Pattern89 Leverages AI to Help Data-Driven Marketers Predict Effective Ad Strategies on Facebook and Instagram

Pattern89 Ai Predicts Effective Ad Strategies

TL; DR: Facebook and Instagram provide plenty of data for digital marketers to sift through for insights. But trying to make creative content decisions based on manual analysis often means overspending and inaccurate targeting that leads to more time and money spent on campaigns. Pattern89 leverages AI to extract insights that can lead to more precise targeted ads for specific products and even generates new content through its machine learning capabilities. That not only saves money but also gives marketers more time to access their own creativity.

Since the launch of the internet, marketers have created ads and tested strategies to engage consumers online. Marketers could be creative in the early days because digital advertising was a new medium, and they didn’t yet have much data on the efficacy of their campaigns.

Today, social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, have evolved into the most effective digital marketing channels. But marketers now face a problem that their predecessors probably couldn’t have imagined: They may have too much information.

Facebook and Instagram provide ad buyers with such a broad scope of data that many marketing specialists have trouble getting an accurate picture of the creative content their target audience enjoys. Marketers often benefit from supplementing their instincts with proven insights and automation, and Pattern89 can help them accomplish that.

Pattern89 leverages AI and machine learning to identify the most effective creative content strategies on Facebook and Instagram based on the product or service. The company also predicts what type of content may work best on future campaigns and even generates that content for companies to test.

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Pattern89 puts effective, AI-powered content tools in the hands of digital marketers.

And quick deployment can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s advertising environment.

“Marketers can’t afford to waste time or money on things that don’t work,” said R.J. Talyor, Founder and CEO of Pattern89. “And a lot of businesses are fighting for survival or trying to move forward with fewer resources. They can’t go to lots of meetings and do a bunch of A/B tests, so we reduce that burden.”

Pattern89 generates effective strategies by analyzing the performance of past marketing content. Its services allow marketing departments to identify successful campaign elements while eliminating the least useful components.

That process helps companies focus on modern social media content that produces the most compelling results.

“A long time ago, there were more channels, including TV, print, and direct mail. But now, marketers have to figure out how to use technology to make smarter decisions and automate some aspects,” R.J. said.

Eliminating Inaccurate Testing Saves Time and Money

Testing and marketing go hand-in-hand, and test marketing has always been considered one of the more accurate tools to gauge consumer sentiment. And that is no different on social media channels — which simplify the testing process.

A/B testing is one of the most common ways that marketers test campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The process involved serving two different ads or pieces of content to two similar groups of consumers. And whichever version gets the most engagement is the one marketers choose.

Photo of Pattern89 Founder and CEO R.J. Talyor

R.J. Talyor is the Founder and CEO of Pattern89.

But that type of testing still has inherent biases that can hold companies back from developing successful campaigns. The marketer chooses both A and B options for ads or digital content. And that selection often comes down to a feeling — especially when time is a mitigating factor.

“At the end of a quarter, when marketers are trying to make a sales goal, testing may go out the window, and they go with their gut. And we find that many tests are generated in that same way,” R.J. said. “And the two options, A and B, are both highly influenced by that gut feeling. That means they may ignore some outliers that could be winners because they didn’t feel like including them.”

That’s why Pattern89 created a platform that can predict the performance of creative assets and give marketers answers before they test. It also opens up new opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

“We offer marketers the chance to get more creative with their ideas. Then they don’t have to be data junkies who spend all their energy on spreadsheets doing work that machines are better at,” R.J. said. “Even the most creative people have been told they need to focus on data. But they want to use that data to make creative decisions.”

Pattern89 provides AI analysis that gives marketers actionable data — and the freedom to find innovative paths and strategies.

AI Analyzes Creative Content and Predicts Performance

Marketers who want to run successful campaigns often look to past performance to predict future success. But, as with the A/B testing, it is often subjective and may not take into account the entire spectrum of a company’s history.

That’s why Pattern89 takes a deep dive into the past content performance of its clients to unearth insights into what has worked and why.

“With just a couple of clicks, our system can connect to any Facebook or Instagram ads manager account. Then we run more than 49,000 different creative dimensions using computer vision and natural language processing,” said R.J. “It takes between four and 12 hours depending on the amount of data. Then our clients have access to every creative element they’ve ever used for years — and 12 years is the longest we’ve gone back.”

The AI then runs a detailed analysis of many aspects of each piece of content to understand what drives its performance. It can determine if a person in the content is smiling, wears glasses, or has a beard. It also analyzes the setting, objects, colors, video length, and text overlay.

Pattern89 uses that data to simulate what a successful piece of content may look like for its client. And that creative content is ready to test and has proven to be highly effective.

“We’re over 95% accurate at predicting creative performance. And we run simulations, so if you want to test, we can actually generate, so you don’t have to spend any more money to find an answer,” R.J. said.

And Pattern89 continues to run its performance algorithms every day to determine more actions that can help the creative content perform better. It suggests those optimizations in a daily to-do list it sends to marketers.

“It has all the actions you can implement in one click,” R.J. said. “So we distill data mining down to just minutes. Our customers spend eight to 10 minutes on our platform a day, and they see an average of 21% lift in performance.”

Pattern89: Machine Learning Helps Make Marketers More Creative

Pattern89 offers powerful AI and machine learning capabilities that can create and analyze campaigns quickly. Those tools complement the natural skills that marketers have — and give them more time to innovate.

“We believe we’re helping make marketing teams even more creative because they don’t have to use their brains to parse data,” R.J. said. “Machines can find outliers make people smarter, more effective marketers.”

Even the name Pattern89 is a testament to the company’s mission. Currently, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) officially recognizes 88 constellations, and Pattern89 signifies the search for more.

“We help marketers look through the universe of data to find that pattern that makes sense for them. That is the 89th pattern,” said R.J.

Moving forward, Pattern89 plans to take what it has learned from its success on Facebook and Instagram and apply it to more channels to provide a holistic solution for marketers.

“As we grow, we’re planning to add channels, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, email, and others,” said R.J. “Once we do that, a marketer could analyze what type of creative content would work on one of those channels and get an answer that’s predictive of success.”