Fisherman Leverages Proprietary FAST Technology to Build Small Business Websites Within Minutes 

Fisherman Builds Websites To Hook Customers For Small Businesses

TL; DR: Fisherman offers an alternative to DIY web building tools with a full-service web development platform tailored to small businesses. Business owners with time and budget constraints can turn to Fisherman for all their web design and management needs to create a successful web presence. Fisherman leverages proprietary FAST technology to develop websites in less than five minutes, using only a business name and address to get started. Fisherman allows small businesses to offload all their technical web burdens and succeed online with no effort.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates, from running packed restaurants to tracking inventory and balancing checkbooks. Often, they don’t have the time to do lower-priority tasks such as marketing and website management. This is an experience Ameet Kallarackal, CEO and Co-Founder of Fisherman, knows firsthand. When Ameet was growing up, he worked at his uncle’s restaurant and witnessed firsthand how busy small business owners were and how much they needed assistance with online marketing.

Exposed to the website space early on, Ameet entered the freelance web design and development industry. He noticed that most of his clients had the same pain point — they didn’t have the time to juggle their business operations and website management. Although there were DIY, no-code tools out there, these tools still required a lot of time and effort to build with and manage for owners.

So Ameet and Nick Loeper created Fisherman to help small businesses build solid web presences in record time while eliminating the hands-on management that comes after. He likened what Fisherman does to what actual fishermen do for restaurant dishes.

“We like to think of ourselves that way, where we’re going to do all this dirty work behind the scenes to prepare this nice-looking outcome that’s effective on the front. We love this quote, ‘If you give someone a fish, they eat for a day, and teach them to fish, they eat for a lifetime.’ So empowerment to small business owners is a big concept for us,” said Ameet.

Fisherman is a full-service web development platform that handles everything from website building to SEO and marketing. The company allows small businesses to run websites without effort and offload web management so they can focus on their operations. Fisherman uses its own proprietary FAST (Fisherman Automated Site Technology) technology to automate web design and build sites in less than five minutes.

A Hands-Free Approach to Maintaining a Web Presence

Many small businesses turn to no-code web solutions as an easier way to build their sites. But these web-building tools still require a lot of manual effort, including setting up backups, managing plugin updates, and doing a lot of legwork that may take some training or background knowledge. Most business owners are already short on time, and adding these tasks are often impossible to maintain.

Fisherman eases these burdens by giving users a hands-free experience creating and maintaining a web presence. And all the Fisherman team needs to get started is a business name and address.

Ameet Kallarackal Fisherman CEO and Fisherman logo
Ameet Kallarackal, CEO of Fisherman, told us about the value Fisherman provides to small businesses that need help with their online presence.

“Our software will pull and scrape other details with layers of filtering and beautifying that content if needed. Then it picks a design that makes sense and develops from scratch a real website custom tailored to that business in less than five minutes,” said Ameet.

The Fisherman software will build a complete web presence for businesses without the owner lifting a finger. If users choose to, they can give their own input and make changes to the design as they please. The Fisherman dashboard is easy to use and makes updates simple. Fisherman also offers multiple tools that add design options and functionality.

Users with existing brand identities can count on Fisherman to pull through with their brand idea. Ameet told us that a lot of what the Fisherman software does is founded on brand identity, with core elements being color, logos, and typography.

“There is a lot of data that our software can find online and use to inform decision-making around a brand, whether it’s the price point, location, or target demo,” said Ameet.

Once the Fisherman team builds a site, it also focuses on making the website successful. Businesses can entrust their maintenance and SEO duties to Fisherman and expect great results. Fisherman’s ultimate goal is to be a marketing and technical partner to small businesses, helping them operate their online presence with no effort.

An All-In-One Solution Backed By High-Level Support

After years of working with small businesses, Ameet has learned to understand the owners’ pain points. Digital transformation has moved many businesses online, but many small businesses with budget and time constraints are being left behind. With more customers leveraging online shopping, it has become crucial for companies to adapt to accommodate them. Ameet founded Fisherman to help owners with online challenges do just that.

Fisherman has served thousands of customers across the US in industries ranging from food trucks and breweries to salons and retail. The software company offers its all-in-one solution through three different packages: starter, essentials, and growth. The starter pack is tailored to users who are new to the website journey and may want less commitment. Fisherman includes automatic website creation, an onboarding call, and hosting, among other features in this plan.

“Our second plan, the essentials plan, the biggest difference is we’re going to come in with a lot of customer support. So this is where our dedicated customer support team will handle any edit request a business has,” said Ameet.

Fisherman distinguishes itself further by providing high-level support to its customers. Its essentials and growth plans dive deep into customer support and partnering with customers to develop a custom web presence. Users can live chat or email Fisherman with change requests and have them done within 24 hours.

Screenshot of the Fisherman dashboard
The Fisherman dashboard lets users make edits to their websites, or they can submit requests to the support team.

“Our last plan, the growth plan, is more around SEO and insights. So we have a lot more that we’ll be doing on this website to help drive traffic. There’s good SEO across all of our plans that’s built into our websites, but this is where we’ll take things to the next level,” Ameet said.

Users with the growth plan expect to expand their brand identity online and establish a digital business to capture customers and conversions. The Fisherman team provides advanced, hands-on support and includes monthly analytics reports on website performance for insight businesses can build on.

Setting Customers Up for Success with Brandable Designs

Everything Fisherman does is to help its customers succeed online. So it’s no surprise that Fisherman uses customer feedback to update its platform.

“Our Marketing Lead Charlene is running a series of “Clarity Calls”, where we talk directly to our customers to figure out what’s top of mind. These calls help inform our product roadmap and priorities,” said Ameet.

Fisherman also looks to the market and the latest trends to influence its road map decisions. Ameet told us that Fisherman developed its system to support various designs to enable the team to rapidly implement new layouts. The Fisherman team plans to push the boundaries on how it approaches custom brand designs.

“We’re trying to stay on top of the latest design trends, and part of it is adding more personality to our design system. What makes our designs cool is that they’re flexible to the content. We just need content, and then we’ll make it work on the website,” said Ameet.

Fisherman sets out to make these designs more tailored and specific to niches so users can showcase their websites in a more personalized manner. The team also seeks to go deeper on the marketing side and extend its SEO features with an automated tool so users can attract new customers.

“We’re adding content creation, social management, and reputation management to our suite of products, with a focus on how we can drive more traffic to our client websites and physical storefronts in person. We see that as an extension of what we’re doing, and that’s an area we’re excited to invest more deeply in this coming year,” said Ameet.