their CMS-based website with templates and plugins. Its marketing services can help users promote their business, fine-tune Adwords campaigns, and do on-page SEO. Users can also leverage TemplateMonster’s design offering for assets such as logos and layouts.

“Furthermore, we have subscription-based maintenance packages that take the stress out of maintaining or keeping your website up to date,” said Victor.

TemplateMonster also launched MonsterONE, a subscription service, in 2019. This solution gives clients unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of digital products in addition to its marketplace. The TemplateMonster team continues to improve its marketplace by adding new designers and ensuring top quality for its clients.