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Sucuri Co-Founder Dre Armeda Talks Website Security: How the Platform Provides Affordable, Cloud-Based Security for Every Site

How Sucuri Provides Affordable, Cloud-Based Security for All Sites

Named after a fearsome Amazonian anaconda and tank destroyer, Sucuri strikes fear into emerging threats to web security. Boasting solutions for malware detection,... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Using Technology to Create a Legacy of Good: Dell Reduces Environmental Impact Through Recycling Programs, Energy Efficiency, and Creative Design

How Dell Uses Technology to Reduce Environmental Impact

Seeking opportunities to do the most good for people and the planet, hardware manufacturing giant Dell is using more than 30 years of expertise to positively impact... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Acer Pushes Gaming Beyond Horizons With Predator PCs, Displays, and Tablets: The Competitive Advantages of an Immersive Gaming Experience

Acer Gives Gaming Advantage With Predator PCs and Displays

Expanding beyond mass-market home and business computers, Acer has made an impressive splash with high-powered gaming hardware. The industry-leading features included... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
How Squarespace’s Intuitive Web Builder and Comprehensive eCommerce Platform Empower Millions of Entrepreneurs to Broadcast Brands Online

Squarespace Helps Millions of Entrepreneurs Broadcast Their Brands

Founded with a mission to help creative ideas succeed, Squarespace has empowered millions of people to broadcast their passions online. The web builder’s... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
How Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform is Helping Businesses Process Data in Real Time to Boost Web and Application Performance

How Fastly Helps Businesses Boost Web & App Performance

Maintaining customer loyalty and driving revenue has become all about user experience (UX) in today’s online business environment. Sites with performance or load-time... read more »
Alexandra Leslie
By: Alexandra Leslie
Red Hat Continues to Innovate Application Deployment: How OpenShift Simplifies Container and Orchestration Management

OpenShift: Using Open-Source Tech to Simplify Containers

Taking care of the tiresome and tedious task of setting up a development environment, OpenShift balances scalable computing power with a simple, easy-to-use interface.... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

Yes, all of you Microsoft and Mac users, text editors are still a big deal in Linux systems! You may think graphical text editors are where it’s at, but in a world that is... read more »
Toby Sembower
By: Toby Sembower
Alexandra Leslie