Build Cyber Resilience Without the Complexity With These Managed Cybersecurity Services

Build Cyber Resilience With Levelblue

TL; DR: AT&T and WillJam Ventures recently announced the launch of their joint venture LevelBlue, a standalone managed cybersecurity services business offering consulting, threat intelligence, and security operations center (SOC) support. LevelBlue enables companies to elevate and strengthen their cybersecurity strategies while eliminating complexity. We spoke with Theresa Lanowitz, Chief Evangelist of AT&T Cybersecurity and LevelBlue, about the managed services business, its benefits, and tips for building proactive cyber resilience.

According to a LevelBlue report, 67% of survey participants say cybersecurity in their organization is reactive, not proactive. This statistic shows that cybersecurity remains an isolated resource in many operational agendas and is not included in the strategy.

As companies continue to excel in innovation, they are also opening themselves up to new risks. Bad actors look for the path of least resistance. And that path can lead to the latest, shiniest solution that often doesn’t have the best IT security setup just yet.

Though companies should spend most of their time building new, innovative tools and embracing digital transformation efforts, they must consider cybersecurity an essential checkpoint during that journey. Otherwise, they may have to handle new dangers later on that proactive cybersecurity can help them avoid.

Cyber resilience has never been more critical than it is now. Setting aside reactive cybersecurity and prioritizing proactive solutions and strategies will help companies become more resilient and agile in the long run. Cybersecurity can be a challenging endeavor, however. This is where LevelBlue comes in.

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LevelBlue provides managed cybersecurity services including consulting, threat intelligence, and security operations center (SOC) support.

“We provide managed security services to help you control and manage your cybersecurity expenses and costs. Our threat intelligence unit is about providing visibility so you can focus on innovation and mitigating risks,” said Theresa Lanowitz, Chief Evangelist of AT&T Cybersecurity and LevelBlue.

LevelBlue is a joint venture between AT&T and WillJam Ventures that was announced at the RSA Conference on May 6, 2024. Its goal is to help security teams and business leaders build cyber resilience while eliminating complexity.

How LevelBlue Makes Cybersecurity Accessible

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service is a relatively new term and category in the as-a-Service industry. But its value has already made waves, especially for companies that need security solutions but don’t have the skills or talent pool to manage and promote cybersecurity in their organizations.

In March 2024, LevelBlue surveyed 1,050 participants who were C-Suite and senior-level professionals in 18 different countries and seven different vertical markets. And 32% said they are considering Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to help them strategically delegate and secure the innovation they’re building.

“You don’t have to worry about hiring or retaining people inside your own SOC. You can use our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service as a way to offset what you’re doing and strategically extend your existing team,” said Theresa.

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LevelBlue makes cybersecurity accessible with simplified solutions.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service allows companies to offload the burden of cybersecurity. For others, it can help them elevate their current strategies. LevelBlue enables teams to scale up or down as needed, all on a pay-as-you-go model. Users also receive assistance from top security experts.

“Our cybersecurity consulting team has, on average, 15 years of consulting experience and all the latest certifications. So if you want to work on a vulnerability management program, threat exercises, or figure out what your security posture looks like, our experts can help,” said Theresa.

LevelBlue provides various resources and solutions to help teams secure their organizations according to their business needs. Cybersecurity can be accessible, and LevelBlue enables companies to implement their strategies without fear or guesswork.

Make Cybersecurity a Priority, Not an Afterthought

Many businesses neglect cybersecurity while focusing on innovation and other action items. But putting cybersecurity on the back burner can have irreversible consequences, including revenue loss or a business closing.

“We have to get from being reactive and transactional to being proactive and intentional. So that means having a budget line item for cybersecurity in every project and standardized cybersecurity processes, ensuring cybersecurity is included from the beginning,” said Theresa.

Companies can leverage LevelBlue’s platform to include cybersecurity throughout their development journey. LevelBlue offers managed security services, cybersecurity consulting, and threat intelligence offerings. All three can help users establish a proactive strategy for their business goals.

Theresa told us that most teams believe it’s impossible to assess how an attack might impact their organization, based on a survey LevelBlue conducted. This mindset can leave companies vulnerable to attacks and push them to rely on reactive measures instead of proactive ones.

“You have to be ready to understand what that risk is going to mean and how you can recover thoughtfully from this type of cybersecurity event,” said Theresa.

LevelBlue’s core solutions work in tandem to provide cybersecurity to help teams be proactive in their processes. Its LevelBlue Labs team uses machine learning and AI to review and enrich data to identify new threats and vulnerabilities. The team then informs the SOC teams.

“Our LevelBlue Labs team is able to fuel what the consulting team and managed security services are doing. So between the certifications, the intellectual property, and the scale of what they see from working with our clients, we have an incredible asset between consulting, threat intelligence, and managed security services,” said Theresa.

Tips for Building Cyber Resilience

Computing is changing and becoming more dynamic by the minute, meaning cybersecurity will be even more crucial as new risks emerge. Theresa shared some tips for building resilience in this ever-changing digital age.

Theresa told us many organizations, no matter the vertical, aren’t prepared for remediating DDoS attacks or other attacks of that disruptive nature. She said teams should have infrastructure to bolster themselves against these attacks.

She also mentioned the use of AI in cyberattacks. Because of AI, social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Users can do two things in this case: increase awareness and apply AI in their own cybersecurity strategies.

“Teams should ensure the solutions they’re using have AI capabilities. They should also go back to basics and ensure their organization understands what good cybersecurity hygiene looks like, helping people understand what they should not click on,” said Theresa.

Companies should be secure by design, with cybersecurity as a business requirement. Theresa said businesses should hire cybersecurity professionals, eliminate idle IT software, secure data at every stage, and align security investments with business goals.

Nobody is immune to attacks. But having LevelBlue as a trusted advisor can help companies create robust cybersecurity strategies and defenses to protect themselves against cyberattacks and new threats.

“This whole idea of cybersecurity being a complex, unwieldy, and oftentimes unmanageable environment can be tamed with LevelBlue. We offer substantial services and an easy way to have somebody who knows what they’re doing be a strategic extension of your team,” said Theresa.