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Hybrid Cloud — 5 Things to Know

5 Things to Know About Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid hosting is meant for site owners that need or prefer the highest data security along with the economical benefits of the public cloud. It’s not for everyone, but the mix of public and... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 7/20/2016
WordPress Reviews (2017’s Best Hosts, Themes, & Plugins)

WordPress Reviews: Our Favorite Hosts, Themes, & Plugins

When my neighbor first decided that she needed a website to promote her freelance monogramming business, she turned to WordPress — not because she knew anything about the software, but because... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 12/14/2016
Build Your Own Website (In 8 Minutes or Less)

Building Your Own Website: A Quick Guide for Newbies

Let’s say you’re opening a brick-and-mortar store. Assuming you have the capital or investors, you’ll need to lease or buy a space, fill it with inventory, and customize a marketing plan to build... read more »
By: Roberto Sanchez, 7/15/2016
What is "Managed" Hosting? (6 Best Host Options)

What is Managed Hosting? A Brief Introduction

Bear with us as we explain managed hosting through real estate. If shared hosting is living in an apartment building (with multiple tenants sharing the same building), VPS hosting would equate to... read more »
By: Laura Stamey, 7/15/2016
2017's Best Shared Hosting Providers (9 Categories)

9 Best Shared Web Hosts By Category

As a 19-year-old college sophomore, sharing an apartment made a lot of sense: It saved me a ton on rent and bills, and I still got access to all of the accommodations I needed. I figured I would... read more »
By: Toby Sembower, 7/15/2016
JavaScript "Object to String" Using <em>JSON.stringify()</em>

How to Turn a JavaScript Object Into a String Using JSON.stringify

While developing a JavaScript application, you will sometimes want to serialize your data into a plain string. This can be useful for things like: Storing object data in a database Outputting... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 6/15/2016
13 WordPress “Website Builder” Options (2017)

13 Best WordPress Website Builder Options

Ahh, WordPress — it’s probably the first name that comes to mind if you’re thinking of building a site. It’s popular, it’s free, and it’s helped millions of users showcase their brand or... read more »
By: Ryan Frankel, 6/9/2016
"What is Web Hosting?" — (A Beginner’s Guide)

What is Web Hosting? A Beginner's Guide

If you’re like many web users, you look around at friends’ websites or the Internet in general and think, How are they doing this? How do they just know this stuff? Their secret,... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 7/15/2016
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