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CEO Omer Ginor on Twitter Counter — How the Analytics Service Provides Deep Insight Into Social Media Activity and Performance For 2M+ Users

Twitter Counter Provides Deep Insight Into Social Media Performance

In 2008, just two years after Twitter’s launch, Twitter Counter became the first third-party tool of its kind to enable users to track their follower count and display... read more »
Christine Preusler
By: Christine Preusler
Smart Keyboard Prediction Software SwiftKey Optimizes Human-Technology Interactions and Streamlines Text-Based Mobile Communications

SwiftKey’s Keyboard Prediction Optimizes Text-Based Communications

In today’s increasingly mobile-centric world, texting has taken over as the communication method of choice for those on the go. As a result, many of us are spending... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Why a Growing Number of Organizations Are Integrating Fortinet’s FortiWeb Into IT Strategies to Protect Mission-Critical Web Applications

Fortinet: Safeguarding Businesses Through End-to-End Security Solutions

Organizations operating in today’s increasingly connected world require a comprehensive online security solution to safeguard them from emerging threats. And, since... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Cisco WebEx — Real-Time Collaboration and Conferencing Software Built to Integrate With Current IT Assets and Bring Greater Mobility to Businesses

Cisco WebEX: Collaboration Tools for Businesses Mobility

In today’s heavily connected business landscape, being able to collaborate on the go isn’t a luxury — it’s a requirement. And Cisco WebEx is allowing teams and... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
2018 Featured Expert 000webhost — The Challenges of Scaling a Free Hosting Platform While Optimizing Learning Experiences for Users

000webhost Scales Free Hosting Services and Learning Options in 2018

Behind a passion for making website creation easy and affordable, 000webhost offers full-service — and free — shared hosting to more than 16 million users worldwide.... read more »
Laura Bernheim
By: Laura Bernheim
7-Zip — Why The Award-Winning High-Compression File Archiver Has Amassed 400+ Million Downloads by Home Users and Businesses

7-Zip Delivers an Effective High-Compression Open-Source File Archiver

After its launch in 1999, 7-Zip quickly gained momentum as a popular archiving application among commercial organizations and independent users. With a number of... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

Yes, all of you Microsoft and Mac users, text editors are still a big deal in Linux systems! You may think graphical text editors are where it’s at, but in a world that is... read more »
Toby Sembower
By: Toby Sembower
Alexandra Leslie