The 10 Best AI/ML Blogs of 2024

Best Ai Ml Blogs

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I am fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). I think it comes from being the last generation not to have grown up on the internet, so pretty much anything new my devices can do will undoubtedly impress me. (I’m the person who says “yay!” to a mandatory iPhone software update.)

I remember the days when Neopets and Runescape were the epitome of online gaming. Or Ask Jeeves, with its personal butler mascot, ruled the search engine scene before Google took over. Fast forward about 20 years, and now we have books crafted by sophisticated learning machines that mimic human speech and thought — when just a couple of years ago, I couldn’t replace a word with a synonym without looking through the thesaurus.

The evolution of AI/ML is high-speed and relentlessly remarkable, and some of the best ways to stay on top of your game is with, well, news. If you’re like me and have unlimited curiosity — or just want to impress your friends at your next Sunday brunch — here’s a list of the 10 best AI/ML blogs of 2024.

Best for News: ReadWrite

ReadWrite homepage

ReadWrite” is your one-stop shop for everything AI, ML, and tech-related news. Topics range from some of the best-known companies in the world to the latest hubbub with major LLMs like ChatGPT, “ReadWrite” is an extensive resource for those who crave an update on today’s tech.

“ReadWrite” was founded in 2003 by Richard MacManus, a writer and tech journalist. Richard’s goal with “ReadWrite” is to focus on emerging technologies like AI/ML, smart energy, and the Internet of Things (IoT). You can easily navigate blog posts by topic, what’s trending, or browse through the latest posts to stay up to date with the ever-evolving world of tech.

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Best for Machine Learning: Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery homepage

Owned and run by software engineer and research scientist Jason Brownlee, Ph.D., “Machine Learning Mastery” is the resource all developers and machine learning enthusiasts needed yesterday. Jason founded the blog in 2013 and aims to help developers from all over the world get familiar with the fast-growing tech that is ML.

Some topics on the website include deep learning, ChatGPT, text NLP, and ensemble learning, as well as other introductory relevant topics for aspiring data scientists, including calculus, algorithms, and probability. Or if you prefer to spruce up your knowledge, “Machine Learning Mastery” is an incredible and invaluable educational resource with tutorials, guides, and ebooks.

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Best for STEM: Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science homepage

Technology is a fundamental pillar supporting key academic disciplines under the STEM curriculum. “Towards Data Science” is a technology blog that covers everything related to data science, AI/ML, and programming. It was founded in 2016 and is run by a small team of editors led by Ben Huberman and Ludovic Benistant.

Today, “Towards Data Science” has become an excellent resource for those interested in the latest developments or considering switching to a STEM career. For example, some recent articles worth mentioning include “How to Perform Hallucination Detection for LLMs” and “Audio Diffusion: Generative Music’s Secret Sauce.” And, if you’re interested in sprucing up your portfolio, just about anybody can write for “Towards Data Science” and submit at their own pace.

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Best for Businesses & Law: Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer homepage

The law is everywhere, from personal injury attorneys to safeguarding historic sites. And now, even artificial intelligence has its own set of lawyers. Well, sort of: “Artificial Lawyer” seeks to be a trusted source for lawyers and business owners looking to understand AI/ML in the legal context. It’s also evolved to support those propelling legal change within their organizations.

In addition to interviews with legal experts in the tech realm, “Artificial Lawyer” also offers many resources on various legal areas with AI/ML, including AI document reviews, contracts, process automation tools, and legal bots. The site also offers free access to previous product walkthroughs, reviews, and interviews, such as “What Does Digital Transformation Really Look Like?

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Best for Artificial Intelligence: AI Time Journal

If you’re curious about AI, I think “AI Time Journal” is the only resource you’ll ever need. It offers courses, guides, interviews, ebooks, and various resources intending to grow your business, advance your career, and increase your productivity with the help of AI.

The goal of “AI Time Journal” is to help people and businesses integrate AI into their lives to better their lives and benefit humanity. Choose from articles about the practical uses of AI in real estate and AI wearable smartphones or something else entirely, like unblocking writer’s block with AI. New blogs are added almost daily, so you’ll never find a shortage of easy-to-understand guides and articles on AI and everyday life.

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Best for Expert Exposure: AIhub

AIHub” is run by the Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence, a nonprofit organization providing experts with free information. It was founded in 2021 and offers news, opinions, articles, and educational topics on everything from AI girlfriends (who else remembers “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix?) to interviews with experts, like Rebecca Woods from “The Good Robot Podcast” and her thoughts on LLMs.

The interviews with experts from different fields are what is most intriguing. Not only do you get a plethora of resources right at your fingertips, but you’re also getting direct insights into current trends and what people are working on for the next wave of AI/ML. Take the concept of copyrighted generative AI work, for instance. Ph.D. student Changhoon Kim is developing a fingerprinting method that marks anything AI produces with a unique code tied to the user.

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Best for AI/ML Prompts: GreatAIPrompts

GreatAIPrompts homepage

GreatAIPrompts is right up my alley because it has a little bit of everything — most notably, solid pointers for generative AI prompts. But it’s not just all ChatGPT or Google Bard prompts; it’s also guides and news on everything AI/ML-related. Major plus? The website is also in dark mode, so your eyes will thank you.

GreatAIPrompts’ goal is to simplify AI for everyone. It was founded by content writer Mukund Kapoor, who also had a passion for learning how AI could shape the future. So whether you’re looking for a list of code generator prompts or what’s changing in the ML world, GreatAIPrompts consistently shares practical advice on all things related to chat, image, video, and audio AI.

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Best for Quick Tips & Facts: KDnuggets

KDnuggets homepage

Much like bite-sized nuggets of thought, “KDnuggets” provides quick suggestions for everything AI/ML. Whether it’s unraveling “3 Crucial Challenges in Conversational AI Development” or offering guidance on “4 Steps to Become a Generative AI Developer,” the content reflects the surge in popularity these areas have witnessed in recent years.

Established around 1994, “KDnuggets” specializes in data science, AI/ML, and analytics knowledge and development. It keeps things fresh, up-to-date, and personalized for those stepping into AI/ML. The platform also shares information on events, webinars, publications, and courses, and allows submissions on just about any topic.

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Best for OpEds in Tech: The Gradient

The Gradient homepage

The Gradient,” founded by Stanford University students in 2017, can be described as a visual fusion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and online publishing. “The Gradient” is focused on the state of the art and its future, chock-full of insights from those who wish to submit articles, like this dissertation, on why we should care about AI consciousness.

Each piece has a humanistic approach, encompassing the arts, deep learning, ethics, ML, science, and trends. The blog is complemented by “The Gradient Podcast,” each episode interviewing an expert who builds, researches, or uses AI in the business, science, art, and tech industries.

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Best for Community Engagement: HackerNoon

HackerNoon homepage

HackerNoon” is a community-driven blog founded in 2016. It’s dedicated to publishing free, high-quality tech stories, covering many topics such as the cloud, programming, gaming, futurism, and cybersecurity. With more than 45,000 contributing writers, “HackerNoon” is a lively place encouraging and accepting article submissions.

Several pieces are published daily, supporting the platform’s efforts to be inclusive and cater to anyone interested in tech — from cat lovers to teenagers or single dads who enjoy coding and everyone in between. “HackerNoon” is a great place to experience an engaging and insightful perspective on what like-minded folks are up to in AI/ML.

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Stay On Top Of Your AI/ML Game

Whether you’re in the mood for cheeky editorials that add a touch of humor or seeking insights from expert interviews, our carefully curated list of the 10 best AI/ML blogs has something for just about everyone. Who knows, maybe the next time you go to a friend’s birthday or a family reunion, you might impress a few people with your tech news prowess.