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Parallels Desktop 12: In-Depth Look at How Dev Teams Can Save Testing Time and Money With the Latest Edition of the Virtualization Software

Parallels Desktop 12: Powerful Environments for Developers

In a unique position between Microsoft and Apple (and, to a lesser extent, Google and Linux), Parallels solves complex engineering and user-experience problems to... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Vim Creator Champions Charityware: Bram Moolenaar Discusses Developing the Popular Text Editor, How He Uses It, and Version 8

Vim Creator Talks Coding Charityware & His Use of the Program Today

Celebrating 25 years of productivity and billions of lines of code written, Vim is an open-source text editor loved by millions of programmers around the world.... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
How AWS Uses Their Global Cloud Infrastructure to Offer Cost-Effective Flexibility to Users — From eCommerce Startups to Enterprise

AWS Uses Global Cloud Infrastructure to Offer Cost-Effective Flexibility

Arguably the foremost on-demand computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began as an in-house innovation that retail leader Amazon took public in 2006. The cloud... read more »
Alexandra Leslie
By: Alexandra Leslie
Member-Focused Metrics: How Real-Time and Unweighted Analytics of StatCounter and Global Stats Help Users Better Serve Site Visitors

StatCounter & Global Stats Deliver Unweighted Analytics in Real Time

Recognizing the importance of speed and performance, 16-year-old Aodhan Cullen created a lightweight tool to track traffic on his personal, business, and... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Content Watch & Net Nanny Help You Control Your Internet Experience: How Their Dynamic Filtering Engine Eliminates Content You Don't Want

Net Nanny: Dynamic Filter Guards Against Unsavory Online Content

 With a passion for protecting Internet users from inappropriate online content, Net Nanny adapts to the new trends and technologies of Internet browsing. Instead of... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
How Sprinklr Community and Experience Cloud™­ are Enhancing Customer Service and Providing Actionable Feedback for Businesses

Get Satisfaction & Sprinklr Create Communities for Customer Service

Even though technology helps companies reach new customers around the world, the Internet removes the level of personal interaction that brands need to thrive.... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Alexandra Leslie