How Helps Fast-Growing Businesses Deliver Comprehensive Omnichannel Support Services to Expanding Customer Bases

Desk Com Delivers Omnichannel Support Software For Fast Growing Businesses

TL; DR: Consumers in today’s competitive business environment have come to expect quick and effective customer service. And, for nearly a decade, has helped thousands of businesses deliver just that. The company’s scalable, ready-out-of-the-box help desk allows businesses to serve customers communicating on multiple channels from one centralized dashboard. For organizations growing at a fast clip,’s case management and productivity tools work to boost efficiencies and create seamless customer interactions with their brands. This, coupled with powerful analytics and a complete integration with Salesforce, is why organizations, from startups to large enterprises, are turning to to help optimize their customers’ experiences.

Any successful company knows providing excellent customer service is good for business. In fact, 86% of consumers say they will look elsewhere if they’ve had a bad experience with a brand, even if that comes at a greater cost. For businesses scaling at a rapid rate, maintaining optimal levels of service to retain and continue to attract customers can be a challenge.

And not many businesses know this better than Spotify. Since its founding in 2006, Spotify has experienced exponential growth and has become the world’s largest online music streaming provider. Today, the music giant boasts more than 50 million subscribers and upward of 100 million people actively using its service.

With this quick expansion of its user base, Spotify needed a scalable customer service solution that offered the flexibility of multi-channel support and self-service capabilities. Spotify found this with and Salesforce.

By employing’s fast customer support and integrating the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Spotify was able to scale, enhance its approach to support, and grant company-wide visibility into the customer experience. This allowed Spotify to grow its customer service solution alongside its expanding customer base and provide seamless support to millions of users.

Because of the flexibility of its solutions, thousands of businesses, large and small, are turning to to help improve their interactions with customers. From an out-of-the-box omnichannel help desk to self-service resources and analytics, is giving modern businesses the tools they need to serve their customers.

A Platform Offering Scalable, Out-of-the-Box Support Services

To help businesses provide an ideal support system for their clients, developed a comprehensive platform aimed at addressing the disparate needs of different customer bases.’s omnichannel, mobile, case management, and productivity tools are effective solutions to ease the burdens placed on support personnel when businesses are growing quickly. These tools help create efficiencies and allow staff to connect with end users on their preferred channels of communication.

For businesses operating without large customer service departments, offers a robust self-help solution that empowers customers to easily find the answers they’re looking for themselves. It’s a versatile, all-in-one approach businesses of any size can leverage.

Assist Customers on Any Channel From Any Location

Your customers aren’t just using social media to showcase photos of their dinner. A startling 67% of consumers have turned to a business’s social media site for assistance. This is why it’s so important for modern organizations to interact with their customers on the right channels.’s multi-channel support solutions allow businesses to easily reach customers where they are, be it Facebook, Twitter, via email, chat, or on the phone.’s dashboard houses all channel content in a centralized location, removing the need to move back and forth between channels to serve customers. If someone tweets or posts a question, it shows up in the dashboard, so a customer service rep can instantly reply.

Screenshot of's multi-channel dashboard’s centralized dashboard makes it simple to manage customer interactions over multiple channels.

Customer emails can also be tracked and managed through the dashboard. users can create a unique support email address where customers can reach them and assign priorities and statuses to each client case. The same methodology can be applied to phone calls, where they can be tracked and managed alongside online channels.

Integrations with Olark, SnapEngage, and LiveChat are available, which allows representatives to engage customers in real time to solve any issues they may be having. With, users can add discussion boards to their sites and moderate them directly from the universal inbox the company provides. This encourages communication among customers and helps them resolve issues more quickly.

And, with’s mobile app, all of this is possible from any location with an internet connection. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and its intuitive interface simplifies response to customer inquiries.

Intelligent Case Management & Productivity Tools Maximize Efficiencies’s centralized dashboard allows seamless case management to ensure customer requests and questions don’t get lost in the fray. The tool automates collection and organization of customer interactions across channels.

Built to create efficiencies in customer service departments, filters can prioritize customer cases based on preset, customizable business rules that dictate urgency and when to escalate tickets. This helps identify the agents best able to handle a request and ensures customers get to the right person instead of spending tons of time climbing through a phone tree.’s productivity tools employ macros to deliver pre-written responses to common inquiries. This gives representatives the ability to help multiple customers simultaneously with little more than a click of the mouse. Through automation and prioritization, speeds up the support process, saving time and money for businesses and providing a better overall experience for the customer.

Self-Service Solutions Empower Consumers to Help Themselves

For businesses without a large support staff, or even for businesses looking for an added layer of support, offers a self-support suite so customers can help themselves. Businesses can take advantage of’s knowledge base, from which support content can be sourced and updated on sites without assistance from IT.

If your business is looking to house a custom-branded support center, complete with FAQ and access to support information,’s professionally designed web templates make the process pain-free. No coding knowledge is necessary and page creation can be completed in minutes. These pages can also be customized for multiple product lines that have their own independent branding.

With multilingual functionalities stocked in the knowledge base, FAQs pages can be translated into more than 50 languages. Discussion boards and contact forms also get customers to answers faster.’s self-service solution is all about anticipating customer needs so customers are greeted with what they’re looking for as soon as they land on your site’s support page.

Powerful Insights & Monitoring Drive Smarter Business Decisions

Organizations employing’s tools enjoy the added benefit of gaining almost instant insight into the efficacy of the solution and ROI through Business Insights. Reports offer a glimpse into how representatives are performing and where deficiencies might be found.

Key metrics on all support channels are also included in’s analytics platform. This tool aggregates data on the types of support questions fielded and how they were resolved, allowing users to identify trends and make informed decisions on how to remedy common issues. And, once a solution is put in place, the same analytics can help determine if it is working. also provides a Customer Health Monitor so businesses can gauge how customers are reacting to a business’s touch points. Color-coded health indicators allow representatives to see which customers need help and what level of service might be required.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys can also be embedded in emails so customers can provide feedback on their experiences. Simple rating scales can be incorporated that capture feedback with just the push of a button. This makes offering input less time-consuming and increases the likelihood of customer participation.

Salesforce Integration Delivers Company-Wide Visibility Into UX

Thousands of companies have been employing’s customer service solutions to optimize customer interactions and user experience (UX). And many of these businesses, like Spotify, are finding that integrating’s tools into Salesforce gives complete visibility into UX across the enterprise.

By employing the solutions in tandem, sales teams can view integral information about customer interactions when managing leads. This allows teams to offer a more personalized approach to both support and sales, and ensures optimal experiences when customers are engaging with multiple agents.

For businesses to survive in the modern customer-centric business environment, they must employ robust customer service strategies, and delivers.