A Must-Have Tool for Multilingual Windows Users: LangOver Allows You to Work in the Language and Character Set of Your Choice

Langover Is A Must For Multilingual Users

TL; DR: If you speak more than one language, you’ll want to get your hands on LangOver right away. The free software makes your digital life easier by allowing you to toggle between languages, change cases, reverse words, perform searches, and translate text in just a few clicks. Through a free SDK, it’s easier than ever to integrate LangOver’s third-party features into websites and apps — and that’s why the language management tool has earned our Developers’ Choice endorsement.

It may not be apparent depending on your cultural lens, but monolingual individuals are a minority worldwide. Estimates indicate that 40% of the global population speaks only one language, while a whopping 60% of the population speaks two or more. This figure includes polyglots, the highest performers on the language proficiency scale, who speak at least five languages fluently and make up less than 1% of the world population.

Considering the number of people who speak more than one language — not to mention their value in the workplace — you’d think there would be a broad selection of tools available for multilingual Windows users. To some extent, there are: In Windows, you can change your computer’s interface language and access various character sets. But frustrating problems are common. For example, you have to use ALT + SHIFT to switch between languages, and if you forget, you’ll end up with time-wasting gibberish.

That’s why LangOver is our choice for multilingual Windows users looking to quickly toggle between languages and accomplish related tasks — such as changing cases, reversing words, performing searches, and translating text. The free app is invaluable for those who speak one language at work and another with family or friends, as well as those who reside in multilingual societies. LangOver is also helpful for translators and those who wish to learn a new language.

Currently offered as freeware, through a limited online service, and via an SDK geared toward developers, LangOver’s goal is to provide solutions suitable for a range of users spanning the globe. With more than 23,000 likes on Facebook, the company is undoubtedly off to a strong start.

Available as Freeware or an Online Service

LangOver is available under a freeware license, meaning you can enjoy the software at no cost and freely distribute copies of it, as long as you include a copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty. Developers may offer programs as freeware to promote their brand, drive traffic to their site, or provide a non-profit service. The user then benefits through the ability to download and use the software for an unlimited time.

Unlike open-source software, freeware vendors do not reveal underlying source code, so you can’t modify the program. However, freeware may pose less of a security risk compared with open-source software, since hackers frequently examine the openly available source code to exploit security holes.

LangOver cartoon

With LangOver, converting between languages and alphabets is a matter of a single click.

Users looking to support the free tool and encourage further development can make a donation through PayPal, join the company’s Facebook group, or add a link on their site to the LangOver site. There’s even an option to purchase a selection of LangOver-branded items on CafePress, ranging from stuffed animals to tote bags and mugs. Of course, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing works wonders, and that’s why the company recommends that you spread the word if you like the software.

In addition to freeware, LangOver is available as an online service through LangOver Online. The simple tool empowers users to toggle between their computer’s set language and alphabet and countless alternatives, as well as reverse words and sentences and change cases.

Make Your Life Easier with These 5 Shortcuts

There’s nothing like a simple keyboard shortcut when it comes to boosting productivity and improving efficiency. Some even estimate that the use of the most essential shortcuts could save those with full-time computer-oriented jobs up to eight full workdays per year.

Clever use of the keyboard shortcut is one way in which LangOver shines. Here are five shortcuts that every LangOver user should commit to memory to fast-track their user experience.

1. Toggle Between Languages

Those working in multilingual environments often turn to ALT + SHIFT to switch between keyboards before typing new text. But if you forget to use the shortcut before beginning to type, you may end up with text in the wrong language, or even worse — a glitch may cause gibberish to appear. To quickly transform your text to your desired language, highlight your sentence and hit F10. Like magic, your text will appear as you intended. I’ve been testing out the feature as I type this document, and it’s worked like a charm.

2. Quickly Change Cases

If you accidentally enter your characters in uppercase when you intended to use lowercase, there’s no need to retype the entire sentence. With LangOver, you can use SHIFT + F10 to convert your text into the desired case. If your original text appears in title case or sentence case, LangOver will convert the entire string of selected text to the opposite case of the original first character. For example, “My name is Christine” will convert to “my name is christine.” If you then highlight “my name is christine” and press SHIFT + 10 again, the result will be “MY NAME IS CHRISTINE.”

3. Reverse Words and Sentences

If changing cases with a single key isn’t fascinating enough, LangOver allows you to reverse both words and entire sentences using F6. Using that key, if I select “My name is Christine,” the result is “Christine is name My.” Or, reverse all words and the order of the sentence: “enitsirhC si eman yM.”

4. Search for a Phrase Using Google

But LangOver doesn’t stop with text reversal when it comes to unexpected features. For example, if you’re looking for more information about the topic you’re writing about, simply highlight the relevant text and press CTRL + G. This handy shortcut will open a browser window displaying the search results for your text.

5. Speedy Software Translation

If you’re looking for a super quick translation solution, LangOver’s built-in software translation feature makes it a breeze to translate text from any language to your preferred language using Google Translate — a free service that translates between English and more than 100 languages. Simply highlight your selection of text and click CTRL + T, and LangOver will open in a new browser displaying Google Translate’s results.

App and Website Integrations Via a Free SDK

Software development kits (SDKs) are programming packages typically including APIs, tools, and documentation that enable developers to integrate third-party software into apps and websites. Developers who are armed with an SDK enjoy several benefits, from accelerated time to market and best practice guidance to increased security.

LangOver’s free SDK was built to help developers seamlessly integrate the freeware into existing apps and websites, boosting their functionality. Considering that 60% of the global population speaks two or more languages, this tool has the potential to improve a number of digital tools — which is precisely why the language management tool has earned our Developers’ Choice™ endorsement.