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10 Essential cPanel Settings for Beginners

Top 10 Beginner cPanel Settings

New to cPanel? There is a lot to see, learn, and do when it comes to using this control panel for managing your website hosting. However, when you’re just starting out, it’s... read more »
Roberto Sanchez
By: Roberto Sanchez
Version Control: Why You Can't Live Without It

Version Control: What It Is and Why You Can't Live Without It

If you use a computer, you’ve probably been faced with the issue of different versions of files. Whether it’s a matter of text files, data files, or program code you’ve been... read more »
Ryan Frankel
By: Ryan Frankel
SSL Certificates Explained (And Made Easy)

SSL Certificates (Made Simple)

Isn’t the Internet great? You can send and receive emails, shop online with your credit card, exchange files, or log in and manage remote systems. It would be not-so-great if... read more »
Ryan Frankel
By: Ryan Frankel
2 Hours with Google Tango Alum Christian von Kleist

2 Hours with Google Tango Alum Christian von Kleist

It’s another hot day in Gainesville, Florida, as PJ and I enter Volta Coffee and Tea. In the corner is a friendly, unassuming genius, named Christian von Kleist. I have... read more »
Ryan Frankel
By: Ryan Frankel
Popular Linux Distros: Which One is for You?

Which Linux Distro is for You?

Once upon a time, Linus Torvalds created a basic operating system akin to some of the Unix systems of the moment and made it generally and freely available. The Linux kernel,... read more »
PJ Fancher
By: PJ Fancher
HostingCon 2014: Hot Topics, Sessions, and Fun

HostingCon 2014: Hot Topics, Informative Sessions, and FUN »

The team has returned from our trip to HostingCon 2014, and we had a blast! The wealth of information available at HostingCon is overwhelming, and our team... read more »
Ryan Frankel
By: Ryan Frankel
Sean Garrity