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10 Best Domain Hosting and Registration Services (2017)

Our Review of the Best Domain Hosting and Registration Services

What’s in a domain? That which we call a site by any other name would smell as successful. My self-proclaimed punny paraphrasing may have Shakespeare rolling in his grave, but I got your... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 7/28/2017
IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS Cloud Models (Differences & Examples)

IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS: Comparing the Different Cloud Services

We’re no strangers to writing articles that sound a bit like alphabet soup. As with many technical industries, web hosting comes with a slew of acronyms: VPS, PHP, SSDs, SSL, GUI, LAMP... read more »
By: Laura Stamey, 5/30/2017
6 Shopify Competitors Compared (2017's Top Alternatives)

Comparing the Top 6 Shopify Competitors & eCommerce Alternatives

Recently, I suffered from a truly first-world dilemma: I desperately wanted new patio furniture, but I can barely fit more than a beach chair in my car. I didn’t want to impose on the... read more »
By: Laura Stamey, 8/1/2017
12 Best Weebly Themes (Free or Premium, Responsive or Custom)

12 Best Free, Premium, Responsive, and Custom Weebly Themes

Ricardo Yepes Geron loves sea turtles — so much so that he decided to dedicate his life to saving them from extinction. Ricardo serves as director of Fundación Yepez AC — a nonprofit foundation... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 5/22/2017
Wix Promo Code 2017 & Free Trial (50% Off Most Popular Plans)

How to Save on Your Hosting With Wix: Promo Code & Free Trial Offers

Wix is one of what I like to call the “Three Ws” of website building, or the three most popular platforms for non-programmers to create beautiful, professional-looking websites. I... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 4/28/2017
What is — Our 2017 Review and Top 6 FAQs Answered

Weebly — Our 2017 Review and Top 6 FAQs of the Site Builder

It’s a familiar story in the tech world — a handful of college buddies try messing around with new technology and end up creating a multimillion-dollar product that helps people get online.... read more »
By: Laura Stamey, 5/11/2017
16 Best: Blog Software Comparison (Free / Open-Source Tools)

We Compare the Top Platforms, Plugins, and Software for Blogging

If the growing number of blogging platforms is any indication, there’s more than one way to blog in . Choosing a blog software is not as simple as going with the one that seems most popular... read more »
By: Jennifer Young, 8/21/2017
15 Best WordPress Alternatives for Websites, Blogging, and Online Stores

15 Best WordPress Alternatives for Sites, Blogging, and Stores

As much as it pains me to say it, WordPress isn’t for everyone. We use the incredibly popular platform both here at HostingAdvice and for several personal sites and side projects, but many... read more »
By: Laura Stamey, 5/19/2017
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